Land Rover Defender 42110: Build the Ultimate Off-Roader

It's comforting to long for your childhood playing memories and nothing like having LEGO and Land Rover. The Land Rover Defender 42110 is a fantastic new addition to LEGO Technic, perfectly capturing the tough good looks and adaptability of the real 4x4. This 2,573-piece set is sure to please any LEGO fan of any age with its outstanding detailing and engaging build process.

For Technic enthusiasts, you've never had it this real good with the 42110 Land Rover Defender. Almost always, LEGO's attention has been drawn to sets depicting sports vehicles and construction machinery. Technic has just expanded into the SUV market, which appears to be consuming everything in its path.

For many years, LEGO sets based on the Technic concept have included licensed automobiles from some of the most well-known automakers in the world. And the gearbox is rumored to be the most complicated ever seen in a Technic kit, making this an ambitious project.

In addition to being LEGO's first Technic SUV, the 42110 Land Rover Defender also marks the company's first license with prestigious automaker Jaguar/Landrover in recent years. 

Features & Box

This 42110 LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender model brings a realistic representation of the world-famous vehicle and is perfect for exhibition. This remarkable LEGO model, created in collaboration with Land Rover, reflects the vehicle's features with clean, modern lines and sculpted surfaces, as well as original-design rims with ground-gripping tires and a plethora of realistic functions.

With 2573 pieces, this is the ninth-largest Technic set ever produced. They come in bags numbered from 1 to 4, making it easier for you to keep track of what goes where during assembly. It comes with a 496-page manual with 860 instructions.

The doors open to reveal an extensive interior with a steering wheel, a dashboard, and advanced LEGO Technic gearbox, complete with two levers for engaging high and low gear ratios and a selection for changing gear. The back seats fold forward to provide easy access to the transmission's four-speed sequential gearbox.

All-wheel drive with three differentials, independent suspension on both axles, and a real winch are just some of the features of this fantastic model reproduction. The spare tire in the back can be used to unlock the trunk. This amazing version of the prototypical all-terrain vehicle is outfitted with a retractable roof rack that includes a storage box, a ladder, and traction mats for more engaging and satisfying construction experience.

Opening doors, bonnet, and tail gate, it comes along with detailed interior, Land Rover logos and some accurately created exterior. Features also include an in-line 6-cylinder engine, independent suspension on both axles, a winch that actually works, and a 4-speed sequential gearbox. The inside's 4-speed sequential transmission can be seen when the rear seats are folded forward.

The LEGO Land Rover Defender 42110 contains different sections, including the chassis, the bodywork, the interior, and the engine bay. The four-speed sequential gearbox is functional, and the exterior design is faithful to the authentic Land Rover Defender's tough appearance.

There's a wide variety of olive green Technic pieces, including beams in lengths of 1, 5, 7, 11, 13, and 15, as well as 'L' beams in two different widths and 5x11 panels. Only the wheels and the olive green mudguard/fender components are completely original to this set. Sticker sheets are standard in Technic sets, although they're not too difficult to tackle.

The Land Rover Defender is a sizable kit and the box reflects this. There are only 4 sets of numbered bags inside, so for each subsection, you'll have to sift among 400–500 parts. It will take you the better part of a day to put together this kit because of the complexity of the technical design and the inclusion of a full gearbox. Some of the pieces are stored in a plain white inner box, as is customary for a set of this size. The bag numbers for the inner box are mixed in with the rest, so you'll need to open everything before you can start constructing.

In addition to the massive 496-page guidebook, a thick sheet of stickers is included. The Defender's color design will be one of its main selling points, as it is the first LEGO Technic model to include a green color scheme. Since olive green is a relatively recent LEGO color (it was introduced in 2012), this set features a number of previously unavailable technical pieces, in addition to a few system pieces.

The fenders and the wheels have both been redesigned from the ground up specifically for this set. The 81.6 x 36R tires used in a few other Technic kits are compatible with the black wheels that match the 6-spoke hubs found on some trim levels of the Defender.

Accessories & Miniatures

As part of the Technic line, this set does not include any minifigures. Mechanical functioning and scale-model authenticity are prioritized over character-driven gameplay in this setting.

Accessories such as a removable roof rack with storage box, pannier, ladder, and traction mats make up for the lack of minifigures in this set. The set looks great because of the olive-green, grey, and black color scheme and the detailed decals.


