LEGO Santa's Visit 10293 - [Set Review] Deck The Halls With This Holiday Set

The LEGO Winter Village Collection is a beloved series of sets that captures the festive spirit of the holiday season. Each set is designed to evoke a sense of warmth and coziness, and the newest addition to the collection, Santa’s Visit 10293, is no exception.

This cool Holiday set features a cozy Christmas Eve scene, complete with a beautifully decorated house, a snow-covered yard, and of course, Santa Claus himself. The excitement surrounding this set is palpable, and it’s easy to see why.

Set Details

The Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set is a festive and intricate model that is perfect for the holiday season. The set contains 1,445 pieces, which makes it a moderately complex build. However, the modular design of the set makes it easy to build in stages, so it’s suitable for both beginners and experienced builders.

The building process is a great experience that is sure to bring joy to anyone who loves the holiday season. The set features festive details such as Santa’s sleigh, a cozy fireplace, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the set comes with four minifigures, including Santa himself.

The Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set is a fantastic addition to any Lego collection, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves the holiday season. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced builder, this set is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Minifigures - Welcome Santa and Friends 

The Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set comes with four delightful minifigures that will bring joy to your holiday display. Let’s meet them:

Santa Minifigure

The jolly old man himself, Santa is ready to deliver some presents to the lucky family. He wears his iconic red and white suit, complete with a black belt and boots. He also has a fluffy white beard, a red hat, and a pair of glasses. He carries a sack full of toys and a golden bell to announce his arrival.


The excited child can’t wait to see what Santa has brought for him. Wears a cozy green sweater with a snowflake pattern, blue pants, and brown shoes.


The caring mother is busy preparing some snacks for Santa and her family. She wears purple sweater and blue pants. She also has a lovely hairdo and ready to prepare glass of milk and plate of cookies for Santa.


The cheerful father wears a warm brown sweater with a reindeer motif, red scarf, beige pants, and black shoes. He also has a brown hair and a mustache. He enjoys reading a newspaper in one hand and while having a hot chocolate in the other.

These minifigures are full of character and they will make your Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set come to life. You can pose them in different scenes and scenarios, and create your own stories with them. They are also compatible with other Lego sets, so you can mix and match them with your existing collection.

LEGO Santa's Visit 10293 Review

Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 is a delightful set that captures the spirit of Christmas in a cozy cottage. It features a light-up Christmas tree, a letter to Santa, cookies and milk by the fire, stockings hung up, and an excited family waiting for Father Christmas to deliver their presents.

It also includes four minifigures, including a unique Santa Claus with dual-moulded boots and a metallic gold buckle. The set has many details and accessories that make it fun to build and display, such as the birch tree, the lantern, the musical instrument, and the model rocket.

Interior Details

The Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set invites you to explore the cozy interior of a festive home. As you enter the living room, you can feel the warmth of the fireplace and admire the decorated Christmas tree. You can also relax on the comfortable armchair and enjoy the view of the snow-covered garden. The living room also features a grandfather clock, a rug, and a wreath on the wall.

The kitchen is where you can find some delicious treats for Santa and yourself. There is a plate of cookies and a glass of milk on the table, as well as a cake and a pie on the counter. The kitchen also has a stove, a sink, and a cupboard with dishes and utensils.

The upstairs bedroom is where you can rest after a long day of fun. The bedroom has a bed with a quilt, a nightstand with a lamp, and a window with curtains. There is also a chest with a letter and a gift for Santa, and a rocking chair with a teddy bear.

Festive Touches

The Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set is not only a lovable replica of a cozy cottage, but also a delightful display of festive details. You can admire the snowy rooftop where Santa and his reindeer are ready to take off with their sleigh full of gifts.

You can also enjoy the mailbox that holds a letter for Santa, the snowman that greets the visitors, and the Christmas wreath that adorns the front door. These elements create a complete winter wonderland that will make you feel the magic of the holiday season.

