LEGO Infinity Gauntlet 76191 - Snap Your Fingers For This Power Wielding Set

The LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 76191 set is here to impress your friends and dominate your shelves. This build is a colossal recreation of Thanos' ultimate weapon, crafted with enough intricate details and posable to make even any Marvel fanatic jealous.

Standing over a foot tall, this gauntlet is impressive and yes, downright intimidating. Gleaming gold plating gives way to textured armor and menacing knuckles, all meticulously constructed with LEGO's signature precision.

But the glory doesn't stop there. Each Infinity Stone pops with vibrant color, ready to be slotted into their designated gems and unleash a universe of display possibilities.

Forget static statues, as this gauntlet can be posed in many ways. Bend the fingers, adjust the wrist, and watch the assembled Infinity Stones glint with menacing potential.

Whether you're channeling your inner Thanos for an epic shelfie or recreating iconic movie moments, this gauntlet puts the power of display directly in your hands and on your shelf.

So, if you're a Marvel die-hard seeking the ultimate collector's piece, or simply a LEGO enthusiast drawn to epic builds, the LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 76191 is a must-have. Snap up this bad boy and prepare to rule your display domain with the power of six colorful gems and one seriously impressive LEGO creation.

Set Details 

Towering over 13 inches (34cm), the Gauntlet is a tall LEGO set. This Gauntlet's intricate details will have Marvel fans excited.

Textured knuckles grip the Infinity Stones, while their gem settings shimmer with vibrant, translucent LEGO pieces. Each stone is a miniature build in essence capturing the cosmic power

Unlike Thanos's stiff glove, this LEGO Gauntlet bends to your will. Each finger flexes and poses, ready to wield the Infinity Stones with precision. Imagine snapping your fingers with a satisfying click, or raising the Gauntlet in a triumphant fist pump.

This set comes with a sturdy stand and an info plaque, showcasing the Gauntlet's history and making it the ultimate centerpiece for your collection.

Have it with LED lights, to further attract onlookers. This will most likely spark endless conversations about your epic Marvel fandom.

Building the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet

Assemble your own universe-altering artifact with the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet 76191! Forget the ominous purple glow and planet-snapping finger snaps;

This build promises pure brick-stacking bliss for Marvel fans of all ages. So, did it snap together seamlessly, or did it leave me lost in the Quantum Realm? Buckle up, true believers, and let's dive into the building experience!

Unboxing the Infinity

The gauntlet's box itself is a worthy trophy. Black, sleek, and emblazoned with the iconic weapon, it screams "power" before you even crack it open. Inside, nestled snugly in plastic, lies the gauntlet itself, broken down into manageable chunks. Infinity Stones gleam in their individual compartments, promising the completion of ultimate power (or at least, a stunning display piece). Initial impressions? Pure. Bricktastic. Anticipation.

Following the map

The instructions, as befitting a cosmic artifact, are clear and concise. Each step is laid out with precision, even a novice builder like myself could navigate the intricate joints and gem placements without a hitch. LEGO's usual playful humor shines through too, with fun facts and trivia peppered throughout, keeping the building process engaging and informative.

Gauntlet's construction

The build itself is a satisfying journey, broken down into stages mirroring the Gauntlet's structure. We start with the base, a sturdy platform worthy of wielding cosmic might. Then come the articulated fingers, each joint clicking satisfyingly into place. Finally, the moment of truth: adding the Infinity Stones. Each gem snaps securely into its designated socket, completing the gauntlet's majesty and unleashing a wave of nerdy pride.

Number of Pieces

With 590 bricks, the 76191 Gauntlet isn't the largest LEGO set out there, but it packs a mighty punch in terms of complexity and detail. It's the perfect challenge for experienced builders seeking a satisfying display piece, and an equally rewarding journey for newbies wanting to test their brick-laying skills.

LEGO Infinity Gauntlet 76191 Review

Let us review further this captivating set, specifically focusing on the Gems of Power that make this LEGO masterpiece truly extraordinary.

Infinity Stones

At the heart of the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet lies the set of six iconic Infinity Stones. Each stone is molded from a translucent plastic material that not only adds a touch of authenticity but also allows a subtle play of light to emanate through them. This ingenious use of materials brings a sense of magical power to the LEGO Marvel experience.

Stone Placement and Effects

Attaching the Infinity Stones to the Gauntlet is a breeze, thanks to LEGO's user-friendly design. The stones effortlessly snap into their designated spots, providing a secure fit without compromising the overall aesthetics. Once in place, you can attach light kits to the Stones to trigger special effects to elevate the play experience.

Customization Options

LEGO enthusiasts will appreciate the versatility of the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet when it comes to customization. The Stones, although an integral part of the Gauntlet's design, can be displayed separately, allowing collectors the freedom to showcase these powerful gems individually.

