Lego Peter Pan & Wendy’s Flight Over London 43232 [Set Review]

Lego and Disney teamed up to weave a little bit of pixie dust into your life, a momentous occasion for Disney's 100th year. To celebrate, Lego has released a series of collectible sets that capture the timeless spirit of our favorite childhood stories. Here, the Lego Peter Pan and Wendy's Flight Over London 43232 brings nostalgia and is brimming with potential for collectors.

Hop in on a magical journey with the Lego Peter Pan & Wendy’s Flight Over London 43232 set, proving the enduring partnership between Lego and Disney.

As Disney celebrates a century of storytelling, this collectible set marks the 100th anniversary of Disney and captures the timeless charm of Peter Pan’s adventure across the London skyline. Perfect for fans and collectors, it’s a piece of history that brings the wonder of Disney’s legacy right into your hands.

Set Details

The Lego Peter Pan & Wendy’s Flight Over London 43232 reveals a delightful array of components: six neatly packed bags, a comprehensive manual, and two sturdy base plates that promise an engaging build experience.

The set’s design, featuring the iconic Big Ben and a backdrop of the London skyline, is complemented by glow-in-the-dark elements that bring the scene to life. The minifigures of Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and Nana the dog capture the essence of the beloved characters, enhancing the set’s nostalgic appeal.

Designed with vibrant scenes from the movie, the box itself is a treat for Disney fans. You'll find the numbered bags, an instruction booklet, and a special plaque commemorating Disney's 100th year.

Open the bags to reveal a treasure trove of Lego bricks, all set to be transformed into Big Ben, the Darling children's home, and, of course, the iconic London skyline. Get ready for a building adventure that will rekindle your childhood wonder and create a cherished display piece for years to come.

Building and Assembling Lego Peter Pan and Wendy’s Flight over London

The Lego Peter Pan and Wendy's Flight Over London 43232 lets you recreate the magic of Neverland right in your living room.

This set is packed with intricate details and clever building techniques that will surprise you at every step.  Imagine Big Ben's clock faces illuminating the night sky, just like in the movie, thanks to special glow-in-the-dark bricks!

The assembly is quite straightforward as it's not a huge set. You'll be able to go through the set's coolest features with manual, making your building journey smooth sailing with no need for a pirate ship!.

The Peter Pan and Wendy’s Flight 43232 Lego Set has an easy step-by-step guide, leading you through an enchanting assembly process. Every brick that you snap reveals more of London’s iconic skyline, with Big Ben’s glow-in-the-dark clock faces and the cloud backdrop’s twinkling stars guiding Peter Pan and Wendy on their nocturnal adventure.

The design intricacies, like the detailed minifigures and the moon that casts a soft glow, make building this Disney set a truly immersive experience.

Design and Features of Lego 43232

The magical world of Lego with the Peter Pan & Wendy’s Flight Over London 43232 set allows you to recreate the iconic scene above the London skyline.

This set captures the essence of adventure with its detailed Big Ben clock tower and glow-in-the-dark elements, while also offering interactive play features that double as a charming display piece for fans of all ages.

Thinking on swooping through the clouds or admiring this Lego Peter Pan set on your shelf, these play can spark your imagination and bring the story of Peter Pan to life.

Once you've finished building, prepare to be swept away by the stunningly completed Disney Lego model, as the Lego Peter Pan 43232 is a real mini-work of art! Big Ben takes center stage, complete with three glow-in-the-dark clock faces that light up the night sky.

Look closer, and you'll discover clever details like the bustling River Thames with its bridges, a cozy doghouse, and even fluffy clouds with a glowing moon. You can choose to swoosh Tinker Bell around the tower or display it proudly on a shelf; this set is sure to spark endless adventures and conversations.

Collector's Value

The Peter Pan & Wendy's Flight Over London set 43232 is a real magical playtime adventure for kids, with potential value for collectors. This set is relatively new; it was released in September 2023, so its long-term worth is still unfolding. 

