Lego Viking Village 21343 [Set Review]

Let's walk into the enchanting world of LEGO Ideas, where imagination meets history to recreate marvels from the past.

How about stepping back into the rugged and adventurous era of the Vikings with the latest addition to this remarkable series: the LEGO Viking Village 21343 set?

The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is a homage to Vikings, who were not just warriors but also skilled explorers and traders.

This set lets you build detailed models of a blacksmith's workshop, a chieftain's longhouse, and a watchtower, bringing the Viking Age to life. It's a chance to celebrate Viking culture and build a piece of history with your own hands.

Set Details

As you open the LEGO Viking Village 21343 set, the first thing that strikes you is the box’s artwork. It’s a visual feast, depicting the Viking Village in all its glory and promising an epic building adventure. The box goes beyond as a container; it’s the beginning of your journey into the Viking Age.

As you open the LEGO Viking Village Set 21343 box, its sturdy packaging holds multiple numbered bags, keeping all the bricks organized for a frustration-free build. LEGO provides clear instructions divided into booklets, making the building process a breeze. But the real star of the show is the incredible piece count: 2,103 bricks that come together to create a stunningly detailed Viking village!

The bags are numbered, ensuring a smooth building process. You’ll find 2103 pieces waiting to be assembled into a historical masterpiece. The manuals are more than just instruction booklets; they’re gateways to the past, filled with interesting facts about Viking culture that enrich your building experience.

Every detail, from the packaging to the last brick, is designed to immerse you in the Viking era. The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set brings a historical odyssey waiting to unfold at your fingertips. Prepare to be transported to a time of exploration and discovery, where every piece tells a story of the past.

Building Experience

Building the LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is a hands-on journey through history. As you embark on this step-by-step building experience, you’ll piece together the connectible models that form the heart of the Viking community. The blacksmith’s smithy, chieftain’s longhouse, and watchtower are not just standalone structures; they are a larger narrative that unfolds with each brick you place.

The smithy is where the clang of the hammer on the anvil rings out, forging weapons and armor for the Viking warriors. With a flame-billowing function, it’s a hub of activity and creativity. The chieftain’s longhouse stands as the center of governance and social gatherings, its removable roof allowing you to peer into the feasts and strategy meetings held within. The watchtower, with its removable wall, serves as a lookout point, guarding the village against impending threats and offering a panoramic view of the surrounding land.

Each model is a testament to the playability and ingenuity of LEGO construction, designed not just for display but for interaction, inviting you to explore every corner and discover the stories hidden within. The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is an amazing building project; it’s an immersive experience that brings the Viking Age to life in your hands.

Design Authenticity

The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is a masterclass in blending historical inspiration with LEGO’s signature creativity. The designers have gone to great lengths to ensure that each element of the set resonates with authenticity, capturing the spirit of Viking Age. From the architectural design of the buildings to the accessories and minifigures, the set reflects a careful consideration of historical accuracy, albeit with some creative liberties for playability and aesthetic appeal.

For instance, the set includes a historically inspired helmet at the smithy, acknowledging the common misconception of horned Viking helmets and providing a more accurate representation. The minifigures, too, are thoughtfully designed, with the chieftain and shield maiden adorned in attire that reflects the era’s style, complete with weapons and shields that add to the set’s immersive experience.

The removable roofs and walls are a nod to playability, while also a testament to the set’s intricate details. They allow you to easily view and appreciate the interiors of the blacksmith’s smithy, with its forge and anvil, and the chieftain’s longhouse, where feasts and plans for exploration might unfold. The watchtower’s removable wall provides a glimpse into the lookout point that would have been crucial for a Viking village’s defense.

There's more to the LEGO Viking Village Set 21343 than simply fantastic architecture! Its amazing cast of minifigures makes the setting come to life. A powerful chieftain to guide the town, a formidable blacksmith prepared to forge weapons, a fearless shieldmaiden prepared for combat, and an observant archer to guard the tower are all yours to have. Every minifigure has distinct features and add-ons to complete your Viking adventure!

In essence, the LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is a celebration of Viking culture, offering a hands-on experience that is both educational and entertaining. It’s a set that invites builders to construct, while also connecting with a pivotal period in history.

