Lego Daily Bugle 76178 [Set Review] - Build and Get The Scoop

Let's scale into the bustling world of LEGO Marvel, where the iconic Daily Bugle stands tall! If you’re a fan of Spider-Man and his thrilling universe, the LEGO Daily Bugle set 76178 is your ticket to an action-packed adventure. This building is a towering testament to the stories and characters that have captivated us for generations.

Imagine holding the pulse of New York City’s most notorious newsroom in your hands. With over 3,700 pieces, this set is a treasure trove for Marvel enthusiasts and LEGO builders alike. You’ll find a cast of over 25 minifigures, from the web-slinging hero himself to the infamous villains that roam the city streets. And let’s not forget the unsung heroes – the journalists who bring the tales of heroism to life.

You’re building an iconic structure; you’re creating a narrative, as the Daily Bugle is a centerpiece that brings together the vibrant world of Marvel in a way that’s tangible and interactive. So, are you ready to dive into this LEGO marvel? Let’s get started!

Set Details

Dive into the details of the LEGO Daily Bugle set 76178, and you’ll discover a world where every piece tells a story. As you unbox this set, you’re greeted with an impressive array of contents that promise hours of immersive building. Inside, you’ll find multiple manuals that guide you through the construction of this towering marvel, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable building experience.

With 3,772 pieces, this set stands as the largest LEGO Marvel set to date. It’s not just about the quantity, though; it’s the quality and the attention to detail that truly set it apart. Each brick contributes to the recreation of the iconic Daily Bugle office block, a four-story celebration of the Marvel Universe that reaches over 32 inches in height.

But what’s a building without its inhabitants? The LEGO Daily Bugle is teeming with life, featuring 25 classic characters from the Spider-Verse. This includes five all-new minifigures exclusive to this set, making it a must-have for collectors and fans alike. From the ground floor to the penthouse office of J. Jonah Jameson, every level is packed with action, stories, and the legacy of Spider-Man.

Unique features like detachable façades offer a peek into the sizzling comic-book action, while the inclusion of elements like the newsstand, taxi, and the iconic water tower add to the authentic New York City vibe.

Currently priced at $349.99, this set is a canvas for your imagination, where you can recreate classic matchups or spin new tales in the Spider-Verse.

Building Experience

Embarking on the LEGO Daily Bugle 76178 build is a journey meant for the experienced builder. This set is a complex construction, with its towering presence and intricate details that challenge and delight. It’s not just a build; it’s an exploration of the Spider-Man universe through LEGO bricks.

The estimated building time for this skyscraper of a set can vary widely based on your experience and pace. However, builders have reported dedicating anywhere from 10 to 15 hours to complete this marvel. It’s a commitment, but one that rewards you with a stunning display piece and a sense of accomplishment.

As you piece together the Daily Bugle, you’ll encounter interesting building techniques that bring the bustling newsroom and its stories to life. The set features removable facades on each floor, allowing for easy access and playability. You’ll also appreciate the detailed rooms filled with accessories that capture the essence of the Daily Bugle.

One of the most unique aspects of this build is the inclusion of new prints and parts in various colors, adding to the authenticity and collectibility of the set. The design team has gone to great lengths to ensure that each element, from the newsstand to the water tower, contributes to the overall narrative of the Spider-Man saga.

Inside the Daily Bugle

Step inside the LEGO Daily Bugle and you’re stepping into a microcosm of the Marvel Universe, bustling with activity and brimming with stories. Let’s take a floor-by-floor tour:

Ground Floor

The adventure begins at street level. Here, a newsstand bursts with the latest editions of the Daily Bugle, each headline a nod to classic Marvel tales. Nearby, a LEGO taxi is perpetually ready to whisk characters off to their next plot twist. And of course, there’s J. Jonah Jameson’s office, where the editor-in-chief demands pictures of Spider-Man with his signature bluster.

Second & Third Floors

Ascend to the office spaces where the heart of the Bugle beats. Journalists like Peter Parker work against deadlines in detailed office spaces, while the breakroom offers a moment of respite with a side of banter. The printing press churns out the news, a mechanical marvel in itself, capturing the hustle of the news cycle.

Top Floor

The penthouse office provides a panoramic view of the city—a fitting backdrop for the high-stakes drama of the Marvel world. It’s a space that’s seen its share of heroics and showdowns, all under the watchful eye of the city’s defenders.

And let’s not forget the iconic details that make this set truly special:

  • The water tower perched atop the Bugle is a staple of New York’s skyline and a frequent perch for heroes in contemplation or battle.
  • Spider-Man’s web-slinger is attached to the building, a dynamic feature that captures the action of the Spider-Verse as Spidey swings into action.
  • Scattered throughout are the Daily Bugle newspaper prints, each one a snapshot of the ongoing narrative, from villainous antics to heroic feats.

The LEGO Daily Bugle is definitely a narrative-rich playground that invites you to create and recreate the endless stories of the Marvel Universe. Whether you’re reliving classic moments or imagining new scenarios, every brick brings you closer to the heart of the action.

