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For centuries, lighthouses have stood tall like silent guardians, their powerful beams piercing the darkness to guide countless ships through treacherous waters. These maritime marvels are a testament to human ingenuity, serving as a beacon of hope for sailors venturing far and wide. Now, you can bring a piece of that history home and set sail on a building adventure with the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse 21335 set. 

This isn't your average LEGO build; it's a chance to create a stunning, motorized lighthouse replica that rotates just like the real thing. 

But the magic doesn't stop there! The set also features a charming lighthouse keeper's cottage filled with delightful details and whispers of hidden secrets waiting to be unearthed. Buckle up, LEGO fans! The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse is about to illuminate your imagination!

Set Overview

Unwrap the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse 21335 and you're greeted by a box featuring a stunning image of the completed lighthouse against a dramatic seascape. When you open the box, you'll discover numbered bags brimming with 2,068 bricks—all the ingredients you need to construct your very own beacon of light. 

LEGO includes a clear, step-by-step instruction booklet to guide you through the building process, making it achievable for builders aged 12 and up. But don't be discouraged if you're a younger enthusiast; with a helping hand, this set can be a fantastic family bonding experience! 

The true magic of this lighthouse lies in its motorized features. A built-in motor brings the lighthouse's beacon to life, with the light rotating continuously just like a real lighthouse guiding ships through the night. 

But the surprises don't end there! The set boasts a charming lighthouse keeper's cottage with a working fireplace that flickers with a warm, LEGO-powered glow, adding an extra layer of ambiance and realism to your masterpiece. 

Detailed Features

Lighthouse Tower: Soaring high above the rocky base is the impressive lighthouse tower. Standing at an impressive height achievable with LEGO bricks, it boasts a realistic design that captures the essence of these maritime giants. One of the most captivating features is the use of special Fresnel lens elements. These intricate pieces, inspired by real-life lighthouse lenses, help concentrate the light's beam for maximum reach, ensuring your LEGO lighthouse can guide ships even in the darkest of nights.

Lightkeeper's Cottage: Nestled beside the lighthouse tower sits the charming lightkeeper's cottage. Step inside and discover a world of intricate details that bring the scene to life. A cozy interior awaits, complete with miniature furniture like beds, chairs, and tables that recreate the lightkeeper's living space. The flickering fireplace, powered by clever LEGO building techniques, adds a touch of warmth and realism, making you feel like you can practically hear the crackling fire. Keep your eyes peeled for more hidden secrets; the cottage might hold some surprises waiting to be explored!

Rocky Outcrop and Surroundings: The lighthouse doesn't stand alone! The rocky outcrop that forms its base adds another layer of detail to the scene. Steps wind their way down to a sturdy pier, perfect for the lighthouse keeper to tend to his boat. But the adventure doesn't stop there! A hidden cave nestled within the rocks whispers of pirate lore. Could there be buried treasure waiting to be discovered? It's up to you to unleash your imagination and explore the secrets the rocky outcrop holds.

Minifigures and Figures: No LEGO set is complete without characters to bring it to life! The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse (21335) includes two detailed minifigures: a weathered lighthouse keeper and a friendly sailor. They even have a buildable rowing boat for venturing out onto the open water. But the company doesn't stop there! Keep an eye out for a curious cat and a soaring seagull, adding a touch of life and whimsy to your seaside masterpiece. 

Lego Lighthouse's Functionality

The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse (21335) isn't just a pretty display piece; it's a marvel of miniature engineering! The impressive height, achieved cleverly with LEGO bricks, creates a sense of scale that truly captures the grandeur of a real lighthouse. Standing tall, it dominates the seascape, a beacon of hope for sailors navigating the vast ocean.
Rotating Light  - But the real magic lies in the lighthouse's functionality. A built-in motor brings the lighthouse to life, with its beacon rotating continuously. This isn't just for show; it mimics the real-world function of a lighthouse. The set cleverly incorporates special Fresnel lens elements. These intricate pieces, inspired by the technology used in real lighthouses, concentrate the light's beam, ensuring it can pierce the darkness and guide ships even from far away. It's a clever nod to real-world engineering, making this LEGO build both fun and educational.

Detailed Interior -  The wonder doesn't stop at the exterior! Climb the interior stairs (yes, there are stairs!) and discover a surprisingly detailed interior. The lighthouse boasts realistic rooms, complete with miniature furnishings that hint at the life of a lighthouse keeper. Imagine the keeper diligently tending the light or gazing out at the vast ocean from his cozy quarters. The attention to detail in this section truly brings the lighthouse to life. 

