Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 - [Set Review] - Launch From Ground Control

Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut and exploring the final frontier? Now you can relive some of the most amazing moments of space history with the Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283! This set lets you build a detailed replica of the Space Shuttle Discovery, one of the most iconic spacecraft ever flown.

The Space Shuttle Discovery was the third of five fully operational orbiters in NASA's Space Shuttle program, and the first to launch after the Challenger and Columbia disasters. It flew 39 missions, more than any other shuttle, and traveled nearly 150 million miles in space. It deployed the Hubble Space Telescope, helped build the International Space Station, and carried the first female pilot and the oldest person to orbit the Earth.

Set Details

The box art of this set features the Space Shuttle Discovery in orbit with the Earth in the background. The front of the box also shows the Hubble Space Telescope, which is included in the set as a separate model. The back of the box highlights some of the features and details of the shuttle and the telescope, such as the opening payload bay, the movable solar panels, and the cockpit. This is quite large and heavy, measuring 58.2 x 48 x 9.1 cm and weighing 3.25 kg.

The instruction booklet comes in a high-quality, glossy book with 310 pages. It contains clear and detailed step-by-step illustrations, as well as some interesting facts and information about the real NASA Space Shuttle Discovery and its missions. The booklet also has a foreword by former NASA astronaut Dr. Kathy Sullivan, who was part of the STS-31 crew that launched the Hubble Space Telescope in 1990.

The set consists of 2,354 pieces, and are divided into 17 numbered bags, which correspond to different sections of the shuttle and the telescope. The building process is challenging and rewarding, requiring attention to detail and accuracy.

The set features many intricate and realistic details, such as the retractable landing gear, the moving elevons, the space arm, and the crew seating. The set also has some hidden features, such as a turnable center engine that makes the lift move, and a brick with the signatures of the STS-31 crew members.

Building the Set

Cockpit and Crew Deck

The cockpit and crew deck are located at the front of the shuttle, and they contain many intricate details that make the set realistic and fun to build. The cockpit has two seats for the pilot and co-pilot, with stickers that represent the instruments and controls. The windows are made of transparent bricks that allow you to see inside the cockpit. The crew deck has four more seats for the astronauts, as well as a storage area and a hatch that leads to the payload bay.

Payload Bay and Hubble Telescope

The payload bay is the large compartment at the center of the shuttle, where the Hubble Telescope is stored and deployed. The payload bay has two doors that can open and close with a gear mechanism, revealing the telescope inside. The telescope is a faithful replica of the real one, with a movable aperture door and a solar panel wing. The telescope can be attached to the robotic arm of the shuttle, which can extend and rotate to simulate the deployment and retrieval of the telescope.

External Fuel Tank and Boosters

The external fuel tank and boosters are the parts that provide the thrust and fuel for the shuttle's launch. They are attached to the bottom of the shuttle with pins and clips, and they can be easily detached after the launch. The external fuel tank is orange and has a cylindrical shape, while the boosters are white and have a conical shape. The boosters also have four small rocket engines at the bottom, made of translucent orange bricks.

Landing Gear and Maneuvering Thrusters

The landing gear and maneuvering thrusters are the parts that help the shuttle land and maneuver in space. The landing gear consists of three retractable wheels, one at the front and two at the back, that can be lowered and raised with a lever. The maneuvering thrusters are small nozzles that are located at the nose, tail, and wings of the shuttle, and they can be tilted to change the direction of the shuttle. The thrusters are made of silver and black bricks, and they add a touch of realism and functionality to the set.

Model Features and Functionality

One of the standout elements of this LEGO masterpiece is the intricate flight control system. With moving flaps, ailerons, and a rudder, the model mimics the precise mechanisms used for controlling the shuttle during its epic journeys. Enthusiasts can now embark on a hands-on experience, maneuvering their LEGO shuttle with the same finesse as real-life astronauts.

The model ingeniously incorporates the opening payload bay doors, revealing a meticulously designed interior that mirrors the shuttle's actual cargo hold. Witness the sheer brilliance of engineering as you explore the minutiae of the payload bay, allowing for an immersive understanding of the shuttle's inner workings.

However, the real showstopper is the telescope deployment sequence. This feature adds an extra layer of authenticity, mirroring the shuttle's mission to deploy and retrieve telescopes in the vast expanse of space. With a simple yet mesmerizing mechanism, LEGO enthusiasts can recreate this iconic moment and marvel at the intricacies of celestial exploration.

Igniting The Imagination

The Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 is a captivating building experience and a gateway to owning a piece of spacefaring history. But you can further be creative imagining different set ups of your LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery.

