Lego Super Mario 64 71395 [Set Review]

Who can forget that childhood thrill of finally snagging that hidden star in Super Mario 64, accompanied by the unmistakable coin jingle? LEGO has bottled that magic and turned it into a brick-tastic adventure with the Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block 71395 set!

Forget your average LEGO build—this 2,064-piece behemoth unfolds to reveal a giant Question Mark Block, packed with meticulously crafted scenes from the legendary N64 game. It's like stepping right back into your childhood!

Prepare to revisit iconic levels like Peach's Castle, navigate the explosive Bob-omb Battlefield, conquer the icy slopes of Cool, Cool Mountain, and plunge (safely, of course) into Lethal Lava Land—all recreated in stunning LEGO detail.

Set Overview

Get ready to level up your building skills, because constructing the Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block 71395 is an odyssey, not a breezy weekend project.

With four hefty instruction manuals, each meticulously guiding you through a distinct section of the unfolding block, the process feels like tackling four intricate mini-builds one after another.

While there are definitely some head-scratching moments, particularly when meticulously recreating intricate details like the rotating staircase in Peach's Castle or the spiky pathways of Lethal Lava Land, the frustration quickly melts away as you see these beloved levels come together brick by brick.

The challenge becomes a rewarding puzzle, a chance to truly appreciate the clever design and engineering behind the set. Each completed section feels like a mini-victory, building anticipation for the grand reveal of the entire Question Mark Block in all its glory.

Iconic Levels

The Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block 71395 is a reminder to a bygone era of gaming.

Each of the four meticulously crafted miniature levels within the block is a love letter to fans of the classic N64 game, meticulously designed to spark pure nostalgia.

Peach's Castle

Stepping into this section feels like stepping back into the game's opening moments.

The grand entrance with its double doors, the instantly recognizable stained-glass windows depicting iconic characters like Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, and even a tiny Princess Peach perched on her balcony—it's all there, condensed into a wonderfully detailed microcosm.

Just a glance is enough to transport you back to that feeling of excitement as you embarked on your first adventure in Super Mario 64.

Bob-omb Battlefield

This fiery micro-build comes in as visually striking with its red and black color scheme; it also cleverly captures the level's frantic energy.

The signature cannons with their rotating barrels and the rolling terrain with hidden coins all but beg you to imagine tiny LEGO Mario dodging Bob-ombs and collecting coins in a whirlwind of brick-built action.

It's a fantastic reminder of the strategic maneuvering and quick reflexes required to conquer this classic level.

Cool, Cool Mountain

One look at this micro-build, and you can practically feel the chill. The clever use of translucent bricks to represent the icy slopes combined with the tiny, waddling penguins is a stroke of genius.

It instantly evokes memories of those exhilarating penguin races and the frantic scramble to collect enough coins before the timer runs out.

Just looking at it makes you want to grab a tiny LEGO Mario and reenact those races, brick by icy brick.

Lethal Lava Land

This fiery section is a masterclass in capturing a sense of danger using LEGO bricks.

The perilous lava moat with its flickering orange tones, the precarious rotating platforms that look ready to send Mario tumbling into the depths, and even a miniature Chain Chomp with gnashing brick teeth—it all comes together to recreate the heart-pounding tension of navigating this iconic level.

Just a glimpse of this section is enough to bring back memories of those white-knuckled leaps of faith across the lava, hoping to snag that Power Star before succumbing to the fiery embrace below.


The Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block 71395 isn't just about the stunning brick-built levels; it also comes with a delightful cast of ten collectible microfigures to bring your nostalgia trip full circle. These include all your favorites from the game:

  • Mario, ready to take on any challenge the block throws his way,
  • Yoshi, the ever-reliable dinosaur companion
  • Princess Peach, looking regal in her miniature form
  • King Bob-omb, the fiery leader of the Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Chain Chomp, a toothy reminder of Lethal Lava Land's dangers
  • Big Bully, the hulking boss from Cool Mountain
  • Mr. I, the ever-observant penguin spectator
  • Lakitu, the cloud-surfing camera operator
  • A regular penguin, ready to join Mario in a frosty race
  • A baby penguin is adding a touch of cuteness to the mix.

