Lego Ninjago City 70620 [Set Review] - Live In This Ninja Cityscape

Ninjago conjures images of brave ninja battling fearsome dragons, epic clashes against dark forces, and a world brimming with adventure. For years, LEGO Ninjago has captivated children and adults alike, weaving tales of good versus evil while sparking endless hours of imaginative play. Today, we step into the bustling heart of this world, exploring the iconic LEGO Ninjago City 70620.

Forget about quaint villages and serene monasteries as you'll get to built towering skyscrapers pierce the sky, neon signs illuminate bustling streets, and hidden dangers lurk around every corner. You'll get your hand into a living, breathing cityscape teeming with stories waiting to unfold. But before we unleash our inner ninja, let's delve into the purpose of this blog post.

Is it a comprehensive review, dissecting every brick and minifigure with meticulous detail? Perhaps it's a visual showcase, highlighting the set's intricate design and hidden nooks. Maybe it's a springboard for your own Ninjago City adventures, offering tips and tricks to bring this metropolis to life. Whatever your curiosity, buckle up, fellow LEGO enthusiasts, and prepare to explore the vibrant depths of Ninjago City 70620!

Set Details

If you are a fan of The LEGO Ninjago Movie, you will love the LEGO Ninjago City 70620 set. This set is one of the largest and most detailed LEGO sets ever made, with 4,867 pieces and 16 minifigures. It features a three-level model of Ninjago City, connected by a sliding elevator and a traditional fishing boat.

Each level has its own style and atmosphere, from the traditional fish market and house on the bottom level, to the modern fashion store and comic book store on the middle level, to the futuristic crab restaurant and Lloyd’s apartment on the top level.

You can explore the many details and functions of this set, such as the rotating sushi conveyor belt, the crab-grilling function, the cash-dispensing ATM, the comic book stand, the bonsai tree, the movie posters, and the maintenance robot.

You can also recreate scenes from the movie with the 16 minifigures, including Jay, Kai, Lloyd Garmadon, Green Ninja Suit, Misako, Jamanakai Villager, Sally, Ivy Walker, Konrad, Severin Black, Tommy, Guy, Juno, Mother Doomsday, Shark Army Gunner and Officer Noonan.

This set is a must-have for any LEGO Ninjago fan, as it captures the look and feel of the movie and offers endless role-play fun in Ninjago City12345.

Building Process

One of the most impressive and complex sets from The LEGO Ninjago Movie is the NINJAGO City 70620, a massive 4,867-piece model that recreates the vibrant and diverse metropolis from the film. Building this set is a challenging and rewarding experience that takes you through three levels of detailed and interactive scenes, connected by a sliding elevator.

First Level

The first level of the NINJAGO City features a traditional fish market, a house, a bridge over a stream, and a fishing boat. This level captures the old and rustic charm of the city, with many authentic details and elements. Some of the fun features of this level include:

Sewer outlet that opens and closes with a lever, revealing a hidden crocodile.

Stream with translucent water elements and fish that can be caught with the fishing rod.
Sliding elevator that can transport minifigures from the bottom to the top level, and vice versa.
House with a dining room and a bedroom, where you can find a poster of the legendary Green Ninja.
Fish market with a variety of fish and crab elements, and a sign that flips to reveal a secret passage.

Second Level

The second level of the NINJAGO City is a modern fashion store, a comic book store, a crab restaurant, and a cash-dispensing ATM. This level showcases the contrast and diversity of the city, with a mix of contemporary and futuristic designs. Some of the cool features of this level include:

Fashion store with two mannequins and assorted NINJAGO elements, such as hats, masks, and weapons.
Comic book store with a built sign, a cashier desk, a comic book stand, and a display case with a rare comic.
Crab restaurant with a ‘crab-grilling’ function that flips the crab over when you turn the knob, and a conveyor belt that rotates the sushi plates.
Cash-dispensing ATM that ejects banknotes when you push the handle.

Third Level

The third and final level of the NINJAGO City is Lloyd Garmadon’s apartment, a rooftop sushi bar, a radio tower, and a control room. This level represents the high-tech and futuristic side of the city, with many advanced and colorful features. Some of the awesome features of this level include:

Lloyd’s apartment - which has a cozy and minimalist design, and an attic space where you can find the Green Ninja Suit minifigure.
Rooftop sushi bar - where you can enjoy the view of the city and the cherry blossom tree, and watch the chef prepare the sushi with a chopping action.
Radio tower - which has a ladder, a satellite dish, and a sign that changes the movie posters when you push it down.
Control room - which has a computer, a surveillance screen, and a telephone, and a window that opens to reveal a telescope.

With 16 minifigures and a maintenance robot that you can use to populate and explore the city, the NINJAGO City 70620 is a set that offers endless possibilities for play and display.

The set is also modular, meaning that you can easily remove and rearrange the levels to suit your preference. The set is also compatible with other modular sets, such as the NINJAGO City Docks 706572, which can expand and enhance your NINJAGO City.

Building the NINJAGO City 70620 is a fun and immersive journey that takes you through the different aspects and layers of the NINJAGO City. The set is full of surprises and details that will delight and impress any LEGO fan.

