LEGO Invisible Hand 75377 [Set Review] - Is It Worth To Command the Separatist Fleet?

Pilot a warship through the epic space battles of Star Wars, grab your tools, Rebel - with the Lego Star Wars Invisible Hand 75377 and build own piece of galactic history!

This set is not just for younglings; it's designed for adult Star Wars fans and Lego aficionados who crave a challenging and rewarding building experience. Take your place among the ranks of the coolest collectors in the galaxy and snag a detailed replica of the intimidating Separatist warship, the Invisible Hand.

This mid-scale model captures the essence of the infamous vessel from Episode II: Attack of the Clones, letting you relive those epic lightsaber duels and harrowing escapes scene-by-scene with your very own Lego brick creation. With the Invisible Hand 75377, the Force is truly strong with you, brickbuilder.

Set Overview

The Lego Invisible Hand 75377 boasts packaging that sets the stage for an immersive building experience. The box art utilizes a dynamic scene straight out of Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The imposing silhouette of the Invisible Hand dominates the foreground, amidst the fiery chaos of a space battle.

Keen-eyed builders can spot miniature Republic starfighters weaving around the massive warship, mirroring the movie's thrilling chase sequence. Flipping the box reveals detailed close-up shots of the completed model, showcasing its intricate design elements and the included minifigures.

To ensure a smooth and organized build process, Lego has included multiple instruction manuals within the set. Each manual focuses on a specific section of the Invisible Hand, allowing builders to tackle the project in manageable stages.

The piece count of 557 positions this set as a rewarding challenge, offering an estimated build time of several hours. This is perfect for adult Star Wars fans (aged 18 and up) who appreciate the satisfaction of a complex Lego build that can be enjoyed over multiple sessions.


Building the Lego Invisible Hand

The Lego Invisible Hand 75377 takes you on a step-by-step journey to recreate the intimidating warship. The build process is divided into manageable sections, with separate instruction manuals guiding you through the construction of the ship's hull, bridge, and powerful engines.

You'll encounter angled plates and specialized bricks that capture the sleek, wedge-shaped design of the Invisible Hand. While most of the build is enjoyable, some sections involving intricate details around the bridge and engine core might require a bit more focus and patience. But hey, the satisfaction of conquering these challenges and seeing your very own Invisible Hand take shape is totally worth it!

Features of Lego 75377

The completed Lego Invisible Hand 75377 isn't just a static display piece; it boasts some impressive functionalities that enhance playability and showcase its engineering marvel. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

Opening Cockpit: Relive the dramatic moments from Episode II where Obi-Wan Kenobi infiltrates the Invisible Hand. The model features a fully functional cockpit that allows you to position your Obi-Wan Kenobi minifigure at the helm, ready to take on the Separatist forces.

Retractable Landing Gear: Prepare for takeoff and landing sequences! The Invisible Hand is equipped with retractable landing gear, adding a touch of realism and allowing you to create dynamic action poses for display or imaginative play.

These functionalities, along with the intricate details throughout the ship's design, truly bring the Invisible Hand to life, making it a remarkable addition to any Lego Star Wars collection.

Play and Posing Options

The Lego Invisible Hand 75377 isn't just a display model; it's a launchpad for epic galactic battles! With its impressive size and included minifigures, the set unlocks a world of playability for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Lightsaber Duels and Space Battles: Reenact the thrilling lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous aboard the Invisible Hand. The included minifigures and opening cockpit allow you to recreate iconic scenes from the movie, while the ship's scale and intricate details provide the perfect backdrop for epic space battles between Republic starfighters and Separatist droids.

Fuel Your Imagination: The Lego Invisible Hand 75377 goes beyond the movies. The ship's design and included minifigures spark creativity, allowing you to craft your own original storylines. Imagine General Grievous leading a surprise attack on a Republic cruiser, or Obi-Wan Kenobi teaming up with a squad of clone troopers to liberate the captured ship. The possibilities are endless!

Beyond play, the Invisible Hand's sturdy construction and posable features make it ideal for display. Angle the ship in a dynamic pose as if it's soaring through the depths of space, or recreate a specific scene from the movie with the landing gear deployed. No matter how you choose to display it, the Lego Invisible Hand 75377 is sure to be a conversation starter and a centerpiece in any Star Wars collection.