These microfigures are just those delightful collectibles; that also add a whole new dimension to the building and display experience.

Imagine recreating iconic scenes from the game by posing Mario and Yoshi on Peach's Castle balcony or having a showdown between Mario and Big Bully on the slopes of Cool, Cool Mountain.

The possibilities are endless, letting you personalize your Question Mark Block and relive your favorite moments from Super Mario 64 in miniature form.

Additional Features

The Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block 7135 isn't just a static display piece; it's an immersive experience that appeals to both sight and sound.

While it doesn't directly integrate with the Lego Super Mario interactive figures, the set cleverly captures the audio magic of the game.

Opening the block triggers classic sound effects and music, instantly transporting you back to the world of Super Mario 64. Imagine the iconic coin jingle as you unfold the block or the triumphant theme music filling the air as you complete the build—it's a delightful touch that adds another layer of nostalgia to the experience.

But the fun doesn't stop there! The beauty of the Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block lies in its versatility.

You can choose to display it closed, showcasing the instantly recognizable giant Question Mark Block design. Or, for the ultimate fan experience, unfold it to reveal the meticulously crafted miniature levels inside.

This allows you to create interactive dioramas by placing the included microfigures and reenacting your favorite scenes from the game. It's a display piece that doubles as a playful tribute to a beloved classic.

Pros and Cons Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block


  • Nostalgic nod to Super Mario 64 fans, meticulously recreating iconic levels and characters in stunning detail.
  • With over 2,000 pieces and four instruction manuals, this is a rewarding build experience for LEGO enthusiasts.
  • The unfolding block and included microfigures allow for creative display options and scene recreations.
  • Classic sound effects and music add another layer of nostalgia to the building and display experience.


  • The high piece count and multiple instruction manuals translate to a significant time investment to complete.
  • The detailed build process might be challenging for younger LEGO builders.
  • With a high number of pieces, this set comes with a premium price tag.
  • Primarily a display piece with some potential for creative microfigure play.


The Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block 71395 set is more than just a collection of bricks; it's a portal to a bygone era of gaming.

With its meticulously detailed micro-levels of iconic locations from Super Mario 64, a cast of collectible microfigures, and the option for an interactive display with classic sound effects, this set is a love letter to fans of the beloved N64 game.

The building process itself is a rewarding journey, challenging you with intricate details while offering a deep dive into cherished memories.

Whether you choose to display it closed as a giant Question Mark Block or unfolded to reveal the vibrant micro-worlds within, this set is sure to be a conversation starter and a centerpiece in any LEGO or Super Mario fan's collection.

A word to the wise: This is not a quick weekend project. The high piece count and detailed nature of the build require dedication and patience.

But for those willing to embark on this nostalgic adventure, the finished product is a truly magnificent display piece that will spark joy and ignite childhood memories for years to come.

Light Kits for Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

So you've conquered the epic build of the Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block, and it proudly holds a place of honor on your shelf. But what if you could take it a step further and make it truly shine?

Enter the wonderful world of light kits for Lego sets! These clever aftermarket add-ons transform your static Lego creation into a dazzling illuminated display piece. Imagine Peach's Castle bathed in a warm glow, Bob-omb Battlefield flickering with fiery light, or Lethal Lava Land pulsating with an ominous red radiance. Light kits breathe new life into your Lego builds, highlighting architectural details and creating a truly immersive atmosphere.

Whether you're a seasoned Lego builder or a newcomer to the world of brick-based fun, light kits offer a fantastic way to enhance your creations. Intrigued? Stay tuned for our next post, where we'll delve deeper into the world of light kits, exploring different options, installation tips, and how to choose the perfect kit for your Lego set! 



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