Lego Central Perk 21319 [Set Review] - Coffee Break with Bricks

For Friends enthusiasts, the LEGO Central Perk 21319 set offers a unique opportunity to build a cherished piece of television history.

This set, born from a fan's creative vision and ultimately a LEGO Ideas triumph, allows you to recreate Central Perk in brick form.

The LEGO Central Perk 21319 set brings the iconic coffee hangout from the beloved sitcom to life in Lego set.

Set Details

With a satisfying 1,070 pieces, this set promises hours of fun and a display-worthy tribute to your favorite show. The completed set, makes it a perfect centerpiece for any room.

But the true magic lies in the intricate details that capture the essence of Central Perk. The exterior features an instantly recognizable orange facade with the Central Perk logo proudly displayed above the entrance. Step through the brick-built doorway, and you'll find yourself transported to the heart of the gang's favorite haunt.

The interior is a treasure trove of iconic elements. The signature orange couch, the comfy armchair, Monica and Chandler's usual chairs and table—they're all there, meticulously recreated in LEGO form.

Don't forget the service counter with its brick-built coffee machine, ready to dispense countless cups of steaming brew. A menu board with hilarious options adds a playful touch, reminding you of the quirky charm of Central Perk.

But Central Perk wasn't just about coffee; it was also a stage for budding musicians and Phoebe Buffay's unforgettable singalongs. The LEGO set captures this spirit with a dedicated mini-stage complete with a brick-built sofa for Phoebe (or whoever takes the stage in your LEGO Central Perk).


No trip to Central Perk is complete without the friends themselves! The LEGO Central Perk 21319 set boasts a fantastic collection of all seven main characters from the show, each minifigure meticulously designed to capture their unique personalities.

First up, we have the paleontologist with a passion for leather pants, Ross Geller. His minifigure comes complete with a double-sided head, allowing you to switch between his usual expression and his iconic "unagi" face. 

Chandler Bing, the king of sarcasm, wouldn't be complete without his sarcastic wit, but the set includes a more practical accessory: a laptop, perfect for him to "work" on during coffee breaks.

Monica Geller, the resident neat freak and chef extraordinaire, comes with a spatula, ready to whip up some delicious treats (not included in the set, but definitely something your imagination can provide). 

Joey Tribbiani, the loveable ladies' man with a questionable understanding of French, sports a pizza box—a nod to his insatiable appetite.

Rachel Green, the fashion icon who started as a spoiled runaway bride, comes dressed in a stylish outfit, perfect for a day at Central Perk. 

Phoebe Buffay, the quirky musician with a heart of gold, wouldn't be complete without her guitar, ready to serenade the cafe with her unique songs.

Last but not least, Gunther, the ever-pinching manager of Central Perk and Rachel's secret admirer, completes the set. With all these characters and their fun accessories, you can recreate your favorite scenes from Friends or embark on entirely new adventures within the brick walls of Central Perk.

Building LEGO Central Perk 21319

The LEGO Central Perk 21319 set is designed for adult LEGO enthusiasts, offering a satisfying challenge without being overly complex. With 1,070 pieces, you can expect to dedicate anywhere from 6 to 8 hours to building this delightful replica. But those hours won't feel like work; they'll be a fun and nostalgic trip down memory lane for any Friends fan.

As you assemble the bricks, layer by layer, the iconic Central Perk will come to life right before your eyes. Each step brings you closer to recreating the set you know and love, from the vibrant orange facade to the cozy interior. It's a truly immersive experience, filled with little surprises and details that will spark memories of your favorite friends moments.

Whether you're reminiscing about Ross's "pivot" routine, Phoebe's unforgettable songs, or the endless will-they-won't-they tension between Rachel and Ross, building this set is a journey through the heart of the show. So grab a cup of coffee (real or imagined!), put on your favorite Friends episode in the background, and get ready to embark on a nostalgic building adventure.

