Lego Natural History Museum 10326 Review - Discover Captivating Exhibits

Imagine colossal dinosaur skeletons casting long shadows across polished brick floors. Sunlight streams through intricate stained-glass windows, illuminating constellations mapped on a celestial globe.

Not just any other museum, the LEGO Natural History Museum is a brick-built behemoth that invites you to embark on an epic adventure right from your living room.

As the newest crown jewel of the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection, the Natural History Museum isn't just impressive; it's colossal. With over 4k pieces sprawled across two expansive floors, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to human ingenuity and LEGO's boundless creativity.

Prepare to lose yourself in its intricate details, from the grand skylights bathing the interior in natural light to the tiny telescope trained on a star-studded sky.

Gather your sense of wonder and prepare to be amazed. The LEGO Natural History Museum awaits, ready to ignite your imagination and spark a lifelong love for exploration.

Set Details


Based on the Natural History Museum, the LEGO Natural History Museum 10326 is a huge creation unlike any other! But before you dive into dinosaur dioramas and celestial exhibits, let's get the lowdown on this inspiring set:

Piece count - Buckle up for a build with more than 4,014 pieces! That's enough bricks to bring this majestic museum to life in all its intricate detail, from towering dinosaur skeletons to delicate astronomical instruments.

Dimensions -  When fully assembled, it stands tall at 12 inches (31 cm), measures a respectable 15 inches (39 cm) wide, and stretches 10 inches (25 cm) deep. That's plenty of room to house fascinating exhibits and curious visitors.

Release date - The LEGO Natural History Museum stomped onto store shelves on December 2023.

Price - Prepare to invest in this set, because this museum masterpiece comes with a price tag of $299.99 USD.

Building Experience


From the moment you crack open the box, the modular magic invites you to start building. Each section brings in possibilities, teasing glimpses of the grand museum it will become. As you start, you're an architect of curiosity, piecing together exhibits, laboratories, and hidden nooks just waiting to be unearthed.

This museum bends to your whims, becoming a unique reflection of your inner explorer. This modularity is a playground for your imagination. Want the dinosaur skeleton to dominate the first floor? Swap sections! Craving a rooftop observatory? You can move the telescope.

A 4,014-piece behemoth comes with its share of challenges. Then there's the intricacy of the brachiosaurus skeleton, with its curving ribs and delicate toes. The astronomical exhibits of tiny gears and lenses, definitely demands laser focus.

There are some easter eggs scattered. A minifigure based on a real LEGO designer hanging from the window washer platform. There are versions of iconic LEGO sets tucked away in the ancient artifacts.

So, open the box, and get ready to explore. The Natural History Museum brims with secrets and stories waiting to be built.

LEGO Natural History Museum Minifigures


Step into the grand LEGO Natural History Museum, and you won't just encounter towering dinosaur skeletons and glittering ancient artifacts – you'll also meet a captivating cast of characters brought to life in five delightful minifigures! Let's delve into their unique styles and stories:

The Museum Director - The director strides through the halls in a crisp suit and dazzling spectacles, a clipboard ever-present in her hand. Keep an eye out for the tiny museum map peeking out from her pocket – no detail escapes her watchful gaze!

The Scientist - Dressed in a lab coat dotted with colorful dinosaur footprints, they're always eager to share exciting discoveries with eager visitors. Don't miss the magnifying glass clutched in their hand – a hint at the microscopic wonders they seek!

The Paleontologist - Rugged and adventurous, this explorer sports a khaki shirt and trusty fedora, ready to unearth secrets from the past. Look closely, and you'll spot a tiny pickaxe peeking from their backpack – who knows what prehistoric treasures await their touch?

The Visitor - Wide-eyed with wonder, they're dressed for a day of exploration in a bright jacket and comfy sneakers. Their backpack bulges with a notebook and camera, ready to capture every awe-inspiring moment. Maybe you'll spot them sketching the Brachiosaurus or gazing in amazement at the glittering meteorites!

