Lego Home Alone 21330 [Set Review] - Merry Christmas, Ya Brick Builders!

Kevin McCallister is back! And this time, he's in LEGO form. The LEGO Home Alone 21330 set is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season and relive all the hilarious takes of the classic Christmas movie.

With over 3,900 pieces, this set is one of the largest LEGO Ideas sets released. It features a fully detailed recreation of the McCallister house, complete with all the iconic traps that Kevin set up to defend his home from the Wet Bandits.

It's also packed with fun features that will let you recreate your favorite scenes from the movie. For example, you can catapult Harry down the stairs or drop Marv into the paint cans.

Box Contents

The 21330 Home Alone comes in a stealthy black box and stands out well against the dark backdrop. Considered a seasonal product, the Ideas set is likely to be in stock during the coming holidays.

The package includes a handbook and 31 bags numbered from one to twenty-four. The movie's plot with its main protagonist, Kevin McCallister, is depicted prominently. The package is tab-sealed in an extra-large box with a black backdrop. It has big logos in the corners, a set information strip down the bottom, and information within the set as an "adult theme".

Like many 'adult' sets, it specifies an '18+' age range, but anyone, perhaps around preteen and teen years, could still enjoy the set and succeed with the construction. The minifigures and sets are displayed in an intriguing "movie timeline" format.

The front of the box features some of the characters in scenes where they may have first appeared in the film. The Wet Bandits are getting ready for "work" next to their plumbing vehicle, while Old Man Marley carries his dustbin of salt and wields his shovel outside of his home.

The set's functionality as a miniature house is highlighted on the box's reverse side. Hinging panels in the front of the house provide entry to the dwelling's interior. Inset images along the base highlight the modular nature of the building's several levels while also highlighting certain movie sequences that can be recreated. The main photo's minifigure cast rounds with the arrival of Kevin's mom.

There are 31 numbered bags of parts inside the package, which correspond to a total of 24 individual instructions. The bags are divided in half, with steps 1–11 stored in one set and the guidelines in another. The remaining bags are jumbled around in the box, and the unpacking is as disorderly as possible. The grouping does help to separate the several bags of components with the manual, safeguarding them from being crushed in transit.

The two sheets of stickers and the directions all come in their own little bag. It appears to have been packed into the sub-box before the part bags, so it is rather firmly braced against the sides, despite the lack of a cardboard backer or other strengthening material.

The traps in Home Alone created by Kevin are discussed in detail across multiple pages, with input from those who worked on the project. Alex Storozhuk was the original creator of the Ideas project, along with Antica Bracanov, Kirsten Bay Nielsen, and Enrique Belmonte Beixer, who were responsible for creating the updated model and visuals. You can tell they really love Home Alone and paid close attention to details to be as close as possible to the Christmas classic.

While previous LEGO Ideas sets relied on printed pieces, this one requires stickers due to the sheer volume of embellishments. There are a total of 37 stickers spread across two pages, all paying homage to Home Alone in some way. Thankfully, the model doesn't rely too heavily on them.


There are five figures in this set, with Kevin McCallister serving as the centerpiece. Minifigure Kevin is adorable, with his sly grin perfectly depicting the spirit of the mischievous and imaginative youngster. There's also the scream look that captures the kid's unforgettable first impression of aftershave.

Kevin's jumper comes in a deep red color. Although the minifigure's medium legs are odd on a little kid, they are appreciated when he wants to show off his creation all over his house. Based on Kevin's outerwear when sledding or going to the stores, it also includes a red scarf and a dark blue-grey cap.

On the other hand, mom Kate McCallister has her own scene, showing her iconic statement when she finds out her son Kevin is left home alone. The dark orange hairpiece matches Kate's on-screen hair color, and the happy face looks great too. This medium nougat outfit looks great, and the element looks originally designed.

The wealthy McCallisters are an easy mark for the Wet Bandits, so-called because of Marv's habit of flooding burglarized homes.

Of course, it's only fitting to have Harry and Marv included in the set. The two minifigures look great in their appropriately colored jackets and waistcoats. The knitted cap and vest Harry wears stand out, particularly due to their attention to detail.

Since Marv towers over Harry on screen, the shorter minifigure features medium legs to reflect this discrepancy. That choice makes sense and complements these characters, although Harry looks out of place next to Kevin as they are the same minifigure height.

The age difference between Harry and Kevin is usually reflected in their height difference, which should have been given more weight.