LEGO Central Perk 21319: Must-Have for Every Fan of Friends

For die-hard Friends enthusiasts, the LEGO Central Perk 21319 set is more than just a collection of bricks; it's a celebration of the iconic sitcom. This meticulously designed set allows you to recreate the coffee shop that served as the central hub for the gang's lives, packed with authentic details that will send any fan down memory lane.

The building experience itself is a delightful journey, offering a nostalgic trip through your favorite moments from the show. From assembling the instantly recognizable orange facade to placing the iconic orange couch, every step brings you closer to completing your own Central Perk. But the fun doesn't stop there. Once built, the set becomes a fantastic display piece, sparking conversations and reminding you of the show's timeless humor and heartwarming friendships.

Whether you're a seasoned LEGO builder or a casual Friends fan, the LEGO Central Perk 21319 set is a must-have. Pair this alongside Lego The Friends Apartments 10292, you'll have perfect collector's items that captures the essence of the show and guaranteed conversation starter for any Friends gathering. So grab your set, brew a pot of coffee (real or LEGO-imagined!), and get ready to relive the magic of Friends in brick form.

Pros and Cons of LEGO Central Perk 21319


  • Nostalgic builds experience; relive your favorite Friends moments. 
  • Assemble the iconic Central Perk, brick by brick.
  • Authentic details, from the orange facade to the cozy interior with the signature orange couch
  • The set captures the essence of the coffee shop.
  • A Complete Cast of Minifigures, with all seven main characters and fun accessories
  • Recreate classic scenes or tell your own stories.
  • Display worthy collector's items; the finished set makes a fantastic centerpiece.
  • Set sparks conversations among fellow Friends fans.
  • A fun challenge for adult builders, with over 1,000 pieces
  • The set offers a satisfying building experience that's not too complex.


  • The set is pricey, which might be a consideration for some fans.
  • Limited posing for minifigures limits articulation in dynamic scenes.
  • You'll have to use your imagination to fuel those Central Perk coffee cravings.


The LEGO Central Perk 21319 set isn't just a collection of bricks; it's a portal to your favorite sitcom memories. This meticulously designed set allows you to build your own Central Perk, complete with iconic details and all seven of your favorite friends (in minifigure form).

Whether you're reminiscing about hilarious moments like "pivot" or getting misty-eyed over the will-they-won't-they romance between Rachel and Ross, the building experience itself is a delightful journey. The finished set becomes a fantastic conversation starter and a display-worthy centerpiece that captures the timeless humor and heartwarming friendships of friends.

So, if you're a Friends fan looking to celebrate your love for the show in a unique way, the LEGO Central Perk 21319 set is a must-have. Ready to relive the magic of Central Perk in brick form? Head over to the LEGO website or your favorite toy retailer to learn more and snag your very own piece of Friends history!

Light Up Your Lego Central Perk

While the LEGO Central Perk 21319 set captures the essence of the iconic coffee shop beautifully, there's one way to truly elevate your Friends fandom to legendary status: Light Kits!

Imagine the warm glow of the Central Perk sign illuminating your shelf or the soft twinkle of fairy lights recreating the cozy atmosphere inside. Light kits for LEGO sets add a whole new dimension to your builds, transforming them from static displays to miniature worlds brimming with life.

For Friends fans, a light kit can be the perfect finishing touch to your Central Perk masterpiece. Picture Ross dramatically explaining "unagi" under a warm spotlight, or Phoebe serenading the gang with her guitar bathed in colorful stage lights. Light kits open up a world of creative storytelling possibilities, letting you recreate iconic scenes or set the mood for your own LEGO Friends adventures.

So, if you're looking to bring your LEGO Central Perk 21319 set to life and experience the joy of Friends in a whole new light, then exploring Light Kit options might be the perfect next step for your LEGO adventure. With a variety of kits available online, you can find the perfect one to illuminate your Central Perk memories and make your LEGO Friends experience truly unforgettable.


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