Expanding the Village: Winter Village Collection Connection


The LEGO Santa's Visit 10293 set depicts a classic Christmas Eve scenario, where Santa Claus arrives at a family's home to deliver presents. The house is beautifully decorated with lights, wreaths, and a fireplace. The family is waiting for Santa with cookies and milk, and a cute dog is snoozing on the rug. Santa has a sleigh full of gifts, and a reindeer to pull it. He can also enter the house through the chimney, or use the secret ladder behind the wall.

You can connect the Santa's Visit set with other sets like the Elf Workshop 10275 and the Town Square 10263. The Elf Workshop is where Santa's helpers make the toys and wrap them. The Town Square is where the villagers gather to enjoy the festive activities and decorations. You can imagine how these sets would look together, and how the stories and characters would interact.

LEGO Santa's Visit 10293 FAQs

What year is Lego Santa's Visit?

This festive scene debuted in 2021, bringing the merriment of a cozy Christmas Eve straight to your building table.

How long does it take to build Lego Santa's Visit?

Grab your eggnog, because the build time can vary depending on your brick-laying expertise. Beginners might take around 4-5 hours, while seasoned builders can whip it up in 2-3 hours.

How big is the Lego Santa's Visit?

This adorable chalet isn't exactly a gingerbread house, but it's still mighty cozy! It stands at about 8 inches (19 cm) tall, 11 inches (27 cm) wide, and 7 inches (16 cm) deep, perfect for displaying your winter wonderland creation.

What's the price of LEGO Santa's Visit 10293?

The Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 is a must-have for all Lego enthusiasts! It is priced at £79.99 in the UK, $99.99 in the US, and €89.99 in Europe. It is also available on .

Is the LEGO Santa's Visit 10293 retired?

As for the potential retirement date, there is no official information available yet. As of this writing, it's still available, though already sold out on the official LEGO website.

Pros & Cons of Lego Santa's Visit 10293


  • Distinctive and realistic design, with sloped roofs
  • Angled front that give it a warm and cozy feel.
  • Festive elements like Christmas tree, letter to Santa, cookies and milk, stockings.
  • Includes four minifigures, with a unique Santa Claus with metallic gold buckle, wearing dual-moulded boots
  • With accessories such as the birch tree, the lantern, the musical instrument, the model rocket.


  • The set is quite expensive, costing around $99.99 for 1,445 pieces.
  • One of the most expensive sets in the Winter Village Collection
  • Has some stickers, which might not be preferred by some builders.
  • Has some similarities with previous sets in the Winter Village Collection, making it less appealing for collectors
  • The set has some parts that are fragile or hard to attach, such as the snow piles, the roof tiles, and the Christmas tree.

Wrap Up

Santa's Visit 10293 is a delightful LEGO set that captures the magic of Christmas. Whether you are a fan of the Winter Village series or a newcomer to the theme, you will enjoy building and displaying this sweet model. From the cozy fireplace to the snow-covered roof, every detail is designed to evoke the festive spirit.

If you are looking for a way to bring some holiday cheer to your home, you can't go wrong with Santa's Visit 10293. It is a perfect addition to your LEGO collection or a wonderful gift for someone who loves LEGO. You can also combine it with other Winter Village sets to create your own winter wonderland. Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on this limited-edition set and make this Christmas unforgettable.

Light Kit for Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set

If you want to add some extra sparkle to your Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set, you might want to consider getting the optional light kit (sold separately). This kit includes various LED lights that can be easily installed, further enhancing its festive appearance and creating a cozy atmosphere.

The light kit features a multi-color light string that wraps around the Christmas tree, making it glow with different hues. You can also press the star on top of the tree to activate a flicker effect, simulating the twinkling of the lights. The kit also comes with several bit lights that illuminate the windows and the fireplace, creating a warm and inviting scene. The candles on the dining table and the fireplace mantel are also lit up, adding a touch of realism and elegance.

With the light kit, you can enjoy your Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set even more, as it brings out the details and the charm of the model. The light kit is easy to install, as it comes with clear instructions and adhesive squares to secure the wires. You can also connect the light kit to a USB power source, so you don't have to worry about batteries running out. The light kit is a great way to enhance your Lego Santa’s Visit 10293 set and make it a stunning display piece for the holidays.

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