Lego Gringotts Wizarding Bank Collectors Edition 76417 [Set Review] - Step Inside The Vault

Build the Lego Harry Potter Gringotts Bank Collectors' Edition 76417 and enter the magical world of Harry Potter.

Create a replica of the bank's grand lobby and mezzanine, complete with a hidden safe for Hagrid's letter. You can go to the vaults where wizards and witches store their wealth are guarded by elaborate and impenetrable systems.

Meet the goblins who control and run Gringotts Wizarding Bank, the sole bankers of the wizarding world. Gringott headquarters can be found in London, England, on the north side of Diagon Alley.

This is not just a safe place for wizards and witches to keep their cash and belongings, it's also a place to convert Muggle currency into wizarding currency. Goblins recycle the money that Muggles exchange back into the Muggle economy. Rubeus Hagrid claims that, other than Hogwarts, Gringotts is the most secure location in the wizarding world.

LEGO brings the tradition of immersing us in the wizarding world for this set, with meticulous attention to detail and innovative design. We'll look closely in the set's charming details and discuss why this is essential for hardcore Harry Potter fans.




Across the globe, millions of fans have been thrilled by Harry Potter's enchanted world. Magical Hogwarts incredible adventures have made the franchise an indelible aspect of pop culture. Lego brings in this new Harry Potter set, 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

The iconic goblin-run Gringotts Wizarding Bank on Diagon Alley plays a pivotal role in the Harry Potter books and films. With the LEGO Harry Potter 76417 set, it gives you the chance to create your own version of this enchanted place. The set, with its careful design and attention to detail, is a faithful recreation of Gringotts. Everything about the bank has been faithfully reconstructed, from the impressive lobby to the complex vaults.

When you stack the bank, vaults, and dragon that come with this Lego Collectors' Edition of Gringotts Wizarding Bank, the height ranges from 77cm to 89cm (depending on how you pose the dragon).

With 4,803 pieces, LEGO Harry Potter 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank Collectors' Edition is the fourth-largest set after 76405 Hogwarts Express Collectors' Edition and 71043 Hogwarts Castle 75978 Diagon Alley.


Explore the carefully crafted interior of the bank and learn the secrets of Gringotts. The vaults, which house innumerable valuables and mystical objects, have been carefully reconstructed of bricks. The vaults in this set open using a special mechanism, allowing you to access the secret treasures within. You can stage your own theft with piles of golden galleons and rare relics or come up with exciting adventures for your favorite characters to go on.

Gringott's is a crucial aspect of the Harry Potter canon and it's the setting in the first and seventh of the franchise. We all know what happened, while the initial trip was quite calm, the return trip of the characters turned out to be quite an adventure. That's why there's a dragon atop the house. The wizards are being carried to safety when the Ukrainian Ironbelly rips the roof off the bar. Goblins, fancy design, and strict security measures make up for the bank's interior.

Gringott's Bank is designed to function both on the pedestal base and independently. Gringott's is situated on a corner of Diagon Alley, allowing for the addition of two additional shops on either side. The mine vehicle and rail components are a great addition. Build a winding road for a vault cart that automatically halts at three separate underground vaults, one of which is Bellatrix's and contains a magical surprise. The package also contains a constructible model of the Magical Menagerie and a posable Ukrainian dragon named Ironbelly.

This collection feature several hidden scene items and puzzles as you make it to each vault.


There are 13 minifigures in the 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank Collector's Edition. You'll get two different Harry Potters, as well as Rubeus Hagrid, Bogrod, Ricbert, Griphook, Death Eater, two guards and two goblin bankers. It's possible to change Bellatrix Lestrange into Ron Weasley and Dragomir Despard into Hermione Granger.

The Minifigures comes from the characters of the Gringotts scenes in Harry Potter Philosopher's Stone and The Deathly Hallows 2. The figures alludes to the Philosopher's Stone trip to Vault 713 with young Harry and Hagrid, but then swiftly shift gears to the series' conclusion, when the three pull off a daring heist from Bellatrix's vault. Bellatrix and Dragomir Despard are, in fact, Ron and Hermione under different guises, which explains why they each have different face prints and hair.

Except for Hagrid and the two guards, every character has two expressions. Like Bellatrix, Dragomir may play two roles. Turn their heads around, and you can see Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger's likenesses, plus they come with the appropriate hair pieces to complete their Polyjuice makeover.

