Lego Santa Sleigh 40499 [Set Review] - Building the Magic of Santa's Sleigh

Deck the halls with Santa's Sleigh to Lego fans and holiday enthusiasts, because the Lego Santa's Sleigh 40499 set has arrived to spread festive cheer! This 343-piece build is the perfect gift or activity for anyone aged 9 and up. 

Whether you're a young builder looking for a way to get into the Christmas spirit or an adult fan of Lego (AFOL) wanting to create a charming holiday decoration, this set is sure to delight. 

It's more than just a sleigh; it's a miniature winter wonderland waiting to be built, brick by brick, bringing the magic of the North Pole right to your living room.

Set Overview

The Lego Santa's Sleigh 40499 box boasts a festive scene with a jolly Santa Claus steering his sleigh pulled by the iconic reindeer. As you open the box, it reveals numbered bags, making construction a breeze for builders of all ages. A clear and easy-to-follow instruction manual ensures every step is a snap. But the real magic lies within! 

The star of the show is the sleigh itself, built with 343 colorful bricks. This impressive build measures over 3 inches (8 centimeters) tall, 11.5 inches (30 centimeters) long, and 2.5 inches (7 centimeters) wide, making it a substantial centerpiece for your holiday display. But the fun doesn't stop there; the sleigh is packed with festive details and hidden surprises waiting to be discovered!


Get ready to jingle all the way with a sleigh full of festive features! The Lego Santa's Sleigh set lets you construct a whimsical winter wonderland scene brimming with Christmas cheer. The heart of the set is the sturdy sleigh, constructed with colorful bricks that capture the essence of Santa's magical ride. 

Intricate details like a plush red seat for Santa and a festive red and green color scheme bring the build to life. But no sleigh is complete without its pilot! The set includes a jolly Santa Claus minifigure, complete with his signature white beard, rosy cheeks, and a bright red suit that's instantly recognizable. 

But Santa can't deliver presents solo; he needs his trusty reindeer crew! The set boasts four adorable reindeer figures, each with their own unique personalities. These reindeer aren't just for show; they come equipped with removable, decorated saddles, adding another layer of playability to the set. 

And to truly capture the spirit of Christmas giving, the sleigh is loaded with a delightful selection of buildable, wrapped gifts.

But wait, there's more! Hidden among the presents are some delightful surprises—a guitar, a pair of skis, and a cuddly teddy bear—that are sure to spark the imaginations of builders young and old.

This thoughtful selection of toys adds a personal touch to the sleigh, making it seem like Santa truly considered each recipient's wishes.

Build Experience

The Lego Santa's Sleigh 40499 set offers a delightful building experience for Lego fans of all ages. The numbered bags make sorting a breeze, and the clear instructions ensure a smooth building process, perfect for beginners or those returning to the world of Lego.

One unique aspect of this set is the concept of "wrapped" gifts. Lego cleverly uses clever building techniques to create the illusion of wrapped presents, using colorful bricks and layering to achieve a realistic look. It's a fun way to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to the sleigh, sparking curiosity about the hidden treasures within. 

Whether you're a seasoned Lego pro or a young builder just starting out, this set promises a rewarding and enjoyable build experience, culminating in a charming Christmas centerpiece that will bring festive cheer to your home.

Display and Play Value

The Lego Santa's Sleigh set 40499 is more than just a building project; it's a versatile set that offers both stunning display value and endless play possibilities.

Deck the Halls: With its impressive size and festive details, the built sleigh makes a captivating Christmas decoration. Imagine it nestled amongst your holiday décor, the red and green colors adding a vibrant pop to your display.

The included Santa minifigure and reindeer figures complete the scene, creating a miniature winter wonderland that captures the magic of Christmas morning.

Dash Away and Play: For younger builders, the Lego Santa's Sleigh becomes a launchpad for imaginative play. They can recreate classic Christmas scenes, zoom the sleigh around the room delivering presents, or invent their own festive stories. 

The buildable toys add another layer of fun, allowing them to imagine the joy on each recipient's face as they receive their special gifts. This combination of display and play value makes the Lego Santa's Sleigh a winning choice for families looking for a festive and engaging holiday activity.

Pros and Cons: Lego Santa's Sleigh 40499


  • Perfect for capturing the holiday spirit with a charming Santa's sleigh display or imaginative play for younger builders.
  • Numbered bags and clear instructions make it a breeze to build, ideal for beginners or Lego enthusiasts of all levels.
  • Packed with festive details, minifigures, and buildable toys, it offers a delightful build experience at a reasonable price point.
  • A wonderful addition to any Lego collection, especially for fans of Christmas decorations or winter scenes.


  • The reindeer figures are not highly posable, restricting some dynamic play options.
  • The technique for building the "wrapped" gifts might become repetitive for experienced builders.
  • Primarily a seasonal set, it may not hold year-round play value compared to other Lego themes.


The Lego Santa's Sleigh 40499 is a delightful set that captures the festive spirit perfectly. It's ideally suited for ages 9 and up, making it a fun activity for young builders or a charming gift for Lego enthusiasts of all ages.

Available at Lego stores and online retailers for around $39.99 (price may change), it's a budget-friendly way to spread holiday cheer.

Whether you're looking for a festive addition to your Lego collection or a heartwarming gift for the holidays, the Lego Santa's Sleigh is sure to bring a smile.

So, spread the holiday cheer and get building! With its manageable build time, festive features, and display potential, this sleigh is a jolly good time waiting to happen. Build your own winter wonderland and bring the magic of Christmas to your home!

Light Kit for Lego Santa's Sleigh 40499

The Lego Santa's Sleigh set is a fantastic way to bring some festive cheer to your holiday décor. But what if you could make it truly shine, even after the carols have faded and the presents are unwrapped?

Consider adding a light kit to your Lego Santa's Sleigh! Light kits are aftermarket accessories specifically designed to illuminate Lego sets, transforming them from cool creations to dazzling displays. Imagine the sleigh bathed in a warm glow, the reindeer seemingly pulling it through a starry night sky.

The light kit would highlight all the intricate details of the build, making Santa's sleigh the centerpiece of your holiday decorations or a stunning winter wonderland scene year-round.

Thinking on lighting up your Lego creations? Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post where we delve into the world of light kits for Lego sets!

We'll explore different options, installation tips, and how they can elevate your Lego builds to a whole new level of awesomeness. So, keep an eye out and get ready to illuminate your Lego passion!

➡️ Brighten Up the Lego Santa's Sleigh 40499 in The Holidays and Beyond with Light Kit

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