Star Wars Lego Sets Collection

The Lego Invisible Hand 75377 isn't meant to stand alone in your Star Wars Lego collection. Its impressive size and iconic design make it a centerpiece, but it also integrates beautifully with other Lego Star Wars sets to create a truly expansive galactic display. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Republic vs. Separatist Battles: Pair the Invisible Hand with Republic starfighters like the Jedi Starfighter (75218) or the AT-TE (75309) to recreate epic space battles between the Jedi and the droid army. Imagine the Invisible Hand looming large, its opening cockpit revealing General Grievous ready to take on the Republic forces!

Coruscant Chase: Combine the Invisible Hand with the epic Lego Star Wars UCS Republic Gunship (75309) to recreate the thrilling chase sequence above Coruscant. The Gunship's sleek design and troop transport capabilities will add another layer of detail and storytelling to your Lego Star Wars display.

Expanding the Separatist Fleet: For a more villainous display, consider adding other Separatist warships like the Droid Tri-fighter (75286) or the Separatist Dreadnought (75041) alongside the Invisible Hand. This creates a formidable Separatist fleet ready to dominate any shelf space.

No matter your preference, the Lego Invisible Hand 75377 offers endless possibilities for integration with your existing Lego Star Wars collection. So unleash your creativity, build your own galactic battlescape, and may the Force be with you!

Pros & Cons: Lego Invisible Hand 75377


  • Boasts impressive details that capture the essence of the warship from Episode II.
  • Prepare to be challenged and rewarded with an intricate and visually stunning Lego creation.
  • With opening cockpit, retractable landing gear, and included minifigures
  • Unlock a world of playability, reenact movie scenes or craft your own Star Wars adventures.
  • Sturdy construction and posable features make the Invisible Hand a centerpiece for any Star Wars collection.
  • Showcase it in a dynamic pose or recreate a specific scene for a conversation-starting display.
  • Scale and design allow for seamless integration with other Lego Star Wars sets, build a truly expansive galactic display.


  • With over 550 pieces, the Invisible Hand is a complex build, time investment required to complete this project.
  • While the included minifigures are well-designed, the set doesn't offer any exclusive characters that hardcore collectors might seek.
  • As a mid-scale Lego Star Wars set, the Invisible Hand comes with a price tag to match. 


The intimidating silhouette of the Invisible Hand has cast a long shadow in the Star Wars universe. This warship served as a symbol of the Separatist threat, a formidable opponent to the Republic forces. Now, with the Lego Star Wars Invisible Hand 75377, you can build your own piece of galactic history.

This detailed set offers you an immersive building experience, rewarding play features, and a display-worthy model that will impress any Star Wars fan. Whether you're a seasoned Lego builder or a newcomer to the brick world, the Invisible Hand 75377 promises a journey filled with challenge, creativity, and a touch of nostalgia.

Take command of the Invisible Hand, and chart your own course in the Lego Star Wars galaxy. Explore the set further, delve into other Lego Star Wars collections, and may the Force guide you on your next galactic building adventure.

Light Kits For Lego Invisible Hand 75377

So you've conquered the build, your Lego Invisible Hand 75377 is looking magnificent, and you're ready to take your galactic display to the next level. Have you considered adding a Lego light kit?

Light kits are aftermarket add-ons specifically designed to illuminate your Lego creations. They come with tiny LED lights and clear building elements that seamlessly integrate into your existing set. With a light kit, you can transform your Invisible Hand from a stellar model into a glowing centerpiece that will be the envy of any Star Wars fan.

Imagine the hangar bay bathed in a cool white light, the engines pulsating with a fiery orange glow, and the bridge illuminated for General Grievous's late-night strategizing sessions. Light kits add a whole new dimension to your Lego set, making it stand out even more and allowing you to appreciate the intricate details in a whole new light.

You can recreate the dramatic lighting of the movie scenes with a light kit and it can help you achieve that. So next time you're admiring your Lego masterpiece, consider adding a touch of brilliance with a light kit. It's a relatively easy way to elevate your Lego creation and make it truly shine! 


➡️ Showcase The Raw Power Of The Separatist Warship With Lego Lights!

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