Lego Medieval Town Square 10332 [Set Review] - Jousting, Markets, and More!

If you've sometimes dreamed of building your own bustling medieval town, the LEGO Icons help put the power of creation in your hands with their collection of modular buildings! These fantastic sets seamlessly connect, letting you design a unique medieval town, brick by brick. Buckle up for a trip down memory lane with the release of LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332! 

This exciting new set is actually a fresh take on a beloved classic, the LEGO Medieval Market Village (10193) that stole hearts back in 2009. So whether you're a seasoned LEGO enthusiast or simply a history buff with a soft spot for the Middle Ages, the LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 is guaranteed to set your imagination ablaze!

Set Overview

The LEGO Medieval Market Village 10193, released in 2009, became a legend. Its detailed market stalls bursting with goodies, the lively town square teeming with activity, and the iconic black-and-white half-timbered buildings transported builders to a charming medieval world. It's no wonder it holds a special place in collectors' hearts. 

However, like all good things, Medieval Market Village eventually retired from the LEGO production line, leaving a gap for medieval enthusiasts. For this new iteration, it captures the essence of the original with its familiar market stalls and bustling atmosphere, but injects a fresh dose of excitement with new features and an even more impressive build.

You can relive the magic of the Medieval Market Village, but on a grander scale—the LEGO Medieval Town Square is poised to become the crown jewel of your very own LEGO medieval metropolis! 

Exploring the New Town Square

The Village of Felsa

The all-new LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 whisks you back to the idyllic village of Felsa, a place where cobblestone streets wind through charming half-timbered buildings and the clang of a blacksmith's hammer mingles with the laughter of children playing. Nestled amidst rolling green hills and bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun, Felsa thrives thanks to its hardworking citizens. 

Here, skilled bakers churn out crusty loaves, weavers create tapestries bursting with color, and blacksmiths forge sturdy tools. The town square itself serves as the vibrant heart of Felsa. It's a central meeting point where villagers gather to trade their goods, share stories, and celebrate special occasions. 

From bustling market stalls overflowing with fresh produce to the cozy tavern filled with laughter, the town square pulsates with life, reflecting the warmth and energy that define Felsa. 

Modular Buildings

The LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 is one of the buildings with a collection of modular structures that come together to create a bustling marketplace! Let's explore the unique sections that bring Felsa's town square to life:

The Old Farmhouse: This quaint building, with its thatched roof and weathered brickwork, represents the heart of Felsa's agricultural industry. Peek inside, and you might find a farmer tending to his wares—perhaps plump chickens or baskets overflowing with fresh vegetables. 

The Cheese Factory: No medieval town is complete without a delicious cheese selection! This aromatic section features all the tools needed to craft the perfect cheese wheel, from giant cauldrons to cheese presses. 

The Broken Axe Inn: This lively tavern is the social hub of Felsa. Here, weary travelers can rest their weary legs, enjoy a hearty meal, and swap tales with locals over a frothy mug of ale. Keep an eye out for the worn-out axe hanging above the door—a reminder of past adventures!

The Shieldsmith's Workshop: Every town needs a skilled defender, and that's where the shieldsmith comes in. This workshop is where brave knights can customize their shields, choosing from a variety of colors and emblems to create a symbol that reflects their courage. 

The Watchtower: Standing tall and proud, the watchtower provides a panoramic view of Felsa, keeping the town safe from any potential threats. It's also the perfect spot for the town guards to keep an eye out for approaching visitors or passing merchants.

Minifigures and Characters

The LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 is all about stunning buildings while also being about the people who breathe life into the charming village of Felsa! This set comes with a delightful cast of minifigures, each meticulously designed to represent the diverse roles that keep the town square humming. 

Imagine the bustling marketplace scene: the baker, his apron dusted with flour, carefully presents his warm bread to a hungry customer, while the cheesemaker, sporting a jaunty cap and a wide smile, offers a tempting sample of his latest creation. Over at the Broken Axe Inn, the innkeeper, a burly fellow with a hearty laugh, serves up a frothy mug of ale to a weary traveler, eager to hear tales from the road. 

The set includes a stoic watchtower guard, clad in chainmail and armed with a halberd, keeping a watchful eye from his perch. Perhaps he spots a brave young knight, fresh from the shieldsmith's workshop, proudly displaying his newly decorated shield, a symbol of his courage and dedication. 

The possibilities for storytelling are truly endless! You can recreate a chaotic market day with townsfolk bartering over prices, their voices rising in good-natured competition. Stage a knighting ceremony where a young squire transforms into a valiant warrior, receiving his official shield from the blacksmith amidst cheers from the crowd. Or, for a more dramatic turn of events, conjure up a scene of danger with the watchtower guards raising the alarm as a mysterious figure approaches the town square, cloaked in shadows. 

With so many captivating characters and richly detailed settings, the LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 transcends the boundaries of a simple building set. It's a gateway to a world brimming with medieval adventures, limited only by your imagination. 

