Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 [Set Review] - Build Your Ninja Legacy

The Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 transcends the realm of ordinary sets, into a monumental tribute to the franchise's decade-long run. This limited edition is comprised of 5,686 bricks, meticulously unfolding across three tiers, offering an unparalleled level of grandeur and intricate detail.

Imagine a haven where iconic Ninjago landmarks intertwine with serene gardens, the vibrant hues and meticulous design shows tales of countless adventures.

Within this collector's dream, familiar heroes and notorious villains come alive, immortalized in brick form and ready to reignite cherished memories.

Whether you're a seasoned builder seeking a monumental challenge or a passionate fan yearning for a unique piece of Ninjago history, the City Gardens presents that opportunity for an impressive build.

Set Details 

The colossal LEGO Ninjago City Gardens 71741 is a large set, with its impressive size (a towering 29 inches!), it's a vibrant celebration of a decade of Ninjago, packed with hidden secrets and exciting features to discover.

The City Gardens boasts a staggering 5,685 pieces! You need to prepare a place and set time when you embark on building this set. 

This verdant masterpiece first sprouted from the LEGO imaginations in August 2021. Marking the 10th anniversary of the Ninjago series, the City Gardens was a gift to fans, commemorating a decade of thrilling adventures and unforgettable characters.

Lego Ninjago City Garden Features

The City Gardens is brimming with interactive features and hidden surprises that will keep you exploring for hours.

Three Tiers: Explore the bustling marketplace on the ground floor, unwind in the serene tea gardens above, and train with the ninjas on the rooftop dojo – each level offering unique adventures.

Minifigures: With an astonishing 19 minifigures included, you'll encounter heroes like Lloyd, Nya, and Cole, alongside iconic villains like Garmadon and Morro. It's a minifigure reunion for the ages!

Secret Passages and Hidden Rooms: Keep your eyes peeled for cleverly concealed compartments and hidden pathways – the City Gardens is riddled with delightful surprises waiting to be unearthed.

Vehicles and More: Take to the skies with the nimble Manta Ray glider, zoom through the streets on Cole's motorbike, and discover even more modes of transport and exciting accessories to fuel your storytelling.

Building Process

Unlike a typical LEGO set, the Gardens embrace a modular design. Imagine stacking building blocks, but on a grander scale. Each floor brings your city to life, piece by brick, allowing you to witness its growth and transformation. 

While the building process is modular, precision remains paramount. The instructions are your sacred scrolls, your blueprints to success. Treat them with respect, follow them diligently, and your city will rise strong and resilient, ready to withstand any villainous plot. 

With the LEGO Ninjago City Gardens 71741, the adventure doesn't end with the final brick you place. The instructions provide a springboard for imagination to be creative. Feel free to swap floors, create hidden surprises, or even transform the serene gardens into a bustling marketplace. Remember, your creativity is your ultimate ninja weapon! Don't be afraid to break the mold and build a Ninjago City that reflects your unique personality.

Exclusive Minifigures

The LEGO Ninjago City Gardens 71741 set unlocks a minifigure treasure trove. Let's look into this exclusive lineup of the iconic characters that bring Ninjago adventures to life.

Shining Stars: Golden Lloyd and Legacy Wu

Take center stage with the radiant duo of Golden Lloyd and Legacy Wu. Witness Lloyd, the Green Ninja, resplendent in his golden power suit, a testament to his journey and mastery of Spinjitzu. This exclusive minifigure is a dream come true for collectors, symbolizing Lloyd's evolution and solidifying his place as the ultimate hero.

Beyond the Golden Gleam: Fan Favorites

The set boasts a vibrant cast of beloved heroes and notorious villains, each with their unique flair. Join the valiant Nya, Kai, Cole, Zane, and Jay, ready to face off against the menacing Harumi, Garmadon, and their cohorts. Remember the mischievous Nya in her scuba gear, the stoic Zane wielding his golden weapon, and the ever-determined Kai, all ready to ignite your imagination.

Hidden Gems: Notable Minifigures

Keep an eye out for some hidden gems within the set! The mysterious Dareth returns, complete with his training dummy and signature headband. For a touch of humor, the quirky Pixal joins the crew, her robotic form contrasting perfectly with the human ninjas. And let's not forget the adorable baby Wu, a heartwarming addition to the family dynamic.

With 19 minifigures, each representing a crucial piece of the Ninjago story, LEGO Ninjago City Gardens 71741 transcends  a celebration of the characters we love, their growth, and the epic battles they've fought.

Exploring the Three Tiers

This set boasts three distinct tiers, each brimming with life, secrets, and easter eggs.

Tier One: Serenity Meets Skill

The foundation begins at ground level, where tranquility reigns with Lush foliage and koi ponds surrounding the serene Tea Pavilion, with its intricate roof tiles hinting at ancient wisdom. Here, Nya sips calming green tea, strategizing her next move against the serpentine menace. But don't be lulled by the peace as there's a hidden training chamber lies beneath the pavilion, its dojo floor echoing with the thwack of Kai's katanas as he hones his martial prowess. Keep an eye out for the golden training dummy which is a subtle nod to Master Wu's rigorous drills.

Tier Two: Bustling Marketplace and Hidden Secrets

Ascend the winding staircase, and the vibrant energy of the marketplace greets your senses. Silk lanterns cast a warm glow on colorful stalls overflowing with exotic wares. Haggle with Wu over his mystical artifacts, or grab a steaming bowl of Miso ramen from the Noodle Master's cart. Keep watch for lurking Serpentine cultists disguised as vendors, their true identities hidden beneath straw hats. If your truly observant, there's a clever Easter egg - a tiny billboard advertising "Sushi by Nya" – a playful wink at her culinary talents.