Collector’s Value

The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is an awesome building experience, a collector’s item that holds immense appeal for adult LEGO enthusiasts and history buffs. Its intricate design and historical significance make it a standout piece that’s as much a display-worthy model as it is a nod to the past.

For collectors, the value of a set goes beyond the bricks—it’s about the story it tells and the connection it offers to a bygone era. The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set does that with its detailed depiction of Viking life and culture. It’s a set that’s hard to find, making it even more desirable for those looking to add a unique piece to their collection.

Moreover, the set’s value is in its aesthetics but also in its potential as an investment. While the market value has seen a slight decrease of -4.1% over the last six months, it remains a coveted item among LEGO collectors and could see its value appreciate over time. Whether it’s for the joy of building, the pleasure of displaying, or the prospect of accruing value, the LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is a treasure that transcends the typical LEGO experience.

Display and Play Potential 

The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is a stunning display piece that captures the imagination and invites creative play. Its display potential is evident in the detailed architecture and vibrant colors that bring the Viking era to life on your shelf. The layout of the village, with its connectible models, allows for a dynamic and attractive display that showcases the set’s realistic design and consistent detailing.

For play possibilities, the set is a playground for historical exploration. The blacksmith’s smithy with its flame-billowing forge, the chieftain’s longhouse ready for a feast, and the watchtower overlooking the village all offer interactive elements that enhance the play experience. The removable roofs and walls invite you to delve into the interior spaces, creating stories and adventures as you explore the Viking way of life.

The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is your canvas for imagining history, whether you’re reenacting Viking tales or creating your own sagas, the set’s playability merges seamlessly with its display quality, making it a cherished addition for both collectors and young builders alike.

Comparison with other Historical Lego Sets

When it comes to historical LEGO sets, the LEGO Viking Village 21343 stands out for its unique blend of historical authenticity and creative play. Compared to other

historical sets like the Medieval Blacksmith 21325 or the Colosseum 10276, the Viking Village offers a more interactive experience with its connectible models and detailed minifigures. While sets like the Lion Knights’ Castle 10305 offer grandeur and scale, the Viking Village excels in its vibrant portrayal of life in the Viking Age, complete with a rich narrative woven into its very design.

FAQs LEGO Viking Village 21343

Is LEGO Viking Village exclusive?

Nope! The LEGO Viking Village 21343 is widely available online and in LEGO stores. So, you can set sail on your brick adventure whenever you're ready.

How big is the LEGO Viking Village?

Once built, the Viking Village is a pretty impressive settlement, measuring over 9 inches (24cm) high, 19 inches (49cm) wide, and 15 inches (39cm) deep. Plenty of space to house your Viking crew!

Does LEGO 21343 have stickers?

The LEGO Viking Village (21343) is free of those pesky stickers. All the cool designs are printed directly onto the bricks.

How long does it take to build LEGO 21343?

The build time for the Viking Village can vary depending on your building speed and experience. But with 2,103 pieces, it's a set you can really sink your teeth into. Expect a fun and rewarding build that could take anywhere from several hours to a relaxing weekend project.

Pros and Cons: LEGO Viking Village 21343


  • The finished Viking Village boasts impressive size and detail
  • A display showstopper for any LEGO enthusiast
  • With over 2,000 pieces, the build offers a satisfying challenge
  • Compared to similar-sized LEGO sets, the Viking Village offers good value
  • Sticker-free design, eliminating frustration of applying stickers.
  • Utilizes printed bricks for all the designs


  • The large size might be daunting for newer LEGO builders.
  • Consider your experience level before diving in.
  • Some fans wish for a wider variety of Viking characters.
  • Due to its size, the completed set is a challenge to move without disassembling


The LEGO Viking Village 21343 set is a remarkable addition to the LEGO Ideas series and a standout among historical sets. It captures the essence of Viking culture with a keen eye for detail and provides a building experience that is both educational and entertaining. Whether you’re a collector, a history enthusiast, or simply a fan of LEGO, this set promises to be a cherished piece in your collection, offering endless hours of imaginative play and display potential.

Light Kit for LEGO Viking Village 21343

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