Lego Ninjago Destiny's Bounty 70618 [Set Review] - Journey To The Waves of Legends

The Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618 is a stunning set that will appeal to fans of the Ninjago movie and the TV series. It is a large and detailed model of the ninja team’s flying ship, and it comes with seven minifigures and various accessories.

The Lego Ninjago Destiny's Bounty 70618 set might be retired, but it remains a favorite among collectors and builders.

This iconic airship, serving as the ninja's headquarters in the Lego Ninjago Movie, offers a rewarding building experience and exciting play potential.

This is a beautiful and realistic model of the ninja team’s flying ship. The set has a lot of features, details, and play value, and it will look great on your shelf or in your room. The set is a must-have for any Lego Ninjago fan, and a great way to experience the magic and adventure of the Ninjago movie and the TV series.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this set, exploring its features, minifigures, and why it captured the hearts of Ninjago enthusiasts.

Set Details

The Destiny's Bounty 70618 arrives in a sturdy box, its artwork depicting the majestic airship soaring through the skies with the ninja crew standing proudly on deck. Cracking it open, you'll be greeted by several numbered bags, each likely corresponding to a specific section of the ship, ensuring a well-organized and frustration-free building experience.

The Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618 is a large and detailed set that has 2295 pieces. One of the biggest Lego Ninjago sets ever made, it offers a lot of building and play value. The set includes the ship, seven minifigures, and various accessories.

This set boasts three distinct levels, each offering unique features and spaces to explore. As you embark on your building journey, you'll first tackle the construction of the ship's iconic double-headed dragon figurehead, a symbol of the ninja's power and legacy, instantly recognizable to any Ninjago fan. Don't forget to unfurl the elaborately decorated sails, emblazoned with the ninja's emblem, adding a touch of swashbuckling flair to your creation.

The Destiny's Bounty is a functional headquarters for the ninja, with the heart of the ship in the dedicated dojo area, located on one of the three levels. Here, you can imagine the young ninja warriors honing their combat skills, practicing their Spinjitzu techniques, and strategizing for their next adventure. The dojo features training equipment like katanas, staffs, and training dummies, providing endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Once complete, the Destiny's Bounty measures an impressive 17 inches (43 cm) long, 14 inches (36 cm) wide, and 7 inches (18 cm) high. This substantial size makes it a captivating display piece for any Ninjago enthusiast, sure to spark conversation and inspire countless stories of ninja bravery and heroism.

Minifigures in Lego Ninjago Destiny's Bounty

The minifigures boast detailed printing and come equipped with their signature weapons and accessories, allowing you to recreate your favorite scenes from the Lego Ninjago Movie and beyond.

Imagine Master Wu imparting wisdom in the dojo, Kai unleashing fiery attacks against villains, Lloyd mastering his Spinjitzu skills, Zane utilizing his technological prowess to solve puzzles, Nya skillfully piloting the Destiny's Bounty, Jay inventing ingenious gadgets to overcome obstacles, and Cole utilizing his earth manipulation abilities to overcome any physical challenge.

With this diverse and dynamic crew at your disposal, the possibilities for imaginative storytelling and exciting adventures are truly endless.

Build Process

Building the Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618 is a fun and rewarding experience that will challenge your skills and creativity. The set has 2295 pieces and comes with seven numbered bags, a sticker sheet, and a thick instruction booklet. The set is divided into 13 sections, each with its own set of steps and sub-models. You can follow the instructions or build the set in your own order, depending on your preference.

The first section of the build is the base of the ship, which consists of several plates and bricks that form the hull. You will also build the dragon figurehead, which has a movable jaw and horns. The second section, the front of the ship, which has a garage door that opens and closes. You will also build the first sail, which has a printed Ninjago symbol. The middle of the ship is the third, which has a weapons room with a rack and a chest. You will also build the second sail, which has a sticker with a dragon.

For the fourth section, the back of the ship, has a toilet with a flush and a sink. You will also build the third sail, which has a sticker with a map. The fifth section is the upper deck, which has a navigation room with a steering wheel and a sextant. You will also build the fourth sail, which has a sticker with a compass. On the sixth section, the lower deck, has a bedroom with a bed and a lamp. You will also build the first engine, which has a propeller and a flame.

The seventh section has the second engine, which is identical to the first one, where you will build the turret, which has a spring-loaded shooter and a barrel. The training room is the eighth, which has a dojo with a dummy and a scroll. You will also build the first mast, which has a lantern and a flag. The ninth section has the second mast, which is identical to the first one. You will also build the roof of the training room, which has a window and a tile.

When you arrive at the tenth section, its the third mast, which has a crow’s nest and a telescope. You will also build the roof of the navigation room, which has a radar and a tile. The eleventh section has the fourth mast, which has a wind vane and a bell. You will also build the roof of the bedroom, which has a window and a tile. The twelfth section is the final assembly, where you will attach the sails, the masts, and the engines to the ship. You will also add some finishing touches, such as the anchor, the chain, and the flag.

The thirteenth and last section is the minifigures, which include all six ninja and Master Wu. Each minifigure has a different outfit and expression, and some accessories, such as weapons, backpacks, and a lantern. You can place them on the ship or use them for your own stories and adventures.

The Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618 is a stunning set that will take you about four to six hours to build, depending on your speed and skill level. You should be able to enjoy the building process, as it is varied and interesting, and it will test your patience and attention to detail.


The Lego Ninjago Destiny's Bounty 70618 transcends its impressive display presence, transforming into a portal for immersive and endlessly creative play experiences. Whether you're a seasoned Ninjago enthusiast or a newcomer discovering the world of Spinjitzu for the first time, this set offers the tools to ignite your imagination and embark on thrilling adventures.