Mission Control Center

Transform a dedicated corner into a makeshift mission control center. Surround the shuttle with screens displaying NASA footage, and include a control panel with blinking lights. Construct a maintenance area with minifig technicians, tools, and spare parts, fostering the idea that the shuttle is ready for its next cosmic mission.

Alien Encounter Expansion

Push the boundaries of reality by incorporating extraterrestrial elements into your display. Imagine an alien species discovering the shuttle, with LEGO aliens examining it in awe or confusion. It's a whimsical twist on the traditional space theme.

Time-Travel Space Exploration

Combine elements from different space eras by incorporating other LEGO space-themed sets. Perhaps a classic LEGO rocket from the '80s or a futuristic spacecraft from another set is joining the Discovery on its time-traveling escapade.

Mars Mission

Challenge your creativity by reimagining the shuttle for a Mars mission. Modify the colors, add Martian landscapes, and include a LEGO rover. This not only transforms the shuttle's purpose but sparks imaginative scenarios for interplanetary exploration.

Zero-Gravity Suspense

Utilize transparent fishing line to suspend your shuttle mid-air. Craft a mini diorama with floating astronaut figures, giving the illusion of zero gravity and capturing the awe-inspiring moments of space exploration.

Orbit Odyssey

Mount your Space Shuttle Discovery on a rotating platform to mimic the orbiting motion of a real spacecraft. This dynamic display not only adds movement but also captures the essence of the shuttle's interstellar journey.

Collectible LEGO Space Set


Limited Edition Potential

While not explicitly limited edition, the Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 holds the potential to become a sought-after collector's item in the future. Its intricate details, historical significance, and ever-growing popularity among space Lego fans suggest it could follow the path of other retired space-themed sets.

Timeless Value and Rarity

Even if it doesn't reach limited-edition status, the Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 is inherently valuable due to its rarity. Lego occasionally retires sets, making them unavailable for purchase through official channels. Once retired, their value can increase significantly, especially for meticulously maintained and complete sets like this one.

Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery FAQs


Got your sights set on the Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283? Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost?

The price of the Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 set can vary depending on the retailer and any sales or promotions that may be happening. However, you can expect to pay around $200 USD.

When was it released?

This stellar set launched in 2021, so it's still relatively new and in high demand among space enthusiasts and Lego builders alike.

How big is it?

The Space Shuttle Discovery measures over 23 inches (58.7 cm) long, 8 inches (20.6 cm) wide, and 17 inches (43.2 cm) tall. It's definitely not a miniature model, so make sure you have enough space to display this impressive build.

Lego Space Shuttle Discovery Pros & Cons


  • Highly detailed and accurate, with a great deal of attention paid to the shuttle's design and features.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope is included in the set, which is a nice touch and adds to the overall value of the product.
  • Features retractable landing gear and movable elevons, adding a touch of realism to the model.
  • Ideal for space enthusiasts and budding astronomers, this Lego set provides an educational experience.
  • Build process is engaging and enjoyable, with a good balance of complexity and accessibility.
  • Set comes with a custom display stand, with key facts about the Discovery, adding a professional touch to your display.
  • Designed for adults and offers a more challenging and rewarding building experience.


  • While the quality justifies the cost, comes with a relatively higher price tag.
  • Not suitable for very young builders, recommended for older children and adult Lego enthusiasts.
  • While the movable parts add realism, limited articulation in certain areas a drawback.
  • The completed model may take up more display space than anticipated.
  • Set includes printed elements and sticker application, could be a bit challenging for some builders.

Wrap Up


In the world of LEGO enthusiasts and space aficionados, the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 stands tall as a testament to the limitless possibilities of creative expression.

With moving flaps, payload bay doors, and a telescope deployment sequence, this model goes beyond a simple replica – it becomes a dynamic, interactive journey through the wonders of space exploration. Embark on your own mission of discovery as you assemble and engage with the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283.

The Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 offers an exceptional building and display with a few considerations for potential buyers. It's a must-have for space enthusiasts looking to add an iconic piece of NASA history to their collection.

Light Kits For Your LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery 

So, you've meticulously assembled your LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283, marveling at its intricate details and engineering prowess. It's a masterpiece worthy of its own launchpad but what if it could truly blast off into another dimension?

Imagine the sleek black body of your shuttle illuminated by a soft, celestial glow, its robotic arm bathed in the warm white of deployed floodlights. What if there's a fiery orange of the main engines roaring to life, or the delicate shimmer of the Hubble Telescope reflecting the starlight.

With a Lego light kit, these aren't just dreams – they're electrifying realities that transform your static model into a dynamic display of wonder.

Play with different color schemes to capture the drama of launch, the serenity of orbit, or the awe-inspiring moment of Hubble deployment. Adding light kits breathes life into your LEGO creation. Suddenly, the countless hours spent building become even more rewarding as you witness your shuttle come alive.



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