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Embark on a journey through time and elegance with the Lego Ideas Orient Express Train 21344. This meticulously crafted set captures the allure of this legendary locomotive, whisking you away to a world of bygone opulence and thrilling intrigue.

Based on the long distance Orient Express passenger train in 1883, the 21344 set is much more than just a collection of bricks. It's a meticulously detailed masterpiece, painstakingly designed to evoke the train's timeless elegance.

With no shortage of intricate details and hidden surprises, the Lego Orient Express promises hours of immersive building and endless imaginative play. So, pack your bags, dear traveler.

Lego Orient Express Set Details


Who wouldn't want to embark on a luxurious Lego adventure aboard the iconic Orient Express Train 21344! With over 1,695 pieces, this behemoth isn't just a toy – it's an immersive experience that captures vintage travel in meticulous detail.

Your journey begins with the majestic locomotive, complete with a tender brimming with simulated coal. Watch the intricate piston action come to life as you imagine the rhythmic chug echoing through the countryside. But the real magic unfolds as you step into the carriages.

The opulent dining car, with its removable roof, invites you to peek into a world of fine dining. Unfold the detailed interior to unveil plush, velvet-clad seats, gleaming tables set for a feast, and even a tiny kitchen ready to whip up gourmet delights.

Next stop, the sumptuous sleeping car. Slide open the roof to admire the intricate furnishings, from cozy bunk beds to elegant lamps and luggage racks. Each compartment whispers tales of intriguing passengers and whispered secrets as they drift off to sleep, lulled by the gentle rocking of the train.

The Lego Orient Express doesn't limit your journey. Choose your path on either the included curved or straight track layout, letting your imagination guide you across continents.

Lego Orient Express Minifigures


Alongside the exquisite carriage details and clickety-clack rhythm of the rails, one of the most delightful aspects of the LEGO Orient Express 21344 is its lively passenger list. Each minifigure is more than just a bricky companion; they're an invitation to weave your own tales of intrigue and adventure.

Here, you'll encounter the ever-attentive train attendants, ensuring a smooth journey with a smile. The head chef, perhaps, is concocting the next delectable course in the opulent dining car.

Among the passengers, a dashing adventurer might be exchanging coded messages, while a glamorous socialite adjusts her pearl necklace, ready for a rendezvous in Vienna. And then there's the gentleman in the corner, his hat pulled low, radiating an air of mystery.

Building Experience 

Complexity - It's a moderate build, demanding focus and some experience. The instructions are clear, and the intricate details are worth the effort. Each carriage unfolds like a mini-movie set, revealing hidden compartments, swanky interiors, and charming little surprises.

Engineering Feats - It's construction techniques features curved slopes seamlessly form the train's body, cleverly angled bricks creating the illusion of movement, and the intricate tile work brings the carriages to life. The dining car's roof, a masterpiece of angled plates, will have you marveling at LEGO's architectural look.

Details - Keep your eyes peeled for some unique ornate gold trimmings, the luxurious red velvet armchairs, and the conductor's whistle. Each piece adds a touch of refinement and makes this train truly special.

Challenges - Now, no journey is perfect without the occasional bump on the tracks. Some sections, like the repetitive window placement, might test your patience a tad. But hey, just think of it as laying the groundwork for the grand reveal – a magnificent train.

Finished Model


The LEGO Orient Express 21344 features rich emerald green carriages gleam, accented with gold detailing and intricate windowpane patterns.

LEGO recreates the iconic curves and bevels of the real Orient Express with stunning accuracy. Each carriage tells its own story: the intricate latticework of the dining car, the plush upholstery of the sleeping car, even the steam plume curling from the locomotive's chimney – all meticulously crafted in miniature brick form.

It's also packed with clever features that bring the magic to life. Roofs detach effortlessly, revealing the opulent interiors.

Pull a lever, and the dining car unfolds like a dollhouse, showcasing the gleaming white tablecloths and miniature meals. Open the sleeping car compartments.



The LEGO Orient Express 21344 pulls into a world of boundless imagination. More than just a stunning display piece, this luxurious train unlocks a treasure trove of creative play possibilities for builders of all ages.

Step onto the platform with a crew of eight unique minifigures, each with their own secrets and stories. The elegant Conductor checks tickets, the glamorous Socialite sips tea, and the enigmatic Spy keeps a watchful eye from the shadows. With such diverse personalities, every journey becomes a captivating whodunit, a whirlwind romance, or a daring undercover mission.



The Lego Orient Express 21344 is a luxurious journey through the world of bricks. Before you embark on your building adventure, let's answer some frequently asked questions:

Is the Lego Orient Express motorized?

No, the Lego Orient Express 21344 is a display model and doesn't come motorized. However, with a separate Power Functions kit, you can transform it into a chugging masterpiece that rolls along your Lego tracks!

How much does the Lego Orient Express cost?

The Lego Orient Express 21344 currently sets sail (or should we say, sets rail?) for $299.99 USD. Get ready to invest in some serious brick-built luxury!

When is the Lego Orient Express release date?

The Lego Orient Express officially chugged into existence on November 2023.

Who designed the Lego Orient Express?

The mastermind behind this magnificent train is Marcos Bousset, a Lego designer with a passion for locomotives.

Lego Orient Express Pros & Cons


  • With intricate details, from plushy beds and elegant tableware to a fully stocked kitchen and even a shower.
  • Big and beautiful) build with 1677 pieces
  • Create over 3 feet long train
  • Perfect for displaying your dedication of Lego builds


  • Comes with a hefty price tag
  • Repetitive construction


The Lego Orient Express 21344 is a love letter to luxury travel and intricate builds. If you're a Lego aficionado with a taste for the finer things (and a budget to match), it's a journey worth taking.

Just be prepared for a few bumps along the track and maybe bring a spare bag of bricks for the engine.

Light Kit for Lego Orient Express


Building the iconic Lego Orient Express is truly an experience. From meticulously assembling its intricate details to recreating the opulent atmosphere of a bygone era, it's a journey that sparks the imagination and fuels a sense of accomplishment.

But once the final brick is placed, wouldn't it be magical to see your masterpiece bathed in the warm glow of candlelight, or the soft shimmer of moonlight filtering through the train's windows?

This is where light kits for Lego sets take your creation to a whole new level. Imagine casting intricate shadows that highlight the architectural nuances of the train, or setting the mood for a dramatic scene with strategically placed spotlights.

A light kit isn't just an accessory; it's an invitation to unlock a new dimension of creativity and bring your beloved Lego Orient Express to life. Get ready to embark on a journey of wonder, and turn your Lego masterpiece into a captivating spectacle.

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