Lego Temple of Airjitzu 70751 [Set Review] - Unleash Ninja Battles At The Pagoda

The Lego Temple of Airjitzu 70751 will transcend you into the typical brick towering experience. Imagine sky high pagoda roofs that seem to brush the clouds, intricate wooden frames with stories of ancient wisdom, and bustling market stalls. You'll get into that transportive journey to the heart of Ninjago, with this set.

We all know how Lego sets have earned their global acclaim for a reason: the joy of creation. With the Temple of Airjitzu, the building process itself becomes an adventure. Each crafted brick brings tales of Ninjago battles as you assemble the iconic landmark.

The Temple of Airjitzu boasts a unique position in the Ninjago universe as it not only does capture the essence of the series' early seasons, but it also features the original ninjas in a single set. This is a nostalgia bomb for longtime Ninjago fans! This limited-edition gem is a treasured piece of Ninjago history, that could become a prized possession for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Set Details

The box itself hinted at the adventure with its bold crimson adorned the front, featuring the majestic Temple of Airjitzu perched atop a verdant landscape. Intriguing silhouettes of the six ninja promised epic battles, while the iconic LEGO logo assured you the quality and endless building fun.

Inside, neatly compartmentalized trays held the trove of bricks, with the instruction manuals. There's the twelve minifigures, from the stoic Lloyd to the ever-grinning Jay, stood proudly in their own little bags. Each with their detailed outfits and unique weapons hinting at their individual personalities and roles in the unfolding narrative.

But the true centerpiece was the Temple of Airjitzu itself, with ts intricate wooden details, curved roofs, and intricate carvings of ancient wisdom and hidden dangers. The surrounding village, with its blacksmith's workshop and bustling market, promises storytelling possibilities. This was more than just a collection of bricks to lead you to the world of Ninjago.

Features of Lego Temple of Airjitzu

The Lego Temple of Airjitzu 70751 is a stunning set that captures the essence of the NINJAGO world. It consists of three main buildings, each building has its own unique features and details that make this set a masterpiece of Lego design.

The Temple of Airjitzu

It has a majestic appearance with Oriental-style decorated windows and sliding doors. The temple has four levels, each with a different function. The ground floor is the reception area, where you can find a geometric floor carpet, a table, a teapot, and a bow. The first floor is the shadow theater, where you can use a light brick and spinning elements to create a show for your friends. The second floor is the Ninja training room, where you can practice your skills with weapon holders, two Ninja swords, a Ninja bow, and a target. The third floor is Wu’s study, where you can read or paint with three books and art canvas elements. The roof has a statue of Sensei Yang and grass stalk elements.

Special functions and hidden features

The Temple of Airjitzu has a spinning shadow theater that can be activated by turning a knob on the side of the building1. The shadow theater has three scenes that depict the history of the temple and the Ninja. The Blacksmith’s workshop has a hidden Ninja glider that can be revealed by lifting the roof1. The Smugglers’ Market has two treasure chests that contain gold coins and jewels. The set also has a bridge with two stone-style dragons on either side that guard the entrance to the temple.

Minifigures with assorted weapons

Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper, and Claire. These are all the Ninja and some of their allies that appear in the NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show. Each minifigure has a unique outfit and accessory that reflects their personality and role in the story. For example, Lloyd has a green hood and a golden dragon sword, Kai has a red scarf and a fire blade, Jay has a blue bandana and a lightning nunchuck. These minifigures allow you to recreate your favorite scenes from the TV show or create your own adventures with the Ninja.

Building Experience

The Lego Temple of Airjitzu 70751 is an awesome set that offers a rewarding and challenging building experience. The set consists of three main structures: the Temple of Airjitzu, the Blacksmith's workshop, and the Smugglers' Market, connected by paths, steps, and a bridge. The set also includes 12 minifigures, two stone dragons, and a statue of Sensei Yang.

The construction stages are divided into six numbered bags, each containing multiple sub-bags. The first bag builds the base of the Temple, the second bag adds the walls and the roof, and the third bag completes the Temple with the windows, doors, and the shadow theater. The fourth bag builds the Blacksmith's workshop, the fifth bag builds the Smugglers' Market, and the sixth bag builds the bridge and the stone dragons.

The complexity of building the Temple lies in the intricate details and the oriental-style architecture. The Temple features transparent plastic windows with ornamental decoration, sliding doors, a reception area, a training room, and Wu's study. The most impressive feature is the shadow theater, which uses a light brick and spinning elements to create a moving silhouette show.

The set also showcases some unique building techniques and features, such as the wooden-frame-style walls of the Blacksmith's workshop, the curved roofs of the Smugglers' Market, the grass stalk elements, and the statue of Sensei Yang, which can be rotated to reveal a secret entrance to the Temple. The set also includes a Ninja glider, hidden treasure chests, and various weapons and accessories for the minifigures.