Fans of the Lego Ninjago Movie can recreate iconic scenes, from epic battles against Garmadon and his Shark Army to triumphant celebrations aboard the majestic airship. The detailed interior spaces, like the dojo and captain's quarters, provide the perfect backdrop for role-playing these pivotal moments. But the fun doesn't stop there! The Destiny's Bounty's versatile design and interactive features spark endless possibilities for original narratives.

Imagine the ship setting sail on imaginary high seas, its elaborately decorated sails catching the simulated wind. Young builders can stage daring rescue missions using the detachable life raft, while hidden compartments within the ship ignite a sense of discovery and fuel investigative play. Each crafted minifigure, equipped with their signature weapons and accessories, further enriches the play experience.

This comprehensive set empowers players to not only relive their favorite moments from Ninjago but also to take the reins and become the storytellers. With the Destiny's Bounty 70618 as their canvas, imaginations take flight, fostering creativity, igniting a passion for storytelling, and ensuring hours of endless entertainment within the captivating world of Ninjago.

Lego Ninjago Destiny's Bounty Review

The Lego Ninjago Destiny's Bounty 70618 set has established itself as a fan favorite, garnering praise from both critics and the wider Lego community. The set's intricate details, from the iconic double-headed dragon figurehead to the designed interior spaces, resonate strongly with Ninjago fans, offering a visually impressive and accurate representation of the ship.

Built with high-quality Lego bricks, the Destiny's Bounty is demonstrably durable, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear of even the most enthusiastic play sessions.

The set's interactive features, such as the detachable life raft and hidden compartments, combined with the diverse minifigures and adaptable design, provide endless opportunities for creative storytelling and reenactments of scenes from the Lego Ninjago Movie.

Further solidifying its place in the Lego pantheon, the Destiny's Bounty 70618 was recognized as the "Toy of the Year" in the Specialty category by The Toy Association in 2018. This prestigious award further underscores the set's exceptional quality and enduring appeal within the Lego community.


If you are looking for other Lego Ninjago sets that feature the Destiny’s Bounty, you have a few options to choose from. The Destiny’s Bounty is the iconic flying ship of the ninja team, and it has been redesigned several times over the years. Here are some of the most recent versions of the ship that you can still find online or in stores:

71797 Destiny’s Bounty - race against time: This is the newest and most expensive model of the ship, released in 2023. It has a unique feature: a living dragon that nests inside the front of the ship. The dragon can be detached and used as a separate vehicle. The ship also has rotating engines, a turret, and six minifigures. This set is ideal for fans of the latest Ninjago season, Dragons Rising.

71756 Hydro Bounty: This is a submarine version of the ship, released in 2021. It has a sleek design and can transform into a flying mode. The ship also has a detachable mini-sub, a spring-loaded shooter, and seven minifigures. This set is perfect for fans of the underwater adventure, Sea-Bound.

[71705 Destiny’s Bounty]: This is a legacy version of the ship, released in 2020. It is based on the original design from the first season of Ninjago. It has a detailed interior with several rooms, a dojo, and a hidden treasure. The ship also has four sails, a dragon figurehead, and seven minifigures. This set is great for fans of the classic Ninjago story, Legacy.

These are some of the alternative Lego Ninjago sets that you can consider if you are interested in the Destiny’s Bounty. Each of them has its own pros and cons, so you can compare them and see which one suits your preferences and budget. No matter which one you choose, you will have a lot of fun building and playing with the Destiny’s Bounty.

Pros & Cons: Lego Ninjago Destiny's Bounty


  • The set has a lot of features, details, and play value.
  • Can explore the detailed interior of the ship which has three levels
  • Exterior has four sails, a dragon figurehead, a turret, and rotating engines.
  • Has a unique and realistic design, based on a junk style ship
  • Great price-to-part ratio, which means you get a lot of pieces for your money.
  • Has a lot of rare and exclusive parts, such as garage doors, sextant, map, head wraps
  • Includes all six ninja, each with a different outfit, accessories


  • Ship can easily break apart if you try to lift it or move it around.
  • The set is not very accurate to the movie or the TV series.
  • Ship is much smaller and simpler than the one seen in the movie
  • Building process is mostly repetitive and straightforward,
  • The set is more suitable for display and play than for building.


The Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618 is a fantastic set for fans of the Ninjago movie and the TV series. It has a lot of features, details, and accessories that make it fun to build and play with. You can recreate the epic scenes from the movie, or invent your own adventures with the ninja team.

The set also comes with seven minifigures, including the main characters and some villains. The Destiny’s Bounty is a great addition to your Lego collection, and a wonderful gift for any Ninjago lover. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding Lego set, you should definitely check out the Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618. 

Light Kit for Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618

The Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618 is a wonderful set that will bring you hours of enjoyment and satisfaction. You can display it proudly in your room, or play with it with your friends and family. However, there is one way to make this set even more amazing and impressive: adding a light kit for Lego sets.

A light kit for Lego sets is a set of LED lights and wires that you can attach to your Lego models to make them glow and shine. You can choose from different colors, effects, and modes to create the perfect lighting for your Lego creations. A light kit for Lego sets can enhance the beauty and realism of your Lego models, and make them stand out from the rest.

If you are interested in getting a light kit for Lego sets, you can find them online or in some Lego stores. They are easy to install and use, and they come with instructions and tools. You can also watch some videos or read some reviews to see how other Lego fans have used light kits for their Lego sets.

A light kit for Lego sets is a great way to add some extra flair and fun to your Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty 70618. It can make your ship look more majestic and magical, and it can create a stunning contrast between the dark and the light. You will love how your ship looks with a light kit for Lego sets, and you will enjoy it even more.



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