However, Lego Disney sets featuring classic characters and themes tend to appreciate over time, especially if they're well-maintained and complete. The unique glow-in-the-dark elements and the detailed Big Ben replica add to the set's collectability. 

If you're a Lego fan with an eye for future value, this set might be worth keeping an eye on, especially if you can snag it at a discount. Remember, the true magic lies in both building and cherishing this delightful piece of Disney Lego history!

Comparing Lego Peter Pan 43232 to Other Disney Sets

So you've set your sights on Neverland with Lego Peter Pan & Wendy's Flight Over London (43232), but what about other fantastical Disney Lego adventures? Here's a quick comparison to help you decide:

Price and Piece Count: Priced at $47.99, the Peter Pan set offers a good balance between affordability and building complexity with its 466 pieces. For a slightly bigger build with a similar price tag, consider Mickey and Friends Castle (71040) with its 590 pieces.

Play Features vs. Display: The Peter Pan set excels as a display piece with its iconic London scene and glow-in-the-dark features. For a set with more interactive play features, look at Cinderella's Castle 71040, with its opening doors and transforming balcony.

Classic vs. Modern Disney: If you crave a timeless Disney experience, Peter Pan delivers with its beloved characters. For a more recent film theme, explore Moana's Ocean Adventure (43216) or Raya and the Last Dragon (43202).

Ultimately, the best Lego Disney set depends on your budget, preferred build style, and favorite characters. No matter which you choose, you're guaranteed a sprinkle of Disney magic and a ton of fun!

Pros & Cons of Lego Peter Pan & Wendy's Flight Over London 43232


  • Features a captivating microscale London scene with a stunning Big Ben replica and glow-in-the-dark elements.
  • A limited-edition set celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary has potential value for collectors.
  • Perfect for showcasing your love of Disney and Peter Pan with a beautiful finished model.
  • Offers a good balance between affordability and building complexity with a moderate piece count.
  • Includes well-designed minifigures of Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and Nana the dog.


  • Primarily designed for display with minimal interactive elements for playtime.
  • The microscale London scene might not appeal to those who prefer larger, more detailed Lego builds.
  • While not the most expensive Lego set, some might find a similar price point for sets with more pieces.
  • Recommended for ages 10+, so younger children might need help with assembly.


This Lego Disney anniversary set is a delightful homage to the classic film, offering a charming display piece for Disney Lego fans and Peter Pan enthusiasts alike.

The 466-piece design strikes a sweet spot—complex enough to provide a satisfying build experience without being overwhelming. The microscale London scene captures the essence of the story, with Big Ben's glow-in-the-dark details being a real highlight. While the set prioritizes display over extensive play features, the inclusion of well-designed minifigures like Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and Nana adds a touch of whimsy for creative storytelling.

Whether you're searching for a "Peter Pan Lego review" or curious about "Wendy's Flight Over London Lego," this set delivers a delightful building experience. It might not be the most intricate Lego creation on the market, but its nostalgic charm, collectible potential, and beautiful finished model make it a worthy addition to any Disney Lego collection. 

Light Kit for Lego Peter Pan and Wendy's Flight Over London 43232

You've built your very own Neverland, complete with a glowing Big Ben and a soaring Tinker Bell! The Lego Peter Pan and Wendy's Flight Over London 43232 looks good, but have you ever considered taking the magic a step further? For Lego enthusiasts who crave even more immersive experiences, there's a whole world of light kits waiting to be explored.

Light kits are custom LED lighting systems designed specifically for Lego sets. Imagine illuminating the windows of the Darling children's home, making Big Ben's clock faces shine even brighter, or adding a touch of pixie dust sparkle to the clouds.

With a light kit, you can transform your Lego Peter Pan from a captivating display piece into a breathtaking centerpiece that lights up any room. Not only will it add a whole new dimension to your creation, but it's also a fantastic way to show off your Lego mastery and impress fellow Disney fans.

If you're looking to add a touch of extra magic to your Lego Peter Pan and Wendy's Flight Over London, then a light kit might be the perfect finishing touch. With a variety of options available online, you can find the ideal kit to suit your budget and building preferences. 



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