LEGO Advent Calendars - How Does It Work, How Many Pieces Are Included

A familiar excitement stirs among LEGO fans as autumn transition to winter. In the midst of enchanting holiday traditions, few things spark as much joy and anticipation as the LEGO advent calendar.

These enchanting boxes, packed with 24 mini-builds and surprises, are more than just toys. They are a gateway to a month-long journey of wonder, creativity, and shared joy.

Each numbered door holds the promise of a new discovery, a new piece to add to the ever-growing festive scene.

LEGO advent calendars have become a beloved tradition, captivating the hearts of young and old alike, and turning the countdown to Christmas into a daily adventure.

What Are LEGO Advent Calendars?

Imagine the delight of a child's eyes as they wake each morning, eager to unlock the day's treasure.

From miniature Christmas trees and playful snowmen to charming minifigures and festive accessories, each day brings a new piece of magic to life.

But the joy of LEGO advent calendars extends far beyond children. Adults, too, find themselves drawn to the captivating charm of these miniature worlds.

The act of building, brick by brick, is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, a chance to reconnect with a sense of playful imagination and creativity.

Whether shared with loved ones or enjoyed as a solo ritual, LEGO advent calendars offer a unique way to celebrate the holidays.

They are a reminder that the joy of the season lies not just in the grand gestures, but in the small moments of anticipation, surprise, and shared creation.

So, as you prepare for the holidays, embrace the magic of the LEGO advent calendar. Let it unlock your inner child, rekindle your sense of wonder, and fill your days with the joy of building a brighter, brick-filled holiday season.

History of LEGO Advent Calendars

The story of LEGO advent calendars begins in 1998, with a simple but charming set containing 216 pieces and two (identical) Santa Claus minifigures.

This inaugural offering sparked a tradition that continues to this day, bringing LEGO magic and festive anticipation to children and adults alike.

From its initial foray, the LEGO advent calendar has undergone a remarkable evolution. Over the years, the number of pieces, the complexity of builds, and the variety of themes have all expanded dramatically.

Today, LEGO offers an array of advent calendars catering to diverse interests, from classic LEGO City and Friends to popular franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Types of LEGO Advent Calendars

This December, open the door to a world of brick-tastic fun with LEGO advent calendars.

Dive into a treasure trove of tiny builds, minifigures, and holiday cheer, each day bringing a new surprise to fuel your excitement for the big day. But the magic doesn't lie in just one type of calendar – there's a whole LEGO Advent Calendars waiting to be explored!

1. LEGO Avengers Advent Calendar

The LEGO Avengers Advent Calendar bursts open with 24 days of mini-Marvel magic, including iconic minifigures, bite-sized builds, and endless superhero adventures. Unleash your inner hero this HOlidays season, from Captain America, Iron Man, to Spidey's web-slinging surprises, each day unveils a new surprise that'll make any Marvel fan's heart soar.

2. LEGO City Advent Calendar

Explore bustling LEGO cities with the City Advent Calendar. Featuring mini-builds that capture the spirit of urban life, this calendar includes everything from tiny vehicles to adorable city dwellers. Firefighters, police officers, and even Santa Claus himself make appearances, creating a vibrant and dynamic holiday scene for builders of all ages.

3. LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Accio holiday joy with the Harry Potter Advent Calendar. Featuring beloved characters from the wizarding world, this magical calendar invites builders to recreate iconic moments from the series. From Hogwarts students to magical creatures, each day's surprise is a step closer to assembling a magical Yule Ball celebration.

4. LEGO NINJAGO Advent Calendar

For those with a penchant for martial arts and ninja adventures, the NINJAGO Advent Calendar delivers an action-packed holiday experience. Brace yourself for daily challenges as you uncover ninja secrets, weapons, and mystical elements, all leading to an epic holiday showdown.

5. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Step into a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Advent Calendar. Jedi, Sith, droids, and iconic spacecraft await discovery behind each door. Whether you're a Rebel Alliance supporter or lean towards the Dark Side, the Star Wars calendar provides a daily dose of intergalactic adventure, perfect for fans young and old.

6. LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

For those who love heartwarming tales, the Friends Advent Calendar is a delightful choice. Packed with charming characters, this calendar unfolds a narrative filled with friendship and festive fun. From winter sports enthusiasts to pet lovers, each mini-figure brings a unique personality to the holiday celebration, making it a perfect choice for fans of storytelling through LEGO.

Unboxing LEGO Advent Calendar

Crackling open the cardboard seal of a LEGO Advent Calendar is like peeling back layers of anticipation. Each morning, December transforms into a treasure hunt, with 24 tiny doors begging to be pried open.

It's a ritual, a miniature advent in itself, and the thrill of unveiling the day's surprise is pure, unadulterated joy.

Each day's model, however simple, becomes a cherished addition to their growing LEGO kingdom. But the magic isn't reserved for the young. Adult LEGO enthusiasts, too, relish the daily ritual.

One brickster recounts, "It's like a tiny dopamine hit every morning. Peeking behind that door becomes the highlight of me and my wife's morning coffee!"

The Advent Calendar transcends age. It's a shared language, a secret handshake between LEGO lovers. It whispers of childhood wonder, of snowy mornings and crackling fires, of the anticipation that makes Christmas so special.

It's a reminder, day by day, that the greatest gifts aren't always found under the tree, but in the simple act of creation, connection, and the joy of a tiny world coming together, brick by brick.

Exclusive Minifigures and Builds

Lego Advent calendars aren't just about counting down the days until Christmas; they're about unearthing hidden treasures. And what treasures are more coveted than those exclusive minifigures and builds you won't find anywhere else?

These limited-edition gems are the icing on the brick-built cake, adding a sprinkle of excitement and collector's pride to the whole countdown experience.

Why the Hype?

Think of it like finding a rare Pokemon card in a booster pack. Exclusive minifigures and builds offer a chance to snag unique characters or designs that you simply can't get elsewhere. They're a badge of honor for die-hard fans, a bragging right for casual builders, and a delightful surprise for everyone in between.

Sought-After Treasures

The hunt for these exclusive gems is half the fun. This year's Star Wars Advent Calendar, for example, boasts a festive Emperor Palpatine in a Santa hat, a "reindeerized" Gonk Droid, and even a tiny Ewok village.

For Harry Potter fans, the 2023 calendar unveiled a Yule Ball-themed Luna Lovegood and a Professor Quirrell with a turban hiding Voldemort's face – a spooky treat indeed!

Beyond minifigures, the micro-builds hidden within these calendars can be equally exciting.

Imagine a miniature gingerbread house in the City Advent Calendar, a sleek gaming chair in the Friends calendar, or a tiny but fierce Mandalorian starfighter in the Star Wars edition.

These bite-sized marvels showcase the creativity and detail Lego is known for, all in a compact, collectible form.

The Joy of the Unexpected

The beauty of these exclusive treasures lies in the surprise. You never quite know what you'll find behind each numbered door, and that anticipation adds a layer of magic to the Advent calendar experience.

It's like a tiny Christmas present every day, a mini-celebration of the season's joy and the endless possibilities of Lego bricks.

So, whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, keep your eyes peeled for those exclusive minifigures and builds.

They're the hidden gems that make Lego Advent calendars more than just a countdown – they're a treasure trove of creativity, surprise, and pure, brick-built joy.

FAQs LEGO Advent Calendars: Building Up to Holiday Cheer!

Ever wondered about the enchanting world of LEGO Advent calendars? We've got your questions covered with this quick guide to unwrap the festive fun.

Are LEGO Advent calendars collectable?

Yes, they are! LEGO Advent calendars are more than just holiday fun, they're miniature treasure troves of exclusive builds and mini-figures. Many sets feature unique designs and characters not found in regular sets, making them prized possessions for LEGO enthusiasts. So, hoard those snowy landscapes and reindeer racers – they might become collectors' items later!