While Marv shows two different emotions, Harry only offers one, a grinning one in which his gold teeth may be seen. In contrast to his emotionless grin, Marv's severe injury from being hit with an iron is displayed on the flip side. It's possible that Harry might have benefited from having two heads depicting his injuries. The kit comes with two regular crowbars and police headgear for the two minifigures.

In spite of his intimidating reputation, "Old Man" Marley ends up becoming a close buddy of Kevin's. The minifigure seems to be fairly accurate to the on-screen version of this character, with a big beard and a pale blue-grey hair accessory. The lower head was added, but the expression seems to fit Marley's character well.

Thankfully, a unique torso was designed specifically for Marley, and it's a strong match for the original. The character's outfit is monochromatic, so the bare legs stand out even less. The minifigure comes with a pearl silver shovel to represent Marley's false reputation as the South Bend Shovel Slayer.


Building the set is made up of three key parts. The Wet Bandit's OH-KAY van serves as the first, then the McCallister home, and then Kevin's treehouse.

OH-KAY Plumbing and Heating Van

The first part of the set is the construction of the bandit's vehicle. Although it lacks doors on the sides, the OH-KAY Plumbing & Heating truck is a fairly accurate recreation of the movie van. Sticker logos, as you can see, are notoriously difficult for me to line up properly. There are pipes on the removable roof rack, a rear door that opens, and a bench seat in the van for two people. To spice things up, there's a golden trophy and a washbasin tap in a detachable treasure chest.

You'll find an Easter egg on the license plate; the letters "AEK37" likely have some significance for set designer Alex Storozhuk. "4565 AK" is what the license plate reads in the movie.

The van plus the fantastic Harry and Marv minifigures fits just right with the set. The McCallister house is the centerpiece, but the addition of the van is a nice touch that makes the movie sequences feel more complete.

House First Floor

The foundation of the McCallister house is set using some basic technical gear. The "Christmas Party" play element is activated by rotating a long rod that runs the length of the base and is split at 90 degrees.

The base itself is a fairly sturdy structure. Testing revealed that the Technic gears are sturdy and not easily jammed. You can see right away that the "actual" basement is constructed independently from the rest of the house; thus, the windows at the front of the house are just like the usual Hollywood set magic.

A common complaint about larger LEGO creations is that the interior regions are poorly illuminated. The designers attempted to counteract this by including many windows in the design. It's useful and consistent with several of the filming sites. The plunger-like device in the back wall of the central staircase causes it to wind its way up to the upper floor.

On the first level, to the right of the dining room, there is a strange open space in place of windows where the kitchen and basement wing of the house meet. The interior finishes are constructed after the walls are up. There are decorative accents in the fireplace, showcasing the use of available parts.

There's also a basketball player's "cardboard cut-out" atop the train, but the vehicles have missing wheels. The player is wearing a jersey that reads "BRICKS 23," as opposed to Michael Jordan's "BULLS 23" from the movie. It could be a funny inside joke or a creative method to cut back on copyright or licensing fees.

Then there's the tree, which will eventually be placed in a stand, but first you need to get rid of the debris on the floor. The roller skates beside the stairs stand in for Kevin's micro-machine trap in the climactic act, and the round plates by the window serve as stand-ins for the glass decorations Kevin uses as caltrops.

There is a lot to take in with the whole family room set up. The tree pattern is condensed while still being visually engaging. The blank bird decorations seem like they could be useful again and again.

The front door, "feather trap" fan, grandfather clock, and dining table and chairs round out the decor. The fan and chair designs are both quite modern and stylish. The clock looks like it would fit nicely in any LEGO household. Also, take note of the plate of "highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese" that remains untouched on the table.

References to three iconic scenes in the film make for a crowded dining room. The mac 'n' cheese, the "holiday party dummy," and the fan all contribute to the room's nostalgic vibe.

The next phase of construction will involve installing the windows in the home's facade. I couldn't help but notice the Empire State Building foil sticker on the wall inside, which could be a nod to Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

The clip on the teal sofa allows you to lock the wall in place where it hinges. The panel seals shut securely but can be opened with a little bit of effort. Although the external shutters may seem like a good place to brace yourself, remember that they can easily snap off if the click connection fails.

A foil sticker depicting the Eiffel Tower is attached to the opposite wall with an anchor that runs down to the record player's feet. In the last stages, some bushes and lights will be added to the front of the house, but other than that, the construction of the ground floor is finished.

