Lego Elf Clubhouse 10275 - Building Santa's Elves' Hideaway

Have you ever wished you could step into a world filled with Christmas magic? The Lego Elf Club House 10275 has clear doors, so you don't have to sneak up on the sleeping elves, just jump right in.

Of course, those who work for Santa won't be the only ones enjoying this magical winter wonderland. LEGO makers can definitely look into this place to escape the everyday bustle.

Just imagine spending cozy evenings, putting this whimsical hideaway together, one brick at a time. Have the snowflakes swirling outside the finely decorated windows while let the elves make waffles.

This beautifully made set shows how the elves spend their time. Fairy lights strung around the tall Christmas tree, elves sit in cozy seats by the warm fireplace, and a rocket-powered sleigh ride ready take them through the night sky.

You can enter a world full of holiday cheer with the Elf Club House 10275. It's a place to relax, build, and let your mind run wild. Go ahead, have your favorite hot chocolate and holiday music ready.

Set Details

Under a blanket of snowy roofs, this cute two-story cottage isn't just any ordinary brick building set. You get to walk into Santa's secret world, where his happy elves relax after a long day of making toys.

When you walk inside, you'll be amazed by all the holiday decorations. A cozy fireplace crackles under a mantle covered in greenery, and fairy lights shine on the gift-wrapping area that is brimming with ribbons and bright paper. Could that be the smell of warm waffles coming from the kitchen? Yes, you got it—the elves have their very own waffle iron that works and is making golden treats to fuel their next adventure.

If you look out the window, you'll see something that would make any sled bell jingle, with a rocket-powered sleigh ready for a high-flying thrill ride! But even elves need time to relax. On top of the house is a cozy spot with a telescope where you can see Santa's sleigh flying across the moonlit sky.

When you go back inside, you'll see a proudly decorated Christmas tree surrounded by piles of wrapped gifts. A special "naughty & nice" computer keeps an eye on Santa's list for people who want to know who's been good and who's been bad.

There's still more to discover, though! There are fun touches all over the building, like a snowman hiding behind the door, a cheeky elf hanging from the roof, and even a hidden stash of cookies (shh, don't tell Santa!).

Building the LEGO Elf Club House 10275

The LEGO Elf Club House 10275 is one of the pretty holiday sets you may want to have in your collection. This cute cottage comes with 1,197 pieces, so you'll have hours of fun building it. The intricate details will have you singing Christmas songs even with Holiday season fading.

The instructions are clear enough, and also to the point like Santa's list There are no confusing hints or hard-to-understand diagrams. Just fun building blocks with fun extras like hidden compartments and clever building methods.

With each bag, you'll get new set of bright bricks, allowing you to slowly turn the pile into a magical land. Build and watch as the cozy living room with a fireplace and a waffle-making station that will make your taste buds dance comes together.

The bedrooms are cozy places where tired elves dream of sugarplums and reindeer rides. To get there, climb the candy-cane-striped stairs. Don't forget the telescope on the roof; it's a great way to keep an eye on Santa's sleigh in case you need to finish wrapping gifts at the last minute.

You can almost hear the elves laughing through the halls as you carefully place each piece, and you can smell the gingerbread baking in the kitchen.

Putting together the LEGO Elf Club House is more than just putting bricks together; it's an adventure that takes you to the heart of the North Pole. Let your mind run wild as you put this winter wonderland together. So grab some hot cocoa and some Christmas music. The Elf Club House is sure to make you smile and add a little Christmas magic to your home with its joyful details, cozy atmosphere, and secret treats. Who is ready to talk with the elves and have some fun?

LEGO Elf Clubhouse 10275 Review

This elf house is more than just a workshop for Santa's jolly elves. It's a place for them to relax, refuel, and spread holiday cheer. Let's look through the frosty windows, so put on your warmest gloves.

Where Santa's Elves Relax

As you might guess, Betty the Baker makes fluffy waffles to feed the reindeers. Flyn the fashion elf makes sure that everyone stays warm in stylish clothing. When it's time for a cold adventure, Captain Comet takes off on the rocket-powered sled, making everyone happy.

Holiday Cheer

The cozy living room has a fireplace that crackles, while the couches that look like melted marshmallows. There's also a Christmas tree that's full of lights that twinkle. There's holiday cheer everywhere: stockings hang by the fireplace, snowflakes sparkle on the walls, and even the gnome outside wears a silly Santa hat!

Winter Play in The North Pole

The Elf Club House is full of fun things to do. Send Captain Comet flying across the snowy landscape by setting off the sleigh's burning path. With the fully-equipped machine, you can make waffles big enough for a yeti. You could also use the lens to follow Santa's sleigh as it brings gifts on Christmas Eve.

Lego Elf Clubhouse FAQs

Got questions about the enchanting LEGO Elf Clubhouse (10275)? We've got you covered! Here's the scoop on this festive favorite:

Where Can I Get the Lego Elf Clubhouse?

The Lego Elf Club House is available at regular LEGO shops, but let's be honest: shopping online in your pajamas while sipping hot cocoa is the best way to spend the holidays. You can find good deals and sometimes even free shipping on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

How Much is Lego Elf Clubhouse?

The Elf Club House costs about $139. If you're thinking of buying this, think of it as an investment in Christmas cheer that will last for many years. Also, keep an eye out for seasonal sales or deals that include more than one item.

When Was Lego Elf Club House Released?

When it came out in September 2020, the LEGO Elf Clubhouse brought builders a cozy dose of holiday cheer just in time for the holidays.

Elf Clubhouse 10275 Pros & Cons


Building the LEGO Elf Club House feels like stepping straight into Santa's workshop, so, let's unwrap the pros and cons to see if this festive set holds its reindeer reins:


  • Full of cute features, like the candy-cane railings and the cozy attic observatory.
  • Fun features like the waffle iron and bunk bed
  • Compatible with winter village set
  • With elves with fun items and a cute reindeer
  • Unique minifigures give the set personality and ways to tell stories.


  • This set costs a lot, so get ready to save.
  • The inside can feel a little cramped
  • Santa is not here

Wrap Up

As we wrap up this review for the Elf Club House 10275, let us remember that they are a time for family, laughter, and a little fun. Instead of fruitcake this year, bring home the Lego Elf Club House. Let the building begin, the cocoa flow, and the season's magic happen one brick at a time. Have a wonderful break!

Light Kit For Lego Elf Clubhouse 10275

Now, you've meticulously built your charming Elf Club House, brick by brick, and it stands proudly amidst your winter wonderland. But imagine stepping into a cozy elf workshop, sunlight streaming through frosty windows and warm lamps casting playful shadows on gingerbread cookies. Wouldn't that add a whole new dimension of magic to your LEGO creation?

Here's where a light kit comes in! These clever sets of tiny LEDs transform your model from a static display into a dazzling scene. Think twinkling fairy lights on the Christmas tree, a warm glow from the fireplace hearth, and twinkling stars peeking through the attic window. It's like breathing life into your LEGO world, inviting you to peek into the elves' lives after dark.

Imagine showcasing your Elf Club House at a holiday gathering, and with a flick of a switch, it becomes the centerpiece, drawing gasps of awe from friends and family. Suddenly, it's not just a building, it's a story unfolding before their eyes.

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