Minifigures in LEGO Daily Bugle


The LEGO Daily Bugle set 76178 is a treasure trove for Marvel fans, featuring an impressive ensemble of minifigures that bring the Spider-Verse to life. Here’s the full cast of Marvel legends included:

  • Spider-Man: The iconic web-slinger comes in multiple versions, each capturing a different aspect of his heroic legacy.
  • Venom: The alien symbiote and its host are known for their complex relationship with Spider-Man, oscillating between villain and antihero.
  • Doctor Octopus: With his mechanical tentacles, he’s one of Spider-Man’s most intelligent and formidable foes.
  • Blade: The vampire hunter joins the LEGO Marvel world, bringing his supernatural prowess to the set.
  • The Punisher: Known for his relentless vigilante justice, he adds a gritty edge to the lineup.
  • Daredevil: The Man Without Fear, Daredevil’s acute senses make him a formidable guardian of Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Mysterio: The master illusionist always has a trick up his sleeve, challenging Spider-Man with his mind-bending antics.
  • Carnage: A more chaotic and destructive symbiote than Venom, Carnage brings mayhem wherever he goes.
  • Green Goblin: Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin is notorious for his maniacal schemes.
  • Sandman: With the ability to transform his body into sand, he’s a gritty adversary.
  • Aunt May: The ever-supportive aunt who has been Peter Parker’s moral compass.
  • Gwen Stacy: A symbol of tragedy and love in Spider-Man’s life.
  • Miles Morales: The next generation Spider-Man, representing hope and diversity.
  • Ghost-Spider: Also known as Spider-Gwen, she’s a fierce warrior from an alternate reality.
  • Firestar: A hero with the ability to generate and manipulate fire.
  • Spider-Ham: A porcine parody of Spider-Man, adding a touch of humor to the set.
  • Black Cat: The feline fatale who straddles the line between ally and adversary.
  • Betty Brant: The diligent secretary and one of Peter’s first love interests.
  • J. Jonah Jameson: The blustering editor of the Daily Bugle, famous for his anti-Spider-Man tirades.
  • Ben Urich: A seasoned reporter committed to uncovering the truth.
  • Robbie Robertson: The calm and wise executive editor of the Daily Bugle.
  • Ron Barney: A new addition to the LEGO Marvel universe.
  • Bernie the Cab Driver: Another fresh face, ready to take you on a ride through the city.
  • Amber Grant: A character with stories yet to be told in the LEGO realm.

Each minifigure adds depth and playability to the set, making it a dynamic addition to any collection.

These minifigures not only represent the characters but also embody their stories and significance in the Marvel Universe.

From heroes to villains, each figure is a piece of the larger narrative that has captivated fans for decades. Collectively, they make the LEGO Daily Bugle set 76178 a microcosm of the Marvel world, rich with potential for storytelling and adventure.

Is Lego Daily Bugle Worth the Price?

When considering the LEGO Daily Bugle set 76178, its key selling points are undeniable. It’s the largest LEGO Marvel set to date, with a staggering 3,772 pieces that assemble into a detailed model standing over 32 inches tall.

The set is a collector’s dream, featuring 25 minifigures, including fan favorites and five new characters exclusive to this set. The intricate design, complete with removable facades and a plethora of accessories, offers both a challenging build and a dynamic display piece that captures the essence of the Marvel Universe.

The set is priced at around $299.99 to $349.99, depending on the retailer. When compared to other large LEGO sets, such as the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon or the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, which can range from $800 to $470 respectively, the Daily Bugle set sits at a more accessible price point for its size and complexity.

Considering the detailed building experience, the iconic display value, and the high collectability factor due to the unique minifigures and the set’s scale, the LEGO Daily Bugle 76178 is worth the price for avid LEGO enthusiasts and Marvel fans. It’s not just a toy; it’s an investment in a piece of Marvel history that can be appreciated both during the build and long after as a centerpiece of any collection.

Pros & Cons: Lego Daily Bugle 76178


  • Impressive size, stands tall, and boasts intricate details
  • Detailed interior and exterior, making it a centerpiece for Lego collections
  • Extensive minifigure selection includes a whopping 25 Minifigures
  • Featuring a wide range of Spider-Man characters, both heroes and villains
  • Offering great play value and display options.
  • Multiple storylines represented, with nods to iconic Daily Bugle moments
  • Different floors are dedicated to specific characters
  • Set caters to fans of various Spider-Man stories.
  • Modular design can be divided into sections for easier building and display in smaller spaces.


  • High-end Lego set with a price tag to match, consider your budget
  • Repetitive building techniques could be tedious for some builders.
  • Limited play features, compared to other Lego sets.
  • Storage considerations, finding a suitable storage location might be challenging.


In summary, the LEGO Daily Bugle 76178 set offers an immersive building experience that’s rich in detail and storytelling. It’s a set that not only represents the largest LEGO Marvel set but also a creative challenge that beckons the skilled builder to bring the world of Spider-Man to life, one brick at a time.

The Lego Daily Bugle 76178, with its impressive size, incredible minifigure selection, and nods to classic storylines, is a dream come true for die-hard Spidey fans. However, the hefty price tag and potentially repetitive build process might deter casual builders.

Ultimately, the Daily Bugle is a conversation starter and a centerpiece for any collection. If you're a Lego enthusiast with a passion for Spider-Man and the budget to match, then this set is a must-have. Just be prepared to make some space for your very own slice of the Marvel Universe.

So, whether you’re a long-time Marvel fan or a LEGO enthusiast, the Daily Bugle set 76178 is a treasure trove that promises to bring the excitement of Spider-Man’s world right into your hands.

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