LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station 76423 [Set Review] - Platform 9 ¾ Awaits

Have you dreamed of racing through the countryside on the Hogwarts Express, dodging sweets from the Trolley Witch? Well, grab your wand, because the LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station 76423 is here to make those dreams a reality!

This action-packed set isn't just about the iconic Scarlet Train with its chugging engine, coal car, and detailed passenger carriages. It also whisks you away to Hogsmeade Station, complete with a bustling ticket office, an owl post for sending important messages, and even a restroom.

With this set, you can embark on endless Harry Potter adventures right at home, recreating scenes from the movies or conjuring up your own magical stories.

Set Details

The Hogwarts Express

The centerpiece of the LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station 76423 is the iconic Scarlet Steam Train itself. This meticulously detailed model faithfully recreates the locomotive from the Harry Potter films, complete with a powerful engine, a coal car for authentic play, and connectable passenger carriages. 

The engine boasts intricate brickwork, capturing the essence of the magical train's design. The included coal car allows for realistic train operation and storytelling, while the passenger carriages provide ample space for your minifigures to reenact scenes from the movies or create their own Hogwarts adventures. 

Hogsmeade Station

Step off the Hogwarts Express and into the bustling heart of Hogsmeade Station, meticulously recreated with all the charm and details you know from the Harry Potter movies. 

The intricate brickwork brings the station to life, complete with a bustling ticket office where you can imagine collecting your Hogwarts ticket—a cherished memento of your magical journey. No wizarding trip is complete without sending important messages to loved ones back home, so the station also features a dedicated Owl Post, complete with tiny details to spark your imagination. 

Whether it's Hedwig soaring through the air with a crucial letter or Errol bringing news from your family, the Owl Post adds another layer of storytelling to your LEGO adventure. 

Since even magical journeys require the occasional break, the station even includes a restroom, ensuring a truly authentic Hogwarts experience for your minifigures. With all these details packed into Hogsmeade Station, the set becomes more than just a train; it becomes a gateway to endless hours of imaginative play and storytelling. 

Minifigures LEGO Hogwarts Express Train

The LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station (76423) is a construction set that's your entry to the vibrant world of Harry Potter. This immersive experience is further amplified by the inclusion of a diverse cast of minifigures, each meticulously crafted to resemble their on-screen counterparts. 

The set boasts key characters like Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, allowing you to relive their iconic Hogwarts journeys. The inclusion of Draco Malfoy adds a touch of playful antagonism, while other minifigures such as Lee Jordan and the Trolley Witch provide a well-rounded cast for imaginative storytelling. 

Beyond the characters themselves, the minifigures are outfitted with a variety of thematic accessories that enhance the play experience. Wands empower your characters to cast spells; luggage allows them to transport essential Hogwarts supplies; and even seemingly mundane items like Daily Prophet newspapers add a touch of realistic detail to your constructed wizarding world. These intricate details breathe life into the minifigures, making them essential companions for exploring the wonders of Hogwarts and beyond. 

Building Your Hogwarts Dream: Instructions and Tips

The LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station (76423) is designed for witches and wizards aged 8 and up, offering a rewarding building experience for both younger and older Harry Potter fans. The set comes with clear, step-by-step instructions that guide you through the construction process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable build for builders of all experience levels. 

Separating your bricks by color or type can save you time and frustration while searching for specific pieces. Building a large set like this can take some time. Don't hesitate to take breaks to avoid burnout and maintain your focus. 

The set features many intricate details, so take your time and enjoy the process of bringing the Hogwarts Express and Hogsmeade Station to life.

For seasoned LEGO builders, tackling this set solo might be a breeze. However, for younger wizards or those new to LEGO adventures, consider making it a collaborative effort! Grab a friend or family member and embark on this magical building journey together. 

Aboard for Storytelling: Playing with the Set

The LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station 76423 is about the build that will unlock a world of imaginative play. Here are some ways to ignite your inner witch or wizard:

Relive the Magic: The set allows you to recreate iconic scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Act out Harry, Ron, and Hermione's first journey to Hogwarts, stock up on sweets from the Trolley Witch, or imagine dramatic encounters on the train.

Craft Your Own Wizarding Tales: The beauty of this set lies in its open-ended play potential. With the included characters and detailed environments, you can conjure up your own original adventures. Will your minifigures discover a hidden passage in Hogsmeade Station? Perhaps they encounter a mischievous creature on the train journey! The possibilities are endless.

Expand Your Wizarding World: This set is fantastic on its own, but it can also be seamlessly integrated with other LEGO Harry Potter sets to create an even more expansive magical world. Connect Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts Castle (76403) for a truly epic Hogwarts experience! 

Where to Get and Pricing

The LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station (76423) boasts wide availability. The set can be procured from the official LEGO store, reputable online retailers, and various brick-and-mortar toy stores. 

While pricing may vary slightly depending on the vendor, you can expect the set to fall within a range of approximately $130 USD. Considering the intricate details, expansive build experience, and endless play potential, this set offers exceptional value for any Harry Potter enthusiast. So, don your Hogwarts robes (figuratively, of course) and secure your very own LEGO Hogwarts Express for a truly enchanting investment. 

Pros & Cons: LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station 76432


  • Captures movie magic in detail
  • Intricate train design and Hogsmeade Station replica
  • Iconic minifigures bring the Harry Potter world to life. 
  • Recreate movie scenes and invent your own adventures.
  • Expand your wizarding world with the seamless integration of other LEGO Harry Potter sets.
  • A fun build experience with clear instructions makes it enjoyable for builders of all ages.
  • Considering the intricate details, expansive build time, and endless play potential, the set offers a rewarding experience for Harry Potter fans.


  • At around $130 USD, this set represents a significant investment. 
  • While the instructions are clear, the large size and intricate details might be overwhelming for younger builders. 
  • Once the initial build is complete, the play experience might become repetitive without integrating other LEGO sets.


The LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station 76423 is your way to relive the beloved world of Harry Potter. With its intricate details, immersive play experience, and diverse cast of minifigures, this set offers endless opportunities for imaginative adventures. Whether you're a seasoned LEGO builder or a young witch or wizard just starting your journey, this set promises hours of enchanting entertainment.

For Harry Potter fans, the LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station is a dream come true. Recreate iconic movie moments, conjure up your own magical stories, and proudly display this impressive model in your home. LEGO enthusiasts will appreciate the intricate details, rewarding build experience, and seamless integration with other LEGO Harry Potter sets. 

So, if you're looking for the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fanatic or a LEGO enthusiast, look no further. The LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station is a surefire spellbinder, transporting them to a world of endless imagination and enchanting adventures. 

Lego Light Kits for LEGO Hogwarts Express

So you've built the incredible LEGO Hogwarts Express Train Set with Hogsmeade Station (76423) and embarked on countless magical adventures. Imagine bringing the iconic scarlet train and bustling station to life with a whole new level of enchantment—illuminating them with the LEGO Light Kit.

Light kits are specially designed LED lighting systems for LEGO sets. They add a stunning new dimension to your creations, transforming them from fantastic daytime builds to truly magical displays, even after dark.

Imagine the Hogwarts Express chugging through the night, its windows glowing warmly, or Hogsmeade Station bathed in a soft, inviting light, all thanks to the subtle magic of a light kit.

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