Tier Three: Rooftop Revelry

Finally, conquer the final climb and reach the rooftop gardens, a haven for leisure and revelry. Here, Zane tinkers with his latest invention, the wind whipping through his silver hair. Jay serenades Nya with his Shamisen, his music floating over the rooftops. But beware! This seemingly peaceful haven can transform into a battleground in a blink.

The rooftop dojo becomes the stage for an epic clash between Lloyd and his nemesis, Overlord. Watch as their elemental powers collide, sparks flying from their clashing blades. And for the ultimate fan service, look closely at the ornate decorations: they subtly reference iconic moments from past Ninjago seasons, a delightful treat for long time devotees.

Display Ideas

The Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 is a phenomenal set that deserves to be displayed in a way that showcases its beauty and detail. Here are some creative ways to display the Gardens, taking advantage of its modularity and size.

Create a cityscape

The Gardens can be combined with other Lego Ninjago City sets, such as the Ninjago City 70620 and the Ninjago City Docks 70657, to create a sprawling cityscape that spans multiple levels and themes. You can arrange the sets in different configurations, such as a U-shape, a L-shape, or a zigzag, to create a dynamic and diverse display. You can also add custom elements, such as bridges, roads, or vehicles, to connect the sets and add more realism.

Make it interactive 

The Gardens is not only a display piece, but also a playset that offers many fun and exciting scenarios. You can make it more interactive by adding motion sensors, sound effects. This will make the display more engaging and fun for you and your visitors.

Compatibility with Other Ninjago Sets

One of the most impressive features of the Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 is how it seamlessly integrates with other Ninjago City sets, allowing for an expansive and immersive cityscape.

The Ninjago City Gardens are designed to connect with the Ninjago City 70620 and the Ninjago City Docks 70657, creating a stunning display of modular buildings, bridges, canals, and gardens. 

If you want to further enhance your Ninjago City experience, you can also add some of the other sets that complement the Gardens and expand the play features. For example, you can add the Ninjago City Chase 70607, which includes a police tuc-tuc, a street food stall, and five minifigures.

You can also add the Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty 70618, which is a large and detailed ship that can dock at the waterfront of the city. These sets will add more fun and action to your Ninjago City adventures.

However, you should be aware that some of the older Ninjago sets may not integrate well with the Gardens and the other Ninjago City sets, due to scale differences.

For instance, the Temple of Airjitzu 70751 is a beautiful and intricate set, but it is much smaller than the Gardens and may look out of place next to it. Similarly, the Ninjago City of Stiix 70732 is a large and impressive set, but it is much bigger than the Gardens and may overshadow it.

Therefore, you may want to consider the size and style of the sets before combining them with the Gardens.

Limited Edition Status

The Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 is a limited edition set that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Ninjago theme. It is the third and largest installment in the Ninjago City series, featuring a stunning 5,685-piece model of a multi-level urban landscape inspired by Asian architecture and culture.

Being a limited edition set, the Ninjago City Gardens is expected to have a high demand and a short supply. This means that it could become very rare and valuable in the future, especially for collectors and fans of the Ninjago theme. 

Collector’s Item

If you are a fan of Lego Ninjago, you will not want to miss the chance to own the Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 set. This set is a tribute to the 10th anniversary of the Ninjago theme, and it features a stunning display of the city’s history and culture.

The Lego Ninjago City Garden set is a must-have for collectors, as it is one of the largest and most detailed Lego sets ever made. If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding building experience, as well as a stunning and valuable display piece, you should definitely get your hands on this set before it is too late. You will not regret it!

Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 Pros & Cons


  • Huge and impressive, with 5,685 pieces and a height of nearly 74 cm.
  • Features outstanding architectural variation and sensational detail,
  • Combines authentic and imagined elements from the Ninjago theme.
  • Includes 19 minifigures, some of which are exclusive or rare
  • With many references to the Ninjago animated series and other Lego themes.
  • Modular and can be connected to Ninjago City sets 70620 and 70657, to create a larger cityscape.
  • Has playability and display value, with many hidden features, removable sections, and interactive elements.


  • Quite expensive, costs around US $349.99 
  • Complex and challenging to build, with a 14+ age recommendation and some unconventional techniques.
  • Set is not consistent with the Ninjago Legacy branding, as it is not based on any previous set and does not fit the re-imagining concept.
  • Not part of the 18+ line, which may disappoint some adult fans who prefer the sleek black boxes and the premium feel.
  • Not very accessible from the back, as some sections are blocked by the walkways and the temple island.

Wrap Up

Ninjago City takes root in a truly unique form with the limited-edition Lego Ninjago City Gardens. More than just a captivating bonsai model, this intricate set commemorates a decade of thrilling adventures, offering a treasure trove of stories, iconic locations, and an unprecedented minifigure collection.

The Ninjago City Gardens 71741 is a limited-edition masterpiece, beckoning collectors and enthusiasts to cultivate their own piece of Ninjago history. 

Light Kits for Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741

This is already a marvelous set that captures the essence of the Ninjago world. But what if you want to make your Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 even more impressive?

What if you want to add some extra flair and realism to your masterpiece? Well, there is a simple and affordable way to do that: get a light kit for your Lego set!

Installing a light kit is a set of LED lights and wires that you can easily install on your Lego set to illuminate it from within. Imagine how amazing your Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 would look at night, with the lights shining through the windows, the lanterns, the dragon, and the cherry blossom tree!

You can get light kits for Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 and even choose from different colors and effects, depending on your preference and budget. The light kits come with clear instructions and all the necessary components..



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