The Lego Temple of Airjitzu 70751 is a masterpiece of Lego design and a must-have for Ninjago fans. It is a set that will challenge your skills, inspire your imagination, and impress your friends.

Temple of Airjitzu Price

One of the factors that may influence your decision to buy the Lego Temple of Airjitzu 70751 is its price. This set is not cheap, as it has a retail price of $199.99.

However, this price reflects the quality and complexity of the set, which has 2,028 pieces and 12 minifigures. The Temple of Airjitzu is a highly detailed and majestic building that features many architectural and decorative elements, such as oriental-style windows, sliding doors, a light brick, and a spinning shadow theater. The set also includes a surrounding village with a blacksmith’s workshop, a smugglers’ market, and a statue of Sensei Yang.

How does this set compare with similar Lego sets? If you are interested in Lego architecture sets, you may find that the Temple of Airjitzu offers more variety and playability than some of the official Lego architecture sets, which are usually smaller and more expensive per piece.

Comparing to other Ninjago Sets

Comparing the Temple of Airjitzu to other Lego Ninjago sets, this is one of the largest and most expensive sets in the Ninjago theme. It also has some unique features that make it stand out, including all six ninja minifigures in one set, as well as other key characters, such as Wu, Misako, Dareth, and Claire.

This is also the only set that depicts the Temple of Airjitzu, which is an important location in the Ninjago storyline and the home of the ninja. However, if you are looking for more action-oriented sets, you may prefer some of the other Ninjago sets that feature vehicles, dragons, mechs, and villains, such as the Ninjago City Gardens, the Fire Stone Mech, or the Skull Sorcerer’s Dungeons.

Collector & Limited Edition Status

The Lego Temple of Airjitzu is a beautiful set that appeals to collectors of all ages and interests. It is not only a beautiful display piece, but also a richly detailed playset that features the Temple of Airjitzu, the Blacksmith's workshop, and the Smugglers' Market, as well as 12 minifigures, including all six Ninja and their allies.

This set is a limited edition and exclusive to the Lego online store and Lego brand retail stores. It was retired in March 2017, after only 18 months of availability. This makes it a rare and desirable set for collectors, especially those who love the Ninjago theme.

The potential future value of this set is hard to predict, but based on the current market trends, it is likely to increase over time. The set has a high price per piece ratio of 9.9c, which indicates a high quality and complexity.

The set also has a high popularity and demand among fans, as evidenced by the 4.6 out of 5 rating and the positive reviews on the Lego website. The set is also unique and original, as it is the only set that features the Temple of Airjitzu and the entire Ninja team in one set.

The Lego Temple of Airjitzu 70751 is definitely a great set for collectors who appreciate the beauty, detail, and playability of Lego sets, as well as the rarity, exclusivity, and value of limited edition sets.

Temple of Airjitzu Pros & Cons


  • All ninja minifigures for epic battles.
  • 3 areas, Temple, Blacksmith, Market
  • Offer unique builds and stories.
  • Secret treasures, cool features!
  • Shadow theater, hidden chests spark hours of play.
  • Display worthy Ninjago masterpiece!
  • Intricate details and vibrant colors to wow everyone.
  • Challenging build!
  • Fun for experienced builders (and maybe some adult help).


  • Epic set comes with a high cost.
  • Needs a display palace, finding space for this sprawling set might be tricky.
  • Not for little ninjas, as small parts and complex build make it better for older kids.
  • Instructions and lots of bricks can be overwhelming, even for adults.


The Lego Temple of Airjitzu 70751 is a masterpiece of Lego design and creativity, offering a stunning display of intricate details, authentic architecture, and dynamic features. It is a must-have for any Lego fan who appreciates the beauty and challenge of building with bricks.

Even if the Lego Temple of Airjitzu is a pricey set, it does offer a lot of value for Ninjago fans who appreciate its design, details, and characters.

This a great set for display and play, and it can be combined with other Ninjago sets to create a larger and more immersive world. However, if you are looking for cheaper or different options, you may want to explore some of the Lego alternatives or other Ninjago sets that are available on the market.

Light Kits for Temple of Airjitzu

Now that your Temple of Airjitzu 70751 is complete, standing proudly as a testament to your ninja spirit, have you ever considered taking it to the next level?

With a light kit for Lego sets, you can unlock a whole new dimension of awesomeness for your Airjitzu masterpiece.

Think about how an intricate details of the village come alive as individual houses illuminate, casting warm reflections on the surrounding landscape. The training room shines with focused energy. See the majestic silhouette against the night sky, the temple windows glowing.

Adding a light kit isn't just about aesthetics, as it allows you in creating a truly immersive experience. Suddenly, playtime becomes even more captivating as your imagination soars with the illuminated scenes and story-telling takes on a new life, with battles becoming more dramatic.

So, if you're looking to push your Lego experience to the next level and ignite your Temple of Airjitzu with a touch of magic, then light kits are definitely worth exploring.

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