Overall, the minifigures look amazing, the Lego Harry Potter minifigures' clothing is straightforward, though lacks the intricate arm, hip, and foot printing as seen on other movie minifigures. On the other hand, the only figures without alternate faces are the two guards and Hagrid, while the two generic goblins and Griphook have printed arms.

Bellatrix looks beautiful, though with somewhat evil look, with instantly recognizable hair piece, and exquisite printing on the front and back of her clothing.

You'll notice Griphook's arms and the torsos of those sneaky goblins are also done well. The faceless ghouls all have two sets of arms instead of one. Having the original Harry and Hagrid figures is a great tribute to The Philosopher's Stone and a nice connection to The Deathly Hallows.


How challenging is it to assemble a Lego Gringotts bank?

This massive Lego Gringotts Bank Collectors Edition 76417 has 4 instruction manuals, 31 component bags, and 3 distinct constructions (the Gringotts vaults, the bank and Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon). Each booklet covers half of the vaults, the first booklet focuses on the first half of the structure and ends with the dragon, while the Booklet 2 covers the second half. The third and fourth pamphlets focus on the bank itself.

As might expect, a substantial section of the vaults consists of strong, structural architecture, although a fascinating respite can be found in the landscape elements and the vaults themselves. The two pieces interlock with each other to form a sturdy cross that is held together by two Technic Beams with 11 holes. It's a lot of fun to construct the mine cart and set the tracks after you've finished adding the vaults.

Despite the vastness of this base, it is surprisingly straightforward and uses far fewer Technic components than you might anticipate given its appearance. Though the dragon is a bit trickier to put together, but well worth the effort because of all the mini components that add character and ability to strike various postures.

Lego brings the most complex, but obviously the best part of this Harry Potter set, the Gringotts Bank. There's some monotony on building the walls of 1 x 1 bricks. The thin strips probably gives these Lego modular structures an 18+ rating, perhaps not because of their inherent complexity.

Assuming you've put together a modular before, this should be rather routine. Starting with a foundation with the titles, you then construct the walls and move up through the floors in order. While it may be tedious to place tile after tile atop bricks to build up that marble veneer, the end effect is well worth the effort.

There are also a number of noteworthy construction innovations. The first is the front pillars' slanting design, which was achieved by combining 1 x 1 tiles with clips and 1 x 1 round plates with bar handles. The second component consists of some tilted windows, which have been cleverly attached using Technic pins.

Since the unveiling of this potentially fragile set, Lego fans across the Wizarding World have been wondering if its sturdy enough? Well its surprisingly robust. Though, it's not something you'd want to have on display in a highly trafficked area.

Amazingly, when the bank's underground vaults are joined to the main structure, it feels like only gravity hold it. The modular structure rests atop the vaults, and its baseplate is secured in place by four 2 x 2 x 1 corner pieces. Since studs can't be fastened to the bottom of a baseplate, this is to be expected. Perhaps an even more lethal option would have been a base constructed of many plates and attached to the vaults using Technic pieces or studs. Simply put, the smoothness of motion ensures the structure's security as it is lifted on and off of its massive base.

The entire playset looks stunning on its own and as soon as put them together. The mine-cart tracks are a fun interactive element.

There are surprises in three of the four vaults. Harry's fortune is stored in vault 687, the Philosopher's Stone is in vault 713, and the Lestrange vault contains a single goblet that, when pushed, simulates the Gemino Curse by raining goblets. There's even a spot with a chain and a feeding schedule written on a rock, so you can act the climactic moment yourself just like when the dragon escapes in the movie.

The cavern is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, lights, as well as tiny green bricks that stand in for pockets of algae and moss. The mining cart can be stopped outside of either room 713 or 687, or you can drive it all the way to Bellatrix's vault.

For the Lego Ukrainian Ironbelly, there's two 1x1 tiles with clips on the bottom that allows it to be fastened to the vault's ceiling. When combined with the fire component that snaps into its mouth, you'll have a replica of the Gringotts Bank dragon as seen in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.

As you ascend to the bank itself, you'll see a four-story facade that's as close to the original as this scale. Compare it to a picture of Harry Potter's Gringotts Bank, and you'll see that the two are nearly identical in size and shape. One notable feature is the crooked pillars. They are made by clipping pillar pieces onto 1x1 tiles and then using a cornice to secure the pillars in place.

The engraving above the door has been split to two stickers, one reads "GRINGOT" and the other "TS BANK," making what should be one word look like three. Perhaps Lego should have just use one long sticker to cover all of these pieces. Even if it had been printed, it's tricky to line up the characters at the junction just to have the word read smoothly.

