LEGO Harry Potter Mandrake 76433 [Set Review] - Growing The Dangerous Harry Potter Sprout!

Have you ever dreamed of harvesting your own ingredients for magical potions? In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, that might mean braving Herbology class and facing the Mandrake—a ferocious, screaming root vegetable! One wrong move while repotting these fellows, and their cries can be deadly to anyone nearby. 

Luckily, Lego has captured the thrill and safety of Herbology with the new Lego Harry Potter Mandrake 76433 set. For all Harry Potter Lego fanatics and plant enthusiasts with a sense of adventure, this set lets you build your very own life-sized Mandrake, complete with special features that bring the magic and screams to life!

Set Overview

The Lego Harry Potter Mandrake 76433 set's box art looks like it goes straight into Professor Sprout's Herbology greenhouse. Neville Longbottom, our favorite plant-loving Gryffindor, takes center stage with a determined grimace as he carefully holds a pot containing the spiky-haired Mandrake

Think "determined hero" meets "slightly terrified student about to be ear-split by a screaming plant." Here, you'll see the greenhouse in all its leafy detail, alongside different ways to pose the Mandrake – from a mischievous grin to a full-blown ear-splitting scream.

The Lego Mandrake 76433 set brings about recreating a scene from Herbology class, and it comes with magic-to-life interactive features! 

With 579 pieces at your disposal, you'll construct a greenhouse complete with transparent walls that offer a peek into the botanical world and a leafy roof that adds a touch of whimsy. 

But the real centerpiece is the Mandrake itself. This designed plant boasts posable roots that you can twist and contort, just like Professor Sprout demonstrates during her lessons. 

Then magic unfolds when you discover the clever building technique behind the Mandrake. By moving its chest, you can trigger a hilarious chain reaction: the Mandrake's mouth flies open in a wide scream, and its limbs flail about, perfectly capturing the essence of this unforgettable magical creature. 

And to complete the Herbology experience, the set includes a special Neville Longbottom minifigure, sculpted with his signature determined expression. 

With Neville by your side, you're all set to embark on the rewarding challenge of cultivating your very own magical Mandrake!

Building Process: Cultivating Your Mandrake

The Lego Mandrake 76433 set offers a rewarding build experience, perfect for fans who enjoy a satisfying challenge. The instruction booklet guides you through the process step-by-step, making it easy for builders of all experience levels to create their very own Herbology masterpiece.

First, you'll embark on constructing the greenhouse itself. Using bricks, plates, and other Lego elements, you'll build the transparent walls, leafy roof, and other details that bring this magical greenhouse to life. 

Next, it's time to focus on the star of the show—the Mandrake! This section involves assembling the plant itself, including its spiky green leaves and intricate root system. Here, you'll get to experience the Mandrake's posable features. 

Finally, once both the greenhouse and Mandrake are complete, you'll get to add the finishing touches. This might involve building a stand for the Mandrake or placing decorative elements within the greenhouse, like watering cans or potion bottles. 

Throughout the build process, keep an eye out for special Lego pieces that create the Mandrake's unique features. You'll discover how these elements work together to bring the screaming plant to life with a simple press of its chest! 

Play Features of the Mandrake 76433

You'll be able to conjure up some serious fun with the Lego Mandrake 76433! This interactive set goes beyond just a display piece, as it transports you into hours of spellbinding adventures. You'll get to explore and recreate iconic movie moments and cultivate your own magical botanical world.

Herbology Hijinks: Remember Neville Longbottom's struggle with the Mandrakes in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? With the posable Mandrake and included Neville minifigure, you can reenact that hilarious scene or imagine your own Herbology lesson gone awry. 

Screaming Surprise: The true magic lies in the Mandrake's interactive features. By pressing down on its chest, you can trigger a hilarious chain reaction—the Mandrake's mouth flies open in a scream, and its limbs flail about! This lets you recreate the plant's ear-splitting cry and add a touch of spooky fun to your playtime. 
Greenhouse Grandeur: The greenhouse is not just a pretty container, as the transparent walls act like windows into a world of your own creation. Fill the greenhouse with other Lego flora and fauna (sold separately) to build a bustling herb garden or a fantastical menagerie of magical creatures. Let your creativity bloom and transform this greenhouse into your own personal Hogwarts haven! 

Price and Availability

The Lego Harry Potter Mandrake 76433 set is within $70 range. This reflects the number of pieces and the innovative features that bring the Mandrake to life. Owning this set allows you to not only recreate iconic Herbology scenes but also unleash your creativity and build your own fantastical botanical world.

Where to find the Mandrake set? You can see the set in person at your nearest Lego store. This offers a chance to ask Lego experts questions and potentially benefit from exclusive in-store promotions. Likewise, you can browse the Lego website for detailed product information and sometimes even get exclusive online deals.

Pros & Cons: Lego Mandrake


  • Unique build, as this set offers a refreshing departure from typical castle or creature builds.
  • The set lets you construct a detailed greenhouse environment.
  • Features of the posable Mandrake and its screaming function 
  • Interactive elements add a fun, dynamic element to playtime, and recreating iconic movie moments.
  • The included Neville minifigure adds a touch of authenticity and allows for imaginative roleplay scenarios.
  • The completed set doubles as a charming display piece, capturing the essence of Professor Sprout's Herbology greenhouse.


  • Heavy reliance on stickers for details can be frustrating for some builders who prefer printed bricks.
  • Some might find it a bit expensive for the number of pieces and overall size of the set.
  • For builders who enjoy complex builds with intricate mechanisms, the Mandrake's play features might seem a bit simple.


The Lego Harry Potter Mandrake 76433 set offers a unique and interactive building experience, perfect for witches, wizards, and Muggle Lego enthusiasts alike. With its detailed greenhouse, posable Mandrake, and screaming surprise, this set lets you cultivate a world of magical make-believe.

Who should get this set? This set is a great choice for Harry Potter fans who want to expand their Lego Hogwarts collection with a unique build. This is also for Lego builders who enjoy interactive features and playful details. Likewise, for anyone looking for a fun and rewarding challenge that results in a charming display piece, this set is for you.

If you're looking for a unique build with a playful twist, the Lego Mandrake 76433 set is sure to bring hours of enchanting entertainment. 

Light Kits for Lego Mandrake 76433

The Lego Mandrake 76433 set is fantastic on its own, but have you ever imagined bringing your Herbology greenhouse to life with a touch of illumination? Light kits, specifically designed for Lego sets, offer a fantastic way to elevate your build from a daytime delight to a truly magical nightscape. 

Imagine the translucent walls of your greenhouse glowing with a warm, inviting light, showcasing the spiky details of the Mandrake and the leafy splendor of the magical flora within. With a strategically placed light kit, you can recreate the sun-drenched atmosphere of Professor Sprout's greenhouse, even after dark! 

Light kits are readily available online and come with easy-to-follow instructions. They typically consist of small LED lights and connecting wires that seamlessly integrate with your existing Lego set. The best part? Installation is usually straightforward, allowing you to add a whole new dimension to your Mandrake masterpiece without any complex modifications.

So, if you're looking to take your Lego Harry Potter Mandrake 76433 set to the next level and experience the magic of Herbology in a whole new light, then consider exploring the exciting world of Lego light kits. You might be surprised at how a touch of illumination can transform your build into a truly enchanting display piece! 


➡️ Enhance Your Lego Mandrake 76433 with Lego Lights!

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