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Have you thought of holding a piece of space exploration history right in your living room? That’s what the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set offers. Launched in 2017, this set became an instant classic, allowing you to recreate the iconic Saturn V rocket that carried astronauts to the moon. But like all good things, it was discontinued in 2019, leaving many space enthusiasts and LEGO collectors wishing for its return.

In 2020, under the new set number 92176, the LEGO Saturn V rocket made a triumphant comeback. This model is a symbol of human achievement and ingenuity. The popularity of this LEGO set isn’t hard to understand. It’s an accurate replica of the real Saturn V, with an intricate build that challenges and delights. Once assembled, it stands as a displayable model that sparks conversations and ignites imaginations.

Whether you’re a LEGO aficionado or a space history buff, the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set is a must-have. It’s a testament to the enduring fascination with space travel and the timeless appeal of building something extraordinary, one brick at a time.

Set Details and Features

You’ll be amazed by the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set, not just for its towering presence but for the story it tells. With its 1969 pieces, it’s a tribute to the year humanity first set foot on the moon. Standing over 3 feet tall, this model is a toy that serves as a monument to human exploration.

The set is meticulously detailed, divided into the three stages of the Saturn V rocket—each stage a marvel of engineering. The first stage houses the powerful engines that launched the rocket from Earth. The second stage continued the journey to the moon, and the third stage carried the Lunar Lander, which you can also build with this set.

The Lunar Lander, or Lunar Module, is a masterpiece in itself, complete with a descent stage and an ascent stage. It’s a reminder of the ingenuity that made the moon landing possible. The set also includes a Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), a critical component of the Apollo missions.

For display, you have options. The set comes with a stand that allows you to position the rocket either vertically, as if ready for liftoff, or horizontally, as if in flight. And to enrich your building experience, the set includes an informational booklet about the Apollo missions and the LEGO Ideas set designers who brought this piece of history to life in LEGO form.

This is a set that celebrates one of the most significant events in history, captured in LEGO bricks. It’s a set that invites you to build, learn, and admire—a true collector’s item for anyone fascinated by space or the power of creativity.

Building Experience

If you’re an adult LEGO builder, the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set is a journey through time and space that’s as complex as it is rewarding. This isn’t a set you’ll finish in one sitting. With 1969 pieces, it demands attention to detail and a commitment of several hours, often spread over days. But don’t let that intimidate you; the time you invest brings a sense of accomplishment that’s as grand as the rocket itself.

Building this set is like piecing together history—one brick at a time. It’s a challenging endeavor that mirrors the complexity of the actual Saturn V rocket’s construction. Every stage of the build is a new discovery, with intricate designs that reveal the ingenuity behind both the original spacecraft and its LEGO rendition.

As you click the final piece into place, you’ll not only have created a model over 3 feet tall, you’ll have relived the monumental achievement of the Apollo missions. The LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set is more than a model; it's a testament to the dedication required to reach the stars. It’s a build that’s meant to be savored, and once completed, it stands as a proud display of both your skill and the spirit of exploration..

Display and Play

Once you’ve completed the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set, you’ll find it’s a Lego model to admire from afar; it’s a centerpiece that demands attention. You might choose to display it on a shelf, where it can tower above your other collections, a silent sentinel of space history. Imagine it alongside other space-themed LEGO sets, creating a mini-museum of NASA’s milestones right in your home.

But why stop there? You can also build the model horizontally, showcasing the Saturn V as if it’s gliding through the black expanse of space. This horizontal display is a different way to show off the model, and it's a great conversation starter—a way to view the rocket as if it’s in motion, embarking on its lunar mission.

The LEGO Saturn V is versatile in display and rich in history; whether it stands tall or lies horizontal, it’s a testament to the Apollo missions and a beacon of inspiration for both the young and the young at heart. It’s a build that goes beyond play; it’s a tribute to the boundless curiosity and ambition that propel humanity forward.

Additional Information

When you’re considering the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set, it’s essential to remember that this is an advanced model designed for adults or older children. It’s a set that requires patience, precision, and a passion for the intricacies of both LEGO building and space exploration.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, checking the official LEGO website is always a good start. There, you can find details about the set’s availability, pricing, and any special promotions or events related to the Apollo Saturn V set. Additionally, other retailers may offer unique deals or exclusive packages, so it’s worth exploring those options as well.

This set is more than just a building experience; it’s a collector’s item and a piece of history. Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO enthusiast or a newcomer to the hobby, the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set promises to be a rewarding and educational addition to your collection.

Pros & Cons: LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309


  • Incredibly detailed, it boasts an impressive level of accuracy.
  • Capturing the intricate design of the real Saturn V rocket with stunning detail.
  • Massive display piece, standing over a meter tall
  • The complete Saturn V makes a phenomenal display piece for any space enthusiast's home.
  • Educational building experiences offer a unique learning opportunity.
  • The rocket separates into individual stages, like the real one, allowing for closer inspection and play.


  • Repetitive build sections, which might tire out some builders.
  • Limited play value: this set is primarily a display model and not intended for rough play.
  • A pricey investment, a large and complex set
  • Basic display stand, somewhat bland


The LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set is a remarkable tribute to the golden age of space exploration. It’s a set that embodies the spirit of the Apollo missions, offering a detailed and accurate replica of the Saturn V rocket. With 1969 pieces, it’s a nod to the year of the moon landing, and at over 3 feet tall, it’s a model that makes a statement wherever it’s displayed.

The set’s popularity among space enthusiasts and LEGO collectors is undeniable. It is a challenging build that rewards patience and dedication, resulting in a displayable piece that captures the imagination and inspires awe. The LEGO Saturn V is a toy that shows a piece of history, is a conversation piece, and is a source of endless fascination.

Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a newcomer, the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set is a must-have. So, take a small step toward your LEGO collection and a giant leap into the history of space travel. Explore the set, embrace the challenge, and let your imagination soar to new heights.

Light Kits for LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309

So you've conquered the mighty Saturn V, and it now holds a place of honor in your home. But have you ever imagined seeing your creation come alive in a whole new way? This is where light kits for LEGO sets enter the scene.

Light kits are custom LED lighting systems designed to illuminate your LEGO builds from within. With a light kit, your Saturn V can transform from a fantastic display piece to a glowing tribute to human ingenuity.

Imagine the three stages bathed in a warm, engine-like glow, or the command module casting a cool, futuristic light. Light kits add a whole new dimension to your LEGO creations, making them even more captivating and conversation-starting.


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