When did LEGO Advent calendars first appear?

The first LEGO Advent calendar landed on shelves in 1995, bringing a brick-tastic twist to the traditional countdown. Since then, they've become a beloved holiday tradition, spreading Christmas cheer (and tiny plastic bricks) one day at a time.

How many pieces are in a LEGO Advent calendar?

The number of pieces varies depending on the theme and age range. Some calendars, like the Friends or City editions, offer a smaller piece count (around 200-300) for younger builders. Others, like the Star Wars or Harry Potter calendars, can have over 300 pieces, catering to more experienced brick masters.

Do LEGO Advent calendars change every year?

Yes, LEGO keeps things fresh with new themes and surprises each year. Imagine a snowy City Christmas, a magical Harry Potter Yule Ball, or a galactic Star Wars adventure – the possibilities are endless! So, even if you've snagged a past favorite, there's always a new calendar waiting to spark your building spirit.

How does the LEGO Advent calendar work?

It's simple as can be! Each calendar has 24 numbered compartments, one for every day leading up to Christmas. Open one compartment each day and discover a new mini-build, character, or accessory to add to your festive LEGO scene. It's like a daily dose of creativity and holiday magic!

Do you start with 1 or 24 on a LEGO Advent calendar?

Traditionally, Advent calendars start with December 1st (compartment number 1) and count down to Christmas Eve (compartment number 24). However, there's no rule saying you can't be a playful rebel! Some choose to start with December 24th and work their way back, savoring the anticipation. It's all about making the experience your own and building up to the holiday excitement!


In the delightful journey through the holiday season, LEGO advent calendars stand out as more than just a countdown – they are portals to a world where creativity meets festive cheer.

LEGO advent calendars are not merely about the anticipation of opening a tiny door each day; they are about the shared experience of building, creating, and embracing the holiday spirit. 

Through the daily unveiling of these small wonders, we rediscover the magic of the holiday season. It's not just about the bricks; it's about the memories we construct together, one piece at a time.

The LEGO advent calendar becomes a journey, fostering a sense of togetherness and bonding that transcends the plastic confines of the bricks.

As you reach the final compartment of the LEGO advent calendar, don't just pack it away with the decorations. Take a moment to savor the memories it built.

Share your favorite creations, your funniest building blunders, and the stories that bloomed alongside your miniature masterpieces. Let the joy spill over into conversations, into holiday cards, into the very spirit of the season.

Happy Holidays!


Light Up Your Lego Sets This Time of the Year with Wonderful Light Kit!

By now, your fingers are probably twitching with anticipation, eager to crack open that last door and unveil the final surprise. But hold on, before you pack away your advent calendar and tuck it away for another year, consider adding a whole new dimension to your Lego creations with a LEGO light kit.

Think of it like sprinkling fairy dust on your plastic pals. Imagine the gingerbread house glowing with warm, inviting light, the Hogwarts castle casting dramatic shadows, or the Millennium Falcon zipping through a starry expanse – all thanks to tiny, clever LEDs!

Light kits aren't just for Christmas sets, either. They can breathe life into any Lego build, from the bustling city streets of Ninjago City to the mystical realm of Middle-earth. Imagine your Lego friends venturing into a glowing cave, or the Batmobile tearing through a neon-lit Gotham. The possibilities are endless!

Adding a light kit is like giving your Lego sets a superpower – the power to transform from static displays to captivating mini-worlds. It's a chance to relive the joy of building, this time with a focus on illuminating the details and stories hidden within your bricks.

So, as you put away your advent calendar this year, don't let the magic fade. Spark a new flame of creativity with a light kit and watch your Lego world come alive with a stunning, electrifying glow. Trust us, it's an experience that'll have you exclaiming "Wow!" long after the holidays are over.

Ready to light up your Legos?


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