The large hole in the dining room wall, the Technic connection points around the hole, and the plunger knob at the top of the stairs are the only visible compromises from behind the house. Those fresh, rusty-brown masonry bricks work wonderfully for the wall's texture.

House Second Floor

The second floor has an underlying bed with an overlaying plate. The attic access stairwell is constructed adjacent to the stairwell's landing. Multiple windows and a plunger knob add a fun element to the back.

Pulling the knob brings down the shelves in Buzz's room. By pulling it, you can free the hinged shelves from their support rod and let them slide forward. The top shelf has a slight sag when held in place, but it's not really obvious.A "keep out" sticker is on the outside of Buzz's door with a spider in the stairway, a reference to the film.

You'll also see a heart in a safe with Duncan's Toy Chest catalog, which is a nod to Home Alone 2.

The bathroom fixture set is being assembled on the other side of the same level. Here, there's a wrapped toothbrush, a mirror with silver foil stickers, and a jar of shaving balm as throwbacks.

There are other interesting pieces of furniture in Kevin's parents' bedroom. The room features a bed, a nightstand with a digital alarm clock, a printed 1x1 popcorn brick box, and a lamp shade shaped like a flower. In addition, there's a fireplace off to the side that wasn't there in the original movie.

The outer walls are assembled in a manner similar to the ground level. The fastenings are concealed in the table's undercarriage, which may be found at the top of the stairs. Just build and join the two stories into one beautiful structure. Modular construction makes it simple to replicate the house, add extra stories, or swap out the roof for a more modern look.


The attic room, like the rest of the house, is constructed with overlapping plates. The interior rooms are significantly more confined due to the steep pitch of the roof, which consumes a large portion of the available horizontal floor area.

There are several plot items from the film that you'll notice, like Kevin's strategy map blueprint, desk lamp, gumball machine, and a fold-out bed. The film's version included a tackier 1970s plaid pattern. It's interesting to see how the bed construction is slightly different but shares a common characteristic.

The finished roof features a pivoting entrance in the middle. After having the roof, the facade is almost finished. The opening wall seams are concealed, resulting in a beautiful finished build.

Kitchen and Basement

If you've been keeping track of everything that happens in the movie Home Alone, you may have noticed that a few major areas are missing from the titular home. Specifically, the cellar and the kitchen.

These areas are accessible; however, they have been separated into an annex. Taking some compromises with the house's arrangement was necessary; thus, the door to the basement is now at "ground level" rather than down a flight of stairs.

On the flip side, the new location of the kitchen is upstairs. It's a reasonable middle ground, given that it would be impractical to elevate the entire home for this area and too much of a stretch to imagine the basement sitting atop the kitchen set.

There's a transparent blue tile with a satin finish to imitate the frosty area in front of the door. Even though it was the front steps that were iced over in the film, the kitchen stairs got the treatment as well.

The washing machine, tool chest, and a tar-covered sticker of one of Marv's socks may all be found down there in the basement.

You'll also see Kevin's made-up enemy, the basement furnace, where it moves with the top grate or mouth lowered. A light brick provides an appropriately sinister glow. The furnace can be taken apart for play, or it can hide in the nook.

The pet flap on the kitchen door is a brand-new door feature from LEGO. The kitchen set is compact yet still includes all the essentials. Both the blowtorch trap and "Angels With Filthy Souls" on TV and VCR are also available. Little Nero's Pizza has been delivered and is sitting on the counter.

A foil sticker covers the refrigerator door, and magnets are used to display objects like an image of a dog and a New York City trip book. Two boxes of macaroni and cheese are sitting quite precariously on two shelves inside the refrigerator.

The waste receptacle here doubles as extra seating. The can of salt seen on the packaging is designed to represent the one that old man Marley carries around with him. And there's another movie moment in there, too: Kevin's misplaced ticket. The sticker here lists "Adwind Airlines" as the carrier, in contrast to the product placement by American Airlines in the movies.

The annex connects to the rear of the primary house structure. The large opening in the back wall was necessary for the play feature's controls and also served as an aesthetic connector between the kitchen and the dining room.

Because of the necessity for a full-height basement, there are stairs leading up to the kitchen to accommodate the difference in floor levels; this is a practical solution because there is no way to reach behind the furniture in the dining room to transfer miniatures or other objects between the basement and the main floor.