Keeper's Cozy Cottage -  Nestled beside the towering lighthouse stands the charming lightkeeper's cottage. This little abode boasts a unique design and architectural details that set it apart. Think quaint windows, a shingled roof, and maybe even a splash of color on the doorway—all elements that contribute to its seaside charm.

Building Experience

The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse 21335 promises an immersive and rewarding building experience, but how long will it take to bring this maritime marvel to life? Reviews suggest the build can take anywhere from five to six hours, spread comfortably over a few evenings. 

This might seem daunting for casual LEGO builders, but fear not! The clear, step-by-step instructions make the process achievable, even for those who haven't tackled a complex set before. The numbered bags ensure you have the right pieces at hand, and the satisfaction of seeing the lighthouse take shape with each step is truly rewarding.

While the motorized components and intricate details add some complexity, the set is still suitable for most LEGO enthusiasts. If you're a seasoned builder, you'll appreciate the challenge and the clever use of building techniques. For more casual builders, the process can be a fun and engaging journey, perfect for a relaxing weekend project or a bonding experience with friends or family. 

Finished Model

Once you've completed the rewarding build, you'll be left with a stunning display piece that captures the essence of a classic lighthouse. 

The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse (21335) boasts impressive dimensions, measuring approximately 21.5 inches (54 cm) tall and 10 inches (25 cm) wide and deep. This substantial size ensures it will make a commanding presence on any shelf or display cabinet, sure to spark conversation and admiration.

But the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse isn't just about looks; it's also functional! The removable sections allow you to peek into the lighthouse's interior, revealing the intricate details of the lightkeeper's quarters and the inner workings of the rotating light. This adds a whole new layer of exploration and storytelling to your finished model. 

Imagine showcasing the cozy living space or explaining the clever mechanism behind the motorized beacon to curious onlookers. The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse is a true conversation starter and a display piece that will bring joy to LEGO fans of all ages. 

Pros & Cons: LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse 21335


  • Motorized rotating lights with Fresnel lens elements mimic real-world lighthouses, adding an educational and interactive element.
  • Packed with intricate details in both the lighthouse tower and the lighthouse keeper's cottage, it offers a rewarding building experience. 
  • Impressive finished dimensions make it a stunning centerpiece for any LEGO collection.
  • Includes minifigures, a buildable boat, and charming animal figures like a cat and a seagull to bring the scene to life.
  • Allows for viewing the lighthouse's interior spaces and the motorized mechanism.


  • The high price tag might be a barrier for some casual LEGO builders.
  • While achievable for most, the motorized features and intricate details add some complexity compared to simpler LEGO sets.
  • Primarily a display piece with limited play functionalities beyond the rotating light. 


The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse 21335 is more than just a pile of bricks; it's a captivating journey into the world of lighthouses, maritime history, and imaginative building. With its impressive size, motorized features, and intricate details, this set offers a rewarding building experience and a stunning display piece that will captivate LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.

Whether you're a seasoned builder or a newcomer to the world of LEGO, the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse offers a unique and engaging challenge. The finished product is a conversation starter that sparks the imagination and transports you to a world of crashing waves, brave sailors, and the unwavering light that guides them home. So, if you're looking for a LEGO set that offers a blend of functionality, detail, and a touch of maritime charm, then the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse is sure to shine a light on your creative spirit. 

Light Kit for LEGO Lighthouse

The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse (21335) is a fantastic display piece, but have you ever imagined making it shine even brighter? For LEGO enthusiasts who crave an extra dose of realism and ambiance, a light kit can be the perfect way to elevate your creation to a whole new level. 

Light kits are aftermarket LED lighting kits specifically designed for LEGO sets. They come with pre-wired LEDs, connectors, and easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through the painless process of installing them into your LEGO model. Once lit up, your LEGO Ideas motorized lighthouse will be transformed into a dazzling beacon, with the warm glow emanating from the windows and the lighthouse beam itself creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Let's be honest, LEGO sets are incredible on their own, but light kits unlock a whole new dimension of appreciation. They add a touch of realism, enhance the overall aesthetic, and create a truly unique display piece that's sure to impress family, friends, and fellow LEGO fans. 

So, if you're the proud owner of the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse (or any LEGO set for that matter) and want to elevate your building experience, consider exploring the exciting world of light kits.  You might just be surprised at how a few strategically placed LEDs can bring your LEGO creation to life! 

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