Accessories, Play and Display

Cosmic Accessories

The LEGO Infinity Gauntlet 76191 set goes beyond in its offering for the accessories that allows you to elevate the overall experience. One notable inclusion is the Infinity Stone display stand, a visually stunning element that showcases the power of the six stones.

Imaginative Play

LEGO sets are not just about building; they're about storytelling and imaginative play. The LEGO Infinity Gauntlet 76191 strikes the perfect balance between play and display potential. In the hands of a creative mind, the Gauntlet becomes a powerful accessory for role-playing scenarios. Will the Avengers thwart Thanos's plans, or will he succeed in reshaping the universe? The narrative possibilities are as vast as the cosmos.

Display Potential

Equally impressive is the set's display potential. The completed Infinity Gauntlet stands as a striking centerpiece, commanding attention with its intricate design and vibrant colors. Whether showcased on a shelf, desk, or in a dedicated LEGO display or place it in vicinity of Lego Avengers Tower. This set is bound to turn heads and spark conversations among fellow LEGO enthusiasts.

LEGO Infinity Gauntlet FAQs


Can you wear the Infinity Gauntlet?

While tempting, the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet is more of a display piece than handwear. Its size and construction wouldn't make for the comfiest snap, unless you're a supersized superhero of course!

How much is the Infinity Gauntlet Lego set worth?

The intricate build and display-worthy final product make it a worthwhile investment for Marvel die-hards. The value of the Lego Infinity Gauntlet Set 76191 varies depending on where you buy it and its condition. New and sealed, retails around $79.99.

Where to Buy LEGO Infinity Gauntlet?

This set isn't retired yet, so you can hunt it down online at the official LEGO store, major retailers, or even brick-and-mortar toy stores. You can look for the Gauntlet set in the following:

  • The Official LEGO Shop
  • Amazon
  • Walmart and Target
  • LEGO Certified Stores

What is the Age Requirement?

While the Infinity Gauntlet's power might tempt younger heroes, this set is officially recommended for 18 and up. The complex build with small pieces requires some serious dexterity and patience. So, consider this a passion project for adult fans or experienced builders.

Is the Lego Infinity Gauntlet hard to build?

With 590 pieces, the Infinity Gauntlet is rated for ages 14+. It's not a quick snap, but the building experience is satisfyingly complex. Think of it as a mini-challenge for seasoned LEGO builders or a rewarding step up for younger enthusiasts.

How big is the Infinity Gauntlet Lego?

Once assembled, this mighty gauntlet stands tall at 13.8 inches (35cm) and spans 5.9 inches (15cm) wide. So, make sure you have a worthy display space for this iconic artifact!

Pros & Cons of the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet


  • The finished gauntlet stands 13.8 inches tall
  • Packed with intricate details
  • Showstopper for any Marvel fan's collection
  • Engaging construction experience for experienced LEGO builders.
  • The gauntlet accurately captures the movie design
  • Featuring posable fingers and Infinity Stone placements
  • Infinity stones add to the overall value and display appeal of the set.
  • Sturdy construction, Gauntlet can withstand some display wear and tear.


  • Pricey, a high-end LEGO set
  • Not for young builders, complex build
  • With small parts, unsuitable for small children.
  • Fingers are posable but gauntlet has no other articulating features.
  • Limited play value, once built, the gauntlet is primarily a display piece
  • Glossy finish attracts fingerprints

Wrap Up


So, did the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet 76191 live up to the hype? It's a visually stunning display piece, a joy to build, and a testament to LEGO's masterful blend of playfulness and complexity. Whether you're a die-hard Marvel fan or just a sucker for intricate builds, this gauntlet is sure to snap your imagination into overdrive.

Remember, owning the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet isn't just about snapping bricks together. It's about reliving epic Marvel moments, flexing your building prowess, and owning a conversation-starting centerpiece for your collection. So, channel your inner Thanos, assemble your Infinity Stones.

Light Kit For Lego Infinity Gauntlet 

You've just snapped together a masterpiece! Your Infinity Gauntlet, forged from LEGO bricks, stands proud, a testament to your patience and brick-building prowess. But even the Thanos himself might marvel at what you can do next. Imagine the Infinity Stones pulsing with internal light, casting an otherworldly glow on your display shelf. This is where light kits for LEGO sets can add further realistic play.

Think of these kits as a cosmic upgrade for your LEGO creations. Tiny LED lights slip seamlessly into your models, mimicking the internal power that fuels your favorite heroes and villains.

Lights aren't just for show, though. They add a whole new dimension to your LEGO experience. Building with a light kit becomes a treasure hunt, unearthing hidden points for illumination. The finished product transforms from static display to living, breathing art, ready to captivate anyone who dares to snap their fingers in its presence.

So, whether you've assembled the Infinity Gauntlet or any other LEGO marvel, consider unleashing its full potential with a light kit.

➡️ Click Here to Wield Power to the Gauntlet's Infinity Stones With LEGO Light Kit.

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