Lego Seinfeld 21328 [Set Review]

Ever get stuck with a stubborn mop in the apartment? No? Well, that's nothing compared to the everyday oddities Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer faced. Remember the Soup Nazi episode? Talk about social awkwardness! LEGO Ideas captures that quirky humor with the LEGO Seinfeld set (21328). 

This isn't your average LEGO build; it's about bringing iconic moments from the show "About Nothing" to life with hilarious details. Build Jerry's apartment, complete with a tiny fridge for Elaine's takeout containers and maybe even a spot for that pesky Junior Mint. Whether you're a die-hard Seinfeld fan or just looking for a unique LEGO challenge, this set is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Set Overview

The LEGO Seinfeld set (21328) wouldn't be complete without packaging that perfectly captures the show's quirky humor. Imagine a box plastered with iconic scenes or wacky expressions from your favorite characters—maybe even a picture of Kramer bursting through Jerry's door in mid-stride. 

Open the box, and you'll be greeted by numbered bags, keeping the building process organized, like Elaine strategically waiting in line for the perfect cinnamon babka (a separate purchase, of course). 

The included instruction manuals act as your guide to recreating hilarious moments from the show. Clocking in at around 1,300 pieces, this set offers enough building fun to keep you busy for an entire Festivus celebration (minus the feats of strength, of course). 

But the true gems of this set are the minifigures. You get the entire Seinfeld crew: Jerry, microphone in hand, ready to deliver a stand-up routine; George, looking shifty with a mysterious envelope (who knows what's inside?); Kramer, bursting with his signature boundless energy; Elaine, striking a pose that exudes her characteristic sass; and even Newman, complete with his iconic mailbox, ready to stir up some postal mayhem.

Fun Features and Nostalgic Throwbacks

The true magic of the LEGO Seinfeld set (21328) unfolds as you discover the treasure trove of hidden gems scattered throughout the build. It's like taking a hilarious walk down memory lane, brick by nostalgic brick. 

Die-hard fans will instantly recognize the iconic Superman sticker proudly displayed on Jerry's fridge, a delightful detail that sparks a memory of countless fridge-related antics. But the references extend far beyond these major plot points. 

For devotees of the bizarre Festivus holiday, the all-important Festivus pole is included, ready to be erected in all its aluminum glory, minus the mandatory feats of strength, of course. 

But the fun goes beyond these major Easter eggs. Eagle-eyed builders will spot a perfectly sculpted "muffin top" tile, a subtle nod to Elaine's infamous fashion faux pas that still makes us chuckle today. These clever inclusions are more than just decorations; they're like tiny punchlines within the overall build.

Building the LEGO Seinfeld 

Building Jerry's apartment with LEGO Seinfeld (21328) isn't quite like assembling a coffee table—remember the episode where they struggled with putting one together? but it's a delightful challenge that's fun for most LEGO enthusiasts. The numbered bags become like mini-episodes themselves, slowly revealing new sections of the set to build. 

As you progress, you'll get to recreate hilarious details, from the tiny cereal boxes that Kramer might plow through in the morning to Newman's ever-present mailbox, just waiting for him to unleash some postal drama. 

The designers even snuck in some clever references that only true Seinfeld fans will appreciate, adding a layer of amusement for eagle-eyed builders. 

While the complexity won't rival constructing the Colosseum out of LEGO bricks, it's a thoroughly enjoyable process that can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, depending on your LEGO experience (and whether you succumb to the urge to rewatch a classic Seinfeld episode or two during construction).

Displaying the Lego Seinfeld

So you've triumphantly conquered the construction of Jerry's apartment with the LEGO Seinfeld set (21328)—but where do you put it on display? The beauty lies in its versatility. 

For a standalone display, consider a shelf or coffee table with enough space to showcase the intricate details of the set. Want to add a touch of theatricality? 

Position it with a spotlight shining down, recreating the stage lights for Jerry's stand-up routines or Elaine's dramatic entrances.

But for the ultimate Seinfeld fan, this set can be the centerpiece of a sprawling LEGO display that's a monument to your sitcom obsession. Imagine Jerry's apartment nestled beside Monk's Cafe, another potential LEGO build with fan-designed instructions available online (though not an official set). 

Add in some custom minifigures or figurines—a miniature Soup Nazi brandishing a ladle, a tiny Newman lurking by his iconic mailbox, or even J. Peterman himself in a flamboyant suit.

For a truly Kramer-esque touch, include a miniature replica of the "Serenity Now" serenity pool, complete with a stressed-out Lloyd Braun figurine (peace be upon him). 