The build's complexity is interesting build for 11-and-up audiences and there's a great sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing this legendary vehicle take shape from a pile of interlocking parts.

The handbook is thorough and straightforward, making it easy for you to follow along. The level of engineering is amazing, especially when considering the complexity of the gearbox and suspension. This is a great chance for you to get acquainted with elementary automotive engineering and mechanics.

Those familiar with the Technic building system won't be surprised to see the gearbox assembled first.

The set's designer, LEGO Technic Model Designer Milan Reindl, said that the gearbox was the toughest aspect of the model to build. For good reason, too. Not only is this LEGO gearbox the most sophisticated ever included in an official set, but it also had to be compact enough to fit in the truck's chassis without wreaking havoc on the suspension.

The transmission has four speeds: forward, neutral, and reverse, as well as high and low ranges. The Defender's gearbox is centrally located between the two axles, making it a 4WD vehicle. When the wheels are spun, it also activates a fake engine hidden under the hood. The two halves, the front and the back, are constructed separately and then joined in one difficult and exact procedure. It takes some manipulation to get the parts to fit together properly, but the end result is well worth the effort.

The chassis begins to take on a recognizable shape as its two pieces are joined together, with nearly all of its mechanical guts in place.

The dashboard and seats are all that's left inside the car. The front bucket seats are a separate assembly, similar to those used in other large Technic vehicles. The back bench is so small that it hardly qualifies as a seat, which I imagine is very close to the real thing.

Next is simply the cladding with the stunning olive green color. Panel installation is swift with the prevalence of large technical pieces. System bricks are used to supplement the layout in a few spots, though. As a finishing touch, a roof rack is installed. The storage containers and a ladder are housed in a separate structure. The black frame holding up the characteristic robust white roof used to lift the Defender.

The model has two gearboxes to simulate the vehicle's ability to shift gears. The first is based around the car's rear axle and features a four-speed sequential gearbox.

Because of the complexity of the build, you need to be careful to avoid errors. The second portion is considerably trickier. The engine, transmission, and steering are all located in the front of the chassis, along with the reverse, neutral, and drive switches. Don't rush, as you don't want disassembling the whole system to fix a mistake.

Since the gearboxes will soon be hidden beneath the seats and bodywork, now is the time to learn as much as possible about how they function.

As is customary, the controls are conveniently located close to the driver's seat. The back knob rotates to move between the rear gearbox's four gears, while levers to the left pick reverse, neutral, and drive, and those to the right select high and low gear ratios.

Half of the complexity of the gearbox is hidden once the dashboard and seats are installed. Although the rear seat cushions appear to be placed excessively high in this view, they are hidden behind the vehicle's body. After using up everything in bag number two, the chassis and interior will be finished, and the rest of the build should go smoothly. Now that the basic structure is taking shape, things have gotten a lot easier.

The vehicle comes standard with a roof rack and equipment for a wilderness expedition, but you can easily remove them to create a Chelsea Tractor replica.

The vehicle's olive green paint job is a great choice, though it's not an exact match for the green on the real one, but it gets the job done. Using LEGO System pieces, the vehicle's side and bonnet have slopes and curves that would be impossible to achieve using only Technic pieces.

Building the gearboxes requires a lot of time and attention, but after that's done, it's much more pleasurable to put the finishing touches on the body. The only truly redundant parts are the left- and right-handed sub-assemblies, but even those are few and far between. The winch, steering, suspension, and doors all operate smoothly and are fascinating to experiment with.

As a technical set, it has everything you might want: a difficult mechanism, a fun build, and a cool finished product. When compared to other Technic sets of a comparable size, the price for the 42110 Land Rover Defender appears fairly reasonable.

Functions & Interactive Play

Functionality is limited, as is to be expected for a vehicle of this sort, except for the aforementioned gearbox, which is now buried inside the vehicle and unlikely to be played with again. Steering, suspension, and functional doors are just some of the characteristics that have been included. The 4-wheel suspension does not sag and does an excellent job.

When you open the doors, you can see the intricate design of the cab and the door itself. The wheel is operational, and the gear visible on the roof allows for a precise recreation of the steering experience. You may release the catch on the back door by twisting the spare tire.

You may access the engine by lifting the hood and operating the winch with the gear on the left and the red lever at the bottom right, out of sight. This lever activates a basic ratchet system that prevents the winch from spooling out accidentally. You can get to the roof by lowering the steps on the left side of the vehicle.

