Lego Lord of the Rings Rivendell 10316 [Set Review]

Have you even thought of stepping into the breathtaking Elven realm of Rivendell, the mystical haven where the Fellowship was forged in The Lord of the Rings? Now you can build your very own piece of that magic with the LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell 10316 set.

This colossal and meticulously designed set brings Rivendell to life, brick by exquisite brick. Imagine recreating iconic scenes from the trilogy or crafting your own fantastical adventures within the hidden sanctuary. The LEGO Rivendell 10316 isn't just a building set – it's your road to an epic legend, waiting to be explored and re-explored.

Set Overview

Get ready to embark on a building quest worthy of the Fellowship itself with the LEGO Rivendell 10316 set! This massive offering, specifically designed for adult LEGO enthusiasts (18+), features a whopping 6,167 pieces.Prepare to be immersed in the world of The Lord of the Rings as you assemble this intricate depiction of the Elven sanctuary.

Once complete, your Rivendell will sprawl an impressive 7.5 inches (19 cm) tall, 30.3 inches (77 cm) wide, and 16.5 inches (43 cm) deep, creating a stunning centerpiece for any LOTR fan's collection. Even the box itself is a collector's item, adorned with captivating artwork that teases the wonders within.

Cracking it open, you'll discover numbered bags meticulously compartmentalizing all the bricks you need to bring Rivendell to life. LEGO includes separate, bound instruction manuals to ensure a smooth and guided construction process, making this an epic adventure you can savor piece by piece.


The LEGO Rivendell 10316 set isn't just a stunning recreation of the Elven city; it also brings the Fellowship and other beloved characters from The Lord of the Rings to life with an impressive collection of 15 minifigures! Leading the charge is Frodo Baggins, outfitted with his iconic mithril vest and the legendary Sting sword.

By his side stands the wise and powerful Gandalf the Grey, staff in hand, ready to guide the Fellowship on their perilous journey. You'll also find the courageous Aragorn, his regal attire belying his ranger training, and the skilled archer Legolas, his keen eyes enhanced by his signature bow and quiver. Gimli the dwarf rounds out the core Fellowship, his sturdy build and mighty axe a testament to his unwavering determination.

But the Fellowship isn't the only group represented in this epic set. The Elves of Rivendell come to life as well, with the graceful Arwen, her flowing robes and elegant features capturing her Elven beauty. Elrond, the wise leader of Rivendell, is also included, his stern expression and intricate armor reflecting his years of experience.

And for those who seek a touch of magic, the powerful Galadriel joins the company, her flowing white gown and staff hinting at the immense power she wields. Each minifigure boasts intricate details and unique accessories that capture their personalities perfectly, allowing you to recreate your favorite scenes from the trilogy or embark on brand new adventures within the fantastical realm of Middle-earth.

Building Experience

The LEGO Rivendell 10316 building experience is an enchanting expedition into the heart of Middle-earth, offering a captivating challenge for seasoned LEGO builders and newcomers to large-scale projects alike.

With over 6,000 pieces at your disposal, prepare to be swept away by the intricate details and clever building techniques that breathe life into Rivendell's unique architecture.

One of the joys of assembling this set is encountering unexpected and ingenious ways to recreate the Elven city's features. You might discover yourself puzzling over how angled bricks or specialized curved pieces come together to form the elegant, sweeping roofs that characterize Rivendell.

The set also promises exciting surprises like the Elven forge, where you might encounter techniques that cleverly capture the essence of Elven craftsmanship.

Beyond the technical aspects, the sheer scale of the Rivendell set allows for the inclusion of captivating details like Bilbo's cozy bedroom or Elrond's cluttered study, further enriching the experience and inviting you to lose yourself in the world of The Lord of the Rings.

As you meticulously assemble each brick, watch with satisfaction as Rivendell takes shape, transforming the experience from a solitary build into a rewarding journey of discovery and accomplishment.

Pros & Cons: LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell 10316


  • Epic build experience, get immersed with the world of Middle-earth
  • With intricate building techniques and a massive, multi-sectioned design.
  • Stunning display piece, Rivendell comes alive in this set, a centerpiece for any LOTR fan.
  • With detailed architecture, waterfalls, and lush greenery
  • Boasts an impressive 15 minifigures of iconic characters
  • Set includes Frodo, Gandalf, and the entire Fellowship.
  • Hidden gems, secret details and nods to the films throughout the build, an extra layer of fun for LOTR fans.
  • With its limited-edition potential and intricate design, Rivendell could become a valuable collector's item.


  • Mighty price tag, be prepared for a significant investment, one of LEGO's most expensive sets.
  • Serious time commitment, building Rivendell takes dedication, with multiple instruction manuals, this is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Space considerations, the finished product is massive, make sure you have a dedicated display area for this Elven retreat.
  • Some sections involve intricate building techniques that might challenge younger builders.
  • Not for play, due to its size and delicate details, Rivendell is more suited for display than for playtime.


The LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell 10316 is more than just a brick set; it's a portal to Middle-earth. With its intricate details, epic scale, and iconic minifigures, it offers an unforgettable building experience and a stunning display piece for LOTR devotees. However, the hefty price tag, significant time commitment, and display space requirements are important considerations.

Whether you're a seasoned LEGO builder or embarking on your first foray into Middle-earth, Rivendell presents a unique and rewarding challenge. If you decide to take the plunge, consider investing in a Light Kit to truly bring your Elven sanctuary to life after dark.

No matter your decision, the LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell 10316 is a celebration of Tolkien's timeless world. So, gather your Fellowship, prepare for an adventure, and get ready to build a legend.

Light Kit for LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell 10316

So you've built your magnificent Rivendell and are basking in the glow of Middle-earth's beauty. But what if you could extend that magic into the night? Here's where Light Kits for LEGO sets come in!

Imagine showcasing your Rivendell bathed in a warm, ethereal light, highlighting its intricate details and creating a truly immersive display. Light Kits add a whole new dimension to your LEGO creations, transforming them from daytime centerpieces to glowing works of art.

This is where Light Kits for LEGO sets enter the picture. These innovative after-market kits transform your LEGO creations from stunning daytime centerpieces to captivating illuminated works of art. Picture your Rivendell bathed in a warm, ethereal glow, highlighting the cascading waterfalls, the vibrant Elven architecture, and the intricate details that bring the set to life. Imagine the warm glow emanating from the windows, beckoning you into the heart of this fantastical realm, even after dark.

Light Kits offer a unique way to enhance your LEGO experience. They're relatively easy to install, with most kits featuring clear instructions and dedicated customer support. The additional lighting adds a whole new dimension to your build, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captures the wonder of Middle-earth. It's like stepping into a scene straight from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, allowing you to fully appreciate the artistry and detail poured into the Rivendell set.



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