Don't forget iconic props—a tiny Junior Mint precariously balanced on a coffee table edge, a replica of the "bass-less" bass guitar, or maybe even a miniature Elaine's Dance for the Cure T-shirt displayed on a mini clothing rack.

With a little creativity and some additional LEGO sets or props, you can build your own miniature Seinfeld universe, a hilarious tribute to a show "about nothing" that truly delivered everything. It's a display that will spark conversation, ignite nostalgia, and leave fellow Seinfeld fans exclaiming, "No soup for you!" (or another classic line) with pure joy.

Is LEGO Seinfeld 21328 a Must-Have for Fans?

The LEGO Seinfeld set (21328) is a hilarious trip down memory lane for Seinfeld fanatics and a quirky delight for LEGO enthusiasts. Seinfeld devotees will relish the opportunity to rebuild Jerry's apartment, complete with all the iconic quirks, in brick form. 

Building Jerry's apartment, complete with the tiny fridge and Newman's mailbox, becomes a hilarious treasure hunt for hidden references—a Superman sticker here, a Festivus pole there. It's like stepping into a miniature Seinfeld universe, packed with details that will have you uttering classic lines ("No soup for you!") with pure nostalgia.

LEGO enthusiasts will also find plenty to enjoy. The set offers a satisfying challenge with its intricate details and clever design elements. It's not quite the Colosseum, but it provides a fun and engaging build experience that takes you beyond the standard LEGO brick set. The moderate difficulty level makes it suitable for most LEGO fans, while the Seinfeld references add an extra layer of amusement for seasoned builders.

While the price tag of around $100 USD might be a consideration, it's an investment that Seinfeld superfans and LEGO hobbyists are unlikely to regret. For those who appreciate intricate builds and pop culture throwbacks, the LEGO Seinfeld set offers a unique and rewarding building experience.

Pros & Cons: LEGO Seinfeld Set 21328


  • Packed with iconic references like the Superman fridge sticker and Festivus pole, it's a hilarious trip down memory lane for Seinfeld fans.
  • From the tiny cereal boxes to Newman's mailbox, the set captures the show's quirky humor with impressive detail.
  • The numbered bags and clear instructions make it enjoyable to assemble, with hidden Seinfeld references adding a layer of amusement for fans.
  • It looks great on a shelf or coffee table but can also be the centerpiece of a larger Seinfeld-themed LEGO display.
  • A satisfying challenge for LEGO enthusiasts and a treasure trove of references for Seinfeld fanatics.


  • At around $100 USD, it might be a consideration for some buyers.
  • The build is enjoyable but might not be complex enough.

The Bottom Line

The LEGO Seinfeld set (21328) transcends the realm of a simple toy; it's a hilarious gateway back to your favorite sitcom's most iconic moments. It doesn't matter if you're a Seinfeld fanatic who can quote every episode or a casual LEGO builder looking for a fun project—this set offers a unique and thoroughly entertaining experience. 

From the meticulously recreated details of Jerry's apartment, complete with the tiny fridge and that unforgettable Superman sticker, to the perfectly characterized minifigures of Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and even Newman (mailbox included, of course!), this collectible is a guaranteed nostalgia bomb that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Proudly displaying your finished LEGO Seinfeld set on a shelf of honor, it instantly becomes a conversation starter, a quirky centerpiece that sparks memories and ignites laughter among fellow fans. 

Imagine the joy of pointing out all the hidden references and clever details—the Festivus pole, a perfectly sculpted "muffin top" tile, maybe even a tiny Junior Mint precariously balanced on the coffee table edge (just don't double-dip!). This set is more than just bricks; it's a tribute to a show "about nothing" that delivered everything in terms of laughs.

Light Kits For LEGO Seinfeld

So you've built Jerry's apartment and reveled in all the hilarious details of the LEGO Seinfeld set (21328). But what if you could take your Seinfeld fandom to the next level and make your creation truly shine? That's where light kits for LEGO sets come in!

These handy after-market kits come with tiny LED lights and clear instructions, allowing you to add custom lighting effects to your LEGO builds. Imagine Jerry's apartment bathed in a warm glow, perfectly illuminating the iconic details you just spent time constructing. A light kit can make your LEGO Seinfeld set the centerpiece of any room, making it stand out even more and bringing those classic scenes to life in a whole new way.

Installing a light kit is surprisingly easy and opens up a world of creative possibilities for LEGO fans. Whether you're a Seinfeld superfan or just looking to add some extra pizzazz to your LEGO builds, a light kit is a fun and affordable way to take your creations to the next level. So, why not explore the world of light kits and see how you can make your LEGO Seinfeld set shine even brighter?

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