When it comes to play value, the presence of a fully independent suspension, four-wheel drive with three differentials, and a functional winch raises the play value. Additionally, the model's hood may be opened to display a working engine with realistic details.

Although intended for display, the set provides plenty of opportunities for creative play. Even without the inclusion of minifigures, the features and durable design allow for a wide range of imaginative play. Both children and adults can enjoy the fun of making their own elaborate off-road adventures, which can then be displayed as a tribute to automobile engineering.

Though the Technic line is different from classic LEGO in certain ways, it may be combined with other kits in imaginative ways. This kit is versatile enough to function as a tough vehicle or an interesting addition to a cityscape.

Completed Set  

When you finally get your hands on the finished model, the first thing you'll notice besides the color is the spring suspension. The model accurately represents the genuine Defender, which has between 10 and 12 inches of wheel travel thanks to the independent air suspension, allowing it to climb and traverse shockingly tall and wide obstacles with ease.

Furthermore, that roof rack isn't just for display; it comes in handy while driving over obstacles. There are two panels included to help you close any gaps in the rural highways of your living room. When the panels are lowered, they can be laid across gaps that are about the width of a car tire.

A collapsible ladder on the side provides easy access to the roof rack, which features two sizable containers—one on top and one on the passenger side. Neither of the containers has any of the equipment that one might expect to find in them, such as a set of tools for digging trenches or an axe.

Pros & Cons


  • Authentic design and recreation of real-world Land Rover Defender
  • With iconic details, boxy silhouette, signature grille, headlights
  • With four-speed gearbox, all-wheel drive, independent suspension
  • Also features opening doors, hood, and tailgate
  • Detailed interior and well-detailed exterior
  • With working steering wheel, gear shifter
  • Also has handbrake, sculpted seats and dashboard.
  • Engaging building process, challenging and rewarding
  • With plenty of interesting techniques to learn
  • Collectible, popular set among collectors
  • Value is likely to increase over time.


  • Relatively expensive for a Technic set
  • Complex build process
  • time-consuming, not for all younger builders.
  • Limited playability 


The LEGO Land Rover Defender 42110 dazzles with its realistic design and functional features, such as its steering wheel, suspension, and transmission. It's beautiful as a showpiece and exciting to play with because of the interactive and informative construction process it offers.

The set's lack of minifigures might disappoint some LEGO fans, especially those who enjoy character-based play. Younger or less seasoned builders may also find the build difficult because of its complexity. Lastly, because it's from LEGO's Technic range, it can't be used with regular LEGO pieces.

The LEGO Land Rover Defender 42110 pays fitting tribute to one of the most recognizable automobiles in the world. Builders and collectors alike will enjoy this set's high attention to detail, playability, and overall impressiveness. The set's overall charm cannot be denied, despite a few small drawbacks.

The Land Rover Defender 42110 is an exciting, hard, and ultimately gratifying construction for any LEGO Technic lover, auto enthusiast, or avid constructor. Also, older children will benefit greatly from the learning opportunities it presents, and adults will enjoy a journey down memory lane.

It's a great way to spend hours, and the finished product is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The LEGO Land Rover Defender 42110 is a must-have for any fan since it exemplifies the brand's ingenuity, versatility, and enduring popularity.

Whether you're a solid fan of the Land Rover brand or a LEGO fan looking for a new and exciting building experience, the LEGO Land Rover Defender 42110 is an excellent choice. Because of its beautiful design, high level of utility, and large number of pieces, it's a welcome addition to any LEGO set.

Our Take

The Lego Land Rover Defender 42110 is a beast of a set. It's big, it's complex, and it's absolutely stunning. The build process is challenging, but it's also incredibly rewarding. Once it's finished, you'll have a model that is both faithful to the real-world vehicle and a joy to look at.

However, the set is not without its drawbacks. It's expensive, the build process can be daunting, and the model is not as durable or playable as some other Lego sets. But if you're a fan of Land Rovers, Technic sets, or simply well-designed Lego models, then the Lego Land Rover Defender 42110 is definitely worth considering.

The Lego Land Rover Defender 42110 is quite expensive, it takes time and effort to appreciate, and it's not for everyone. But if you're a fan of high-quality craftsmanship and timeless design, then it's definitely worth the investment.

Our Rating

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Installing LelIghtGo Light Kits on Lego Land Rover

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