The Window Washer - This friendly figure, modeled after a real LEGO designer, keeps the museum windows sparkling with a bucket and squeegee. Look for their cheerful smile and the tiny LEGO brick dangling from their belt – a playful homage to their brick-building passion!



The LEGO Natural History Museum can provide many creative play potential. Have your minifigures step through the grand entrance. Curator Claire excitedly points out the towering Brachiosaurus skeleton, while paleontologist Alex meticulously brushes a T-Rex fossil. Meanwhile, Professor Wright peers through the telescope, searching for constellations in the rooftop observatory.

The museum's interactive exhibits can spark countless mini-stories. Have Amelia, the aspiring astronaut, blast off on a simulated space mission. Let archaeologist Chris unveil a hidden chamber filled with ancient treasures, which can reveal past LEGO sets!. Maybe even stage a thrilling heist with thesly Griffin, dodging security lasers and pilfering priceless artifacts.

Its seamless compatibility with other Modular Buildings, allow this iconic structure become a cornerstone for your very own LEGO city. Connect it to a bustling Town Square, add a charming Parisian Restaurant next door, or create a spooky Haunted House across the street.

LEGO Natural History Museum Reviews

Features a grand, olive-green edifice, with every space boasting intricate details, from the gargoyles guarding the entrance to the delicate stained-glass windows. Step inside, and be captivated by the soaring brachiosaurus skeleton, bathed in natural light from the iconic skylights.

The build itself is an expedition of discovery, not just a construction project. Each section unfolds a new wonder, from the curator's office brimming with vintage LEGO relics to the astronomy exhibit gazing towards distant galaxies. There's some hidden gems like the window washer minifigure, and clever homages to past LEGO sets scattered throughout the exhibits. It's an interactive adventure for your fingers and your imagination.

Of course, no excavation is perfect. Some users suggest the color palette might be a bit bold for some tastes, and the price tag might be high. But let's be honest, facing a T-Rex-sized price tag for such a majestic creation is only fair.

Ultimately, the LEGO Natural History Museum 10326 is a testament to the creative power of LEGO, an ode to natural history, and a delightful challenge for builders of all ages.

LEGO Natural History Museum 10326 Pros & Cons



  • Gigantic scale and impressive detail
  • Boast the high piece count of any Modular Buildings sets
  • Unique double-atrium layout
  • Spacious floors give the museum an open and airy feel
  • Creative display options for the exhibits and minifigures
  • Easter eggs for longtime LEGO fans
  • Spacious expansive interior provides ample room for customization
  • Solid value for piece count, size and detail justify the price tag


  • The museum's grand scale could be overwhelming for younger builders
  • May be hard to display for those with small space
  • Olive green palette might not be for everyone
  • Interior lacks hidden surprises
  • Simple build techniques, leans towards basic construction
  • High price tag


The Natural History Museum 10326 allows you to be captivated by its grandeur, charmed by its quirky details, and amazed by its unique blend of education and entertainment. But the true magic of this museum lies beyond the bricks. It's the joy of learning through play, the spark of curiosity ignited by each meticulously crafted detail.

You'll definitely get the conversations from other people when they see this build. Whether you're a die-hard paleontologist or a starry-eyed space explorer, this museum has something for everyone.

If you're looking for a LEGO set that transcends mere building blocks, the Natural History Museum 10326 is an experience, a treasure trove of wonder waiting to be unearthed.

Light Kit for LEGO Natural History Museum 10326


After you've built your LEGO Natural History Museum 10326, marveled at its intricate details, and even staged a dramatic T-Rex escape scene, you might be thinking how to make this build better.

Imagine your museum basking in the warm glow of spotlights, highlighting the dinosaur skeletons, casting dramatic shadows on the ancient artifacts, and turning the grand hall into a dazzling display of history. With a light kit on LEGO Natural History Museum, your LEGO masterpiece literally comes to life!

Light kits are a cinch to install, often using micro lights and discreet wires that tuck seamlessly into your existing build. Plus, with different lighting options and effects, you can customize the mood and ambiance to your liking.

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