The side windows also features some stickers, though the bank's exterior could have had actual frames that offer a glimpse inside the interior. We advise removing the stickers entirely from your Gringotts if you intend to illuminate its interior, as the smooth panes will look more polished without them.

The five banking workstations and the focal chandelier on the ground floor looks impressive, the building does not look overrun with hidden, meaningless features. The interior looks more spacious and elegant if it is kept generally clean and uncluttered. It was also a clever idea to make the upper level a mezzanine, as this provides an extra layer of internal detail and gives the impression of a higher ceiling.

The dome of the building can be removed to reveal a small, windowless space atop the structure. The perched dragon takeoff looks smooth, though it may look as it its ready to fall off. The remaining section of the roof is not permanent and may be pushed off to provide access to the interior. The front dome in Deathly Hallows 2 is a smaller replica of the main dome that serves as a skylight above the Grand Banking Hall.

There are few extra touches, with elegant side wall that flanks the modular structure, providing access to the Grand Banking Hall, a tiny building, and a side alley. Both of these additions should make the set's butting against neighboring buildings look natural. The Magical Managerie, the side building, is based on an actual structure in Diagon Alley, though it appears to have some creative license was taken. The building to the left of Gringotts Bank in Harry Potter's Wizarding World also has a tiny tower and spire in a similar style.


Completed Model

LEGO has created a set that faithfully recreates Gringotts' lavish foyer and mezzanine floor, along with the building's signature tall columns, as a way to pay tribute to the structure. There's a spiraling vault cart track with a mechanism that can stop at three separate underground vaults, including Bellatrix Lestrange's vault. Because no safe bank would be complete without anti-robbery safeguards, this set features a poseable Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon statue.

This huge set depicts the Gringotts Wizarding Bank on two levels, with a meandering cart track descending the lower level like a roller coaster. And to top it all off, you're given a dragon that can breathe fire.

The upper level of the set depicts the bank's entrance and mezzanine, which are made of beautiful white bricks and have front columns that are expertly twisted. The adjacent magical menagerie portion is quite spacious. A view of the bank's interior, complete with busy goblins, is displayed on the set's reverse side. The action, though, is below ground.

A winding cart track connects the bank's three underground safe deposit boxes. As the cart races down the track, the play action will cause it to halt at each vault door. The contents of Bellatrix's vault hold a mystical surprise, according to LEGO.

On the opposite side of the bank is a wall that seems like it was designed after the layout of Diagon Alley in Universal Studios' Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's probably more functional than aesthetically pleasing, but at least it fits in with the rest of the vaulted bank and provides more points of connection for the accompanying set as well as an anchor for picking up what isn't a terribly light build.

The vaults account for about a third of the build and with the necessary variety to the set, ensuring that you won't spend too much time on any one aspect of 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank Collectors' Edition.

This wizarding bank is more than just a place to put money. On the surface, it appears to be controlled by a group of efficient goblins who trade galleons, sickles, and knuts, but importantly protect the valuables of wizards.

Pros & Cons



  • Replica of the Wizarding Bank of Gringotts Wizarding Bank
  • Construct a nested set of bank and safe deposit box models.
  • With posable Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon
  • Realistic elements, including soaring vault cart, winding course, pit stops
  • With foyer, bank, and menagerie
  • Includes 13 Lego minifigures
  • Design, construct, and showcase
  • Can store real money in the set
  • Construct on your own or in group
  • Compatible with other Lego Harry Potter sets.


  • At $420, it's a bit pricey.
  • Some thin and fragile pieces
  • You need to have space for construction and showcase

Our Take

Although Gringotts Bank may appear to be precariously perched atop Diagon Alley, it is, in fact, the safest place in all of Wizardry to store valuables and confidential information. The bank is a crucial location throughout the Harry Potter films for important objects like the Philosopher's Stone and horcruxes.

The 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank has been long anticipated by many LEGO Harry Potter fans. This is well over a meter in height, and it has all sorts of enchanted Easter eggs. Some consider this a holy grail of toy sets, both in terms of size and cost.

There's no question that every Lego Harry Potter fan should get this kit. Overall, it's a magnificent Lego modular structure and possibly the best of its kind. You'll get an impressive amount of detail in the bank's underground vaults, and if you can ignore the faulty print of stickers, you'll find the modular's front as near as perfect recreation of the enchanted institution.

All of the inside space has been done in excellent use, the marble architecture is beautiful, and the Magical Managerie is an awesome add-on for your main modular. Plus, you get one of the most impressive Lego dragons around.

Our Rating

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