Building the Medieval Town Square, 10332

With an impressive 3304 pieces, this set promises a deeply rewarding experience that's both fun and engaging for LEGO aficionados of all ages. 

Whether you're a seasoned builder or a budding enthusiast, the modular design caters to your pace. Construct the charming town square section by section, meticulously piecing together each intricate detail and witnessing the medieval marketplace flourish before your eyes. 

But be prepared for the LEGO design team's delightful surprises! Throughout the build, you'll encounter clever and unexpected building techniques that might challenge you in a stimulating way. Don't worry, these challenges are sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for LEGO's masterful engineering and spark a newfound sense of accomplishment as you conquer each step. So buckle up and get ready to embark on a satisfying medieval building adventure that will transport you to the whimsical world of Felsa! 

Comparison: Old vs. New

The LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 is all about unlocking a world brimming with playful surprises. While the Market Village 10193 offered a delightful medieval scene, the Town Square takes it a step further. 

Imagine discovering a hidden compartment in the cheesemaker's stall, revealing a stash of secret recipes! Or picture the flickering flames of a lantern, meticulously crafted from LEGO pieces, casting a warm glow over the bustling marketplace. These delightful details aren't just decorative; they spark the imagination and ignite endless storytelling possibilities.

The Town Square boasts not just more pieces but also a decade's worth of design advancements. This translates into a more engaging and rewarding build experience for seasoned LEGO enthusiasts. Think of clever building techniques that might challenge you in a stimulating way, fostering a sense of accomplishment as you conquer each step. 

But these innovations aren't just about the building itself. They also enhance the play value. For example, the modular design allows for fully furnished interiors, unlike Market Village's open-backed structures. This lets you recreate scenes within the buildings, like a hearty feast at the Broken Axe Inn or a cheesemaker meticulously crafting his wares.

In essence, the LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 builds upon the charm of the Market Village, transforming it into a richer, more interactive, and endlessly customizable medieval world. It's a testament to LEGO's design evolution, offering hidden treasures, captivating building techniques, and a world of imaginative play for builders of all ages.

Pros & Cons: LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332


  • With over 3300 pieces, the Town Square offers a grander build experience
  • Compared to its predecessor, boasting intricate details, lush landscaping, and furnished interiors.
  • The modular design allows for ultimate customization.
  • Rearrange buildings, connect them to other LEGO modular sets, and build your dream medieval metropolis! 
  • The Town Square introduces a wider range of professions like cheesemakers and shield-smiths,
  • More depth and storytelling potential to the medieval world, spark imagination and igniting endless storytelling possibilities.
  • From secret compartments to cleverly designed lighting elements, the Town Square goes beyond just building.
  • The set utilizes advanced building techniques, offering a more engaging and rewarding experience for seasoned LEGO enthusiasts.


  • With a higher piece count comes a higher price tag. Consider your budget before diving in.
  • The impressive size translates to a longer build time. Be prepared to invest a significant amount of time to complete this project. 
  • While some enjoy the challenge of advanced techniques, others might find repetitive building sections throughout the large build.
  • The set utilizes some stickers for details. While not a deal-breaker for everyone, some LEGO fans prefer printed pieces for a cleaner look. 


The LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332 offers a detailed, customizable, and feature-rich medieval world. However, the price tag and time commitment might be a hurdle for some. Consider your budget and building preferences before embarking on this epic medieval adventure!

LEGO enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by the intricate details, modular design possibilities, and satisfying challenge of a complex build. Medieval history buffs will revel in the chance to recreate a bustling marketplace, complete with diverse professions and charming architectural flourishes. 

This set transcends generations, offering a shared experience for families to build together and create lasting memories. Whether you're a seasoned LEGO builder or simply a dreamer with a soft spot for the Middle Ages, Town Square promises an unforgettable journey. 

And who knows, with its impressive size, intricate details, and connection to a beloved classic, this set might just become a future collector's item, holding value for years to come. So, are you ready to embark on your medieval building adventure? The cobblestone streets of Felsa await!

Light Kits for the LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332

After completing your grand LEGO Medieval Town Square 10332, you might find yourself gazing at your creation in awe. The bustling marketplace, the quaint farmhouse, the watchtower keeping guard—it's a truly breathtaking sight. But what if you could add another layer of magic to your medieval masterpiece?

Imagine illuminating the town square as the sun sets over Felsa. The warm glow of lights flickering from the windows of the Broken Axe Inn, the cheese factory bathed in a soft, inviting light—these subtle touches can transform your LEGO creation from a daytime scene into a vibrant, living world. This is where light kits come in!

Light kits are custom-designed LED lighting systems specifically made for LEGO sets. They come with pre-cut wires, easy-to-follow instructions, and various LED lights that bring your LEGO creation to life after dark. Installing a light kit is a fun and rewarding experience—like watching your medieval town square come alive with its own special effects!

Not only do light kits add a touch of realism and whimsy, but they can also enhance the play value of your LEGO set. Imagine your kids reenacting nighttime scenes in Felsa, with the illuminated buildings setting the stage for their storytelling adventures. 

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