The set is also a great way to relive and recreate the scenes from The LEGO Ninjago Movie, or to create your own stories and adventures in the NINJAGO City.

Combining Sets

The Lego Ninjago City 70620 bring you a pathway to a world of creative storytelling and epic ninja adventures. But what if you crave even more excitement? In this section, we're diving into the thrilling world of combining this iconic set with other Lego Ninjago sets!

The 70620 set boasts three modular levels, each brimming with potential for expansion. Here's how you can unleash its true potential:

Vertical Expansion: Stack another City set on top, creating a multi-level Ninjago metropolis! Imagine rooftop chases, daring escapes, and secret ninja hideouts nestled amidst the bustling city lights.

Horizontal Expansion: Connect multiple 70620 sets side-by-side, forming a sprawling cityscape. Think bustling marketplaces, hidden alleyways, and epic battles spilling across rooftops.

Themed Additions: Inject specific themes with targeted sets. Add the 70657 Dojo Temple for intense training sessions, the 70676 Monastery of Spinjitzu for mystical guidance, or the 70677 Final Battle for a climactic showdown.

Beyond City Limits: Don't confine your creativity to the city walls! Here are some ideas for venturing beyond:

Nature's Fury: Expand into the wilderness with sets like 70675 Samurai X Mech and 70672 Cole's Dragon for thrilling escapes from the Stone Army amidst lush forests and treacherous mountains.

Underwater Exploration: Dive into the depths with 70678 Nya's Sea Serpent and 70668 Manta Ray Bomber for aquatic adventures against the Hydro Bounty's enemies.

Skybound Soaring: Take to the skies with 70673 Nya's Falcon Fighter and 70677 Final Battle for aerial battles against the Sky Pirates and Overlord's forces.

Remember, these are just jumping-off points! Let your imagination be your guide as you craft a unique Ninjago universe that reflects your favorite characters, stories, and battles.

With a little creativity and a few extra bricks, the Lego Ninjago City 70620 becomes more than just a set – it becomes a portal to endless storytelling possibilities. So, unleash your inner ninja architect, expand your horizons, and build a Ninjago world that truly wows!

Who Should Build Ninjago City?

Young builders: The detailed environments and interactive features spark imagination and inspire role-playing. With its modularity, the set grows alongside their building skills.

Lego veterans: The intricate details, hidden mechanisms, and diverse minifigures offer a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a modern twist.

Stop-motion animation enthusiasts: The modular design and wealth of characters create the perfect stage for bringing Ninjago stories to life on screen.

Beyond the Bricks: This set is just the beginning of your Ninjago journey. Keep an eye out for future blog posts where we'll delve deeper into the world of Ninjago, explore other captivating sets, and unlock even more building and storytelling possibilities!

Lego Ninjago City 70620 Pros & Cons


  • Towering metropolis with distinct areas for endless exploration.
  • Noodle-dropping, ice cream carousels, and ninja battles!
  • Play with 19 characters, from heroes to villains to quirky citizens.
  • Packed with pieces and play for an impressive price.
  • Expandable design hints at an even bigger Lego world!


  • Be prepared for a long and potentially challenging build.
  • This city needs a proper (and spacious) home!
  • Some lack outfit variety compared to detailed civilians.


For Lego enthusiasts and Ninjago fans seeking an immersive building experience, 70620 Ninjago City transcends the bounds of a typical brick set. This has an meticulously crafted cityscape, brimming with intricate details and brimming with storytelling potential.

Assembling this set is like constructing a microcosm of urban life. Each floor unfolds to reveal vibrant shops, cozy apartments, and hidden hideouts, meticulously designed to capture the essence of Ninjago City.

The inclusion of 16 unique minifigures further animates the scene, inviting you to populate the streets with a diverse cast of characters, from heroic ninjas to quirky townsfolk.

The rotating sushi conveyor belt in the restaurant, the transformable attic concealing Lloyd's Green Ninja Suit, and the rooftop spaces perfect for epic ninja battles – every element fosters creative storytelling.

This set becomes a springboard for countless narratives, limited only by the builder's imagination and the chosen minifigure heroes (or mischievous villains).

While patience and attention to detail are necessary to navigate the intricate construction phases, the price tag might warrant your careful consideration. For Lego aficionados and Ninjago fans, this set is truly an investment in imaginative exploration.

This skyscraper set offers an amazing build and endless play, but be ready for the commitment. If you're up for the challenge, get ready to unleash your inner ninja architect!

Light Kit for Lego Ninjago City 70620

Now that you've built the impressive Ninjago City 70620 and explored its bustling streets and hidden secrets, wouldn't it be amazing to see it come alive even after dark?

Imagine Lloyd's apartment bathed in warm light, the radio tower beaming a signal across the city, and the sushi bar glowing with vibrant life! Well, with a light kit for Lego sets, you can transform your Ninjago City into a dazzling nighttime spectacle.

Adding LED lights to your Lego creations is not just about aesthetics, as it brings a whole new dimension to playtime, sparking imaginative nighttime adventures and creating a truly immersive experience. Picture your child battling villains under the glow of the city lights, or Misako preparing noodles bathed in the warm kitchen ambience.

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