Although the location of the supplementary rooms differs slightly from the film, they do not feel out of place. Having them as a detachable sub-building also allows you to store this part elsewhere, allowing you to exhibit your set in a shallower location.

Putting the finishing touches on the house includes decorating the front lawn with snow-covered plants and Christmas lights. In addition, there is a minifigure trophy provided to replace the "Lawn Jockey" statue that the Little Nero's Pizza delivery guy keeps knocking over.


Kevin's Treehouse is the set's final freestanding feature. The tree house itself is spacious despite taking up very little ground area; it even includes a ladder and brick-built airplanes atop it.

Using a length of string and a slanted half-tile, the treehouse can be secured to the main home. Considerably more space is required before you can pull that string to replicate the film scene.

Completed Set and Scenes Play

The model set showcases mostly the film's timeline. In the film's beginning, the Wet Bandits are hiding the loot they stole in one of their earlier heists. Kevin, in the meantime, is home alone and has completely trashed Buzz's room in an effort to get his hands on all the forbidden goodies he knows his brother has.

Kevin then brings his sledge inside for some downhill fun. Kevin and his sledge can be launched outside with the help of the plunger at the top of the steps.

The mirror in the bathroom allows you to capture Kevin's priceless reaction to the aftershave. The sticker warps Kevin's face, making the scenario look like something he's screaming out of a horror movie.

To throw off the Wet Bandits, Kevin throws a fake holiday party later. The external knob controls both the record player and the train set. The movement is relatively smooth, and the technical connection allows you to attach a motor for excessively fast play.

The turntable in the record player works; however, it is located too far from the windows for any actual visibility when the exterior walls are closed.

However, if you point a bright light at the window, you may see the basketball player cutout passing by. The light from the room's rear and side windows is severely limited due to the presence of furnishings in those locations.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Marley, the elder, are having their chat. Then, there's the kitchen/basement section with the famed "iron trap" waiting for the bandits. Marv, the Lego minifigure, is hit with an iron when the knob is turned. There seems to be a different expression for Marv that reflects his fresh-from-the-iron look.

Last but not least is the swinging paint can house trap. Although this replication is not as good as the others, at least we end up with a purple 22-round block.

Because of the tight quarters and the multi-story stairs, you'll have to settle for tossing the paint into the stairwell. The designers had to find a way to incorporate this crucial scene into the set, even if it wasn't quite as movie-ending as it could have been. It seems logical that the sled slide was prioritized over reenacting the hits on the bandits to still make the set as kid-friendly as possible.

You'll also notice a pair of scissors included in the treehouse to thwart the bandit's pursuit.

And then finally, Kevin's mom, Kate, is there to welcome him home.

Pros & Cons


  • Accurate recreation of the McCallister house.
  • Incredibly detailed, with all the iconic movie scenes
  • With the grand staircase, Christmas tree, and basement furnace parts
  • Working traps like collapsing shelves and swinging paint cans
  • Includes a zip line to Kevin's treehouse.
  • Nostalgic, festive, and fun playable features
  • A great way to celebrate the holiday season
  • Relive all the hilarious scenes from the classic Christmas movie.
  • One of the largest LEGO Ideas sets released
  • It makes a stunning addition to a collection or a display piece.


  • The set is quite expensive.
  • It can be challenging to build for some.
  • Once you've built and played a few times, there's not much else to do.


Our Take

Overall, the LEGO Home Alone 21330 set is a well-designed and nostalgic set that is sure to please fans of the movie.

The construction is exciting and interesting, with several play aspects. The five special minifigures are just about right, though we felt they could have also added Buzz as a minifigure.

The entire set is packed with film references and some surprise Easter eggs. The cost-per-part ratio of around 6 cents is incredibly low for 3957 pieces, nearly unheard of for a licensed product from movies.

With the film's popularity, it's not surprising LEGO catered to fans of the beloved holiday film Home Alone, which has been part of Christmas movie viewing for 30 years.

This is a great set idea for people who want to have fun around the holidays, with its bright colors, diverse forms, and original prints included in it.

If you wanted to get this LEGO set, you should probably act fast because it's bound to sell out fast among holiday shoppers.

You could also suggest this to an adult or relative to give them an idea for a Christmas gift.

This set is the best way to replicate the best Home Alone scenes, and be like Kevin to deliver his iconic line.

"Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!"


Our Rating


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