Lego Holiday Main Street 10308 [Set Review]

Deck the halls with bricks of holly! Do you crave a cozy Christmas vibe? If you've ever dreamt of building your own miniature winter wonderland, the LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 set is your ticket to festive fun. 

As the latest addition to the beloved LEGO Winter Village Collection, this set lets you create a charming Christmas scene brimming with intricate details. Imagine building quaint shops overflowing with holiday cheer, cozy apartments nestled above bustling streets, and a whimsical streetcar carrying happy shoppers home. 

So grab your favorite mug of hot cocoa, crank up the carols, and prepare to be swept away into a world of holiday magic with LEGO Holiday Main Street—the perfect centerpiece for your seasonal décor or a delightful gift for the LEGO enthusiast in your life!

Set Details

The festive spirit spills over even before you crack open the box! The LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 boasts a beautifully illustrated design that transports you straight to a winter wonderland. 

Inside, you'll discover multiple numbered bags, ensuring a well-organized building experience, and four separate instruction manuals—perfect for group building sessions with family or friends.

Each person can tackle a different section, turning the construction process into a collaborative holiday activity.

With a whopping 1,514 pieces to bring to life, this set allows you to create two enchanting buildings. 

Santa's Toys and Games overflow with festive charm, brimming with holiday displays sure to ignite the Christmas spirit in any minifigure. 

Jollie's Music Shop, on the other hand, is packed with instruments ready to fill the winter air with joyous carols. 

But the holiday magic doesn't stop there! The set also includes a delightful streetcar, whose design reflects the wintery theme. This charming tram can seat up to four minifigures, making it the perfect vehicle to transport happy shoppers home after a day of browsing the festive shops.

Speaking of minifigures, the set boasts a vibrant cast of characters, each adding to the bustling winter scene. You'll find enthusiastic shoppers eager to snag the perfect holiday gifts, friendly shop owners ready to assist with a smile, and even a child brimming with excitement as they mail their letter to Santa. 

The magic continues beyond the shops, as each building features a cozy apartment nestled above. 

Here, the store owners can unwind after a long day of spreading holiday cheer, ensuring they're well rested and ready to greet the next wave of customers.

Building Experience

The LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 offers an immersive and rewarding building experience suitable for both seasoned LEGO enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

While the 1,514-piece count suggests a complex build, the set is thoughtfully segmented into four comprehensive instruction manuals. This facilitates a well-organized construction process, ideal for individual enjoyment or collaborative building with family and friends.

The build sequence itself is a delightful exploration of intricate details that breathe life into the winter village scene. Builders can meticulously assemble the charming facade of Santa's Toys and Games, complete with its festive displays and playful signage. The process then transitions to meticulously constructing the instruments in Jollie's Music Shop, perhaps sparking anticipation for the melodies they will create. The detailed streetcar with its designated passenger capacity adds a further layer of dimension and whimsical movement to the scene.

The inclusion of a diverse cast of minifigures further enhances the build experience. Each character, from the enthusiastic shoppers to the friendly shop owners, contributes a unique personality to the winter village. Completing the cozy apartments above the shops provides a sense of closure and invites builders to imagine the lives of the characters beyond the holiday season.

Customization of Lego Holiday Main Street 10308

The LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 isn't just a static display piece; it's a springboard for creativity! For those seeking an extra dose of holiday cheer, consider incorporating LEGO Powered Up components (sold separately) into the build. 

With a little extra tinkering, you can transform your charming streetcar into a motorized marvel, gliding effortlessly through the winter village scene. Imagine the delight of watching the tram zip along, filled with happy minifigure passengers, adding a touch of whimsical movement to your festive display!

But the customization possibilities extend far beyond a motorized tram. The beauty of LEGO lies in its versatility, allowing you to combine the Holiday Main Street set with other LEGO sets from the Winter Village Collection or even beyond. 

Imagine expanding your winter wonderland with a cozy gingerbread house, a bustling bakery, or a snow-covered train station—the possibilities are truly endless! You can also personalize the scene with additional minifigures, adding characters like carolers, snowman builders, or even a jolly Santa Claus himself. Let your imagination be your guide and create a truly unique winter village that reflects your own festive spirit!

Is Lego Holiday Main Street 10308 a Good Set?

The LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 is a delightful set for both LEGO enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys creating a festive atmosphere.

For LEGO fans, it offers a charming and detailed build experience with 1,514 pieces, bringing a winter wonderland scene to life. The intricate details, like the overflowing toy store and the musical instruments in the shop, provide a rewarding build process. Plus, the option to add LEGO Powered Up components (sold separately) for a motorized streetcar adds a playful touch for tech-savvy builders.

Those who love festive decorations will adore the final product. The completed set creates a stunning winter village centerpiece filled with holiday cheer and vibrant minifigures. It's a guaranteed conversation starter and a way to bring the magic of Christmas right into your home.

Pricing for the LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 falls within the mid-range for larger LEGO sets, and it's readily available at most major toy retailers and online stores.

So, if you're looking for a festive and rewarding building experience, the LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 is definitely worth considering!.

Pros & Cons Lego Holiday Main Street


  • Captivating winter village scene, boasts intricate details and charming buildings
  • Brings a festive winter wonderland to life.
  • Build Santa's Toys and Games overflowing with holiday cheer
  • Jollie's Music Shop filled with instruments for winter carols.
  • Whimsical streetcar adds movement, with passenger capacity adds a playful element and allows for creative storytelling.
  • Vibrant minifigures, enthusiastic shoppers, friendly shop owners, and cozy apartments bring the winter village to life
  • Combine with other Winter Village sets or add details like a motorized streetcar for a truly unique display.


  • Moderate build complexity, 1,514-piece count might be a bit much for younger builders.
  • Repetitive techniques, might lack surprising techniques for experienced LEGO enthusiasts.
  • Color scheme might not be for everyone, overall color palette a little muted for a Christmas display.
  • Price point consideration, comes with a higher price tag, so consider your budget before purchasing.


The LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 set is more than just a collection of bricks; it's a portal to a charming winter wonderland filled with festive cheer. Whether you're a seasoned LEGO builder seeking a captivating project or simply someone who wants to add a touch of holiday magic to their home, this set offers something for everyone.

With its intricate details, delightful characters, and charming streetcar, the LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 promises a rewarding building experience and a stunning centerpiece to display throughout the holiday season. So, grab your favorite holiday tunes, brew a cup of hot cocoa, and get ready to build your own winter wonderland—the LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 awaits!

Light Kits for LEGO Holiday Main Street

The LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 is a fantastic way to bring festive cheer to your home, but have you ever imagined seeing your creation illuminated with twinkling lights? Light kits designed specifically for LEGO sets are becoming increasingly popular, offering a way to truly transform your build into a magical centerpiece.

Imagine the cozy glow emanating from Santa's toys and games or the warm spotlight on the instruments in Jollie's music shop. A light kit can add a whole new layer of depth and ambiance to your LEGO Holiday Main Street, making it the star attraction of your holiday décor.

Whether you're looking to impress your guests or simply want to experience the joy of your creation in a whole new light (pun intended!), exploring light kit options might be the perfect way to elevate your LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308 to the next level of festive wonder. So, why not keep the holiday spirit glowing all season?



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