Will Lego Dimensions Come Back - Signs It Might Return & Evidences It Might Not


In the vibrant realm of imaginative play, LEGO Dimensions once stood as a beacon of creativity, seamlessly merging the tangible joy of LEGO bricks with the boundless possibilities of the digital world.

This groundbreaking fusion of physical and virtual realms transformed the way we interacted with our favorite LEGO characters and universes.

Lego Dimensions was a toys-to-life video game that allowed players to bring their favorite Lego characters and vehicles to life. The game was released in 2015 and quickly became a fan favorite. However, it was discontinued in 2017.

In the upcoming sections, we'll look into factors why it's not returning. Importantly, we'll explore the possibility of LEGO Dimensions making a comeback and the factors that could shape its potential return to the forefront of imaginative gaming.

What Was LEGO Dimensions?

Lego Dimensions was a unique game that combined the physical world of Lego with the digital world of video games. Players used a toy pad to scan Lego figures and vehicles into the game.

These physical toys could then be used to play through the game's levels and solve puzzles. Lego Dimensions also featured a variety of story packs and level packs that added new characters, levels, and gameplay experiences.

Players could assemble their own LEGO Gateway and transport characters like Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle across various dimensions, solving puzzles and battling foes in an ever-expanding virtual playground.

LEGO Dimensions wasn't just another video game; it was a portal to a multiverse where iconic characters from diverse franchises coexisted in a harmonious LEGO wonderland. 

 Why Was LEGO Dimensions Popular? 

Lego Dimensions was popular for a number of reasons.

First, it allowed players to collect and play with their favorite Lego characters and vehicles. Second, the game's toys-to-life feature was innovative and engaging.

Third, the game featured a variety of popular franchises, such as The Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, and Doctor Who.

The allure of LEGO Dimensions lay in its ability to transcend the boundaries of traditional gaming. It wasn't just about defeating enemies or completing quests; it was about building, rebuilding, and customizing the physical LEGO toy sets that interacted with the game.

The hybrid nature of the experience appealed to both LEGO enthusiasts and gamers, offering a unique and engaging blend of hands-on construction and digital escapades.

The game's popularity thrived on its vast array of licenses, featuring beloved franchises like Batman, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park and The Simpsons. This unprecedented crossover of universes added an extra layer of excitement, making LEGO Dimensions a must-play for fans of all ages.

Why Did It Get Discontinued? 

There are a few reasons why Lego Dimensions was discontinued.

First, the game was expensive. Players had to purchase the starter pack, as well as additional characters and vehicles. Second, the game's toys-to-life feature was not without its problems.

The toy pad can be glitchy, and some players had difficulty scanning their toys into the game. Third, the game's release coincided with the rise of virtual reality (VR). VR was seen as the next big thing in gaming, and Lego Dimensions may have been seen as a relic of the past.

However, despite its initial success and innovative concept, LEGO Dimensions faced challenges that ultimately led to its discontinuation.

The complexity of continuously releasing physical expansion packs, each with its own set of LEGO pieces and digital content, became a logistical puzzle for both LEGO and the gaming industry. The market dynamics and changing trends also played a role, as the demand for toys-to-life games began to wane.

LEGO Dimensions bid farewell in 2017, leaving a void in the hearts of fans who reveled in the unique blend of building and gaming. Yet, the question echoes through the LEGO community: Could LEGO Dimensions make a triumphant return, breaking through the dimensional barriers once again?

Will LEGO Dimensions Come Back? 

It is possible that Lego Dimensions will come back in the future. Lego has a history of revisiting popular franchises, and the game still has a dedicated fan base.

However, there is no official word from Lego about whether or not the game will make a comeback.

Signs Lego Dimensions Could Come Back

The beloved toy-to-life video game LEGO Dimensions, which combined physical LEGO bricks with digital gameplay, was discontinued in 2017. However, recent developments have sparked speculation about whether the game could be set for a comeback.

Let's look at intriguing clues that have surfaced, suggesting a potential revival of this beloved gaming experience.

Trademark renewal - In 2022, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment renewed the trademark for LEGO Dimensions, suggesting that the company has not abandoned the brand. This could be a sign that they are planning to develop a sequel or reboot of the game.

Continued LEGO sets - The LEGO Group has continued to release new LEGO sets based on popular franchises that were featured in LEGO Dimensions, such as DC Comics, Marvel, and Sonic the Hedgehog. This suggests that there is still interest in these franchises and that a LEGO Dimensions revival could be successful.

Fan demand - There is still a strong demand for LEGO Dimensions among fans. Online forums and social media groups dedicated to the game are still active, and fans continue to create new content for the game, such as custom levels and characters. This suggests that there is a market for a new LEGO Dimensions game.

Evidences Against a Comeback 

Despite the enduring popularity of LEGO Dimensions, several factors suggest that its return may be unlikely.

Silence from The LEGO Group

No official announcements have echoed through the hallowed halls of LEGO headquarters, leaving fans to wonder if the dimensions of possibility have been permanently sealed. The LEGO Group has remained silent on any plans for a revival, focusing instead on other successful toy-to-life products like LEGO City Adventures and Hidden Side.

Compatibility Concerns

One of the primary concerns surrounding a potential LEGO Dimensions revival is compatibility with the original toys and video game. The sheer number of characters, vehicles, and gadgets released for the original game makes it impractical to expect them all to work seamlessly with a new iteration.

Elusive Original Toys and Game

The original LEGO Dimensions toys and video game have become increasingly scarce and expensive to acquire, making it challenging for new players to join the experience. The limited availability of these products suggests that the LEGO Group may not be actively supporting the brand.

Licensing Logistics

Another significant challenge lies in securing the licensing rights for the various franchises that would be featured in a new LEGO Dimensions game. The original game boasted an impressive array of popular characters and settings, but with the ever-changing landscape of entertainment rights, acquiring the necessary licenses could prove to be a daunting task.

Changes in the Video Game Market

The video game industry has undergone significant changes since LEGO Dimensions' debut in 2015. The rise of free-to-play and mobile gaming, along with the increasing popularity of subscription services, has altered player expectations and preferences. A LEGO Dimensions revival would need to adapt to these shifting trends to succeed in the current market.

Why LEGO Dimensions Could Come Back?

Despite some challenges, there are reasons to believe that LEGO Dimensions could make a successful comeback.

First and foremost, the game's unique concept of blending physical toys with digital gameplay remains appealing to many fans. The ability to interact with characters and worlds across different franchises, from Back to the Future to Doctor Who, is a truly captivating concept.

Furthermore, the LEGO Group has a proven track record of innovation and adaptability. The company has successfully launched new toy-to-life products that cater to evolving consumer preferences, demonstrating its ability to stay relevant in the ever-changing toy and gaming industries.

A potential LEGO Dimensions revival could address some of the challenges faced by the original game by adopting a more streamlined approach. By focusing on a smaller selection of franchises and offering more accessible pricing options, the game could attract a wider audience while still retaining its core appeal.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to revive LEGO Dimensions lies with the LEGO Group. The company will need to carefully weigh the potential benefits against the challenges involved in bringing back such a complex and ambitious project.

While there is no guarantee that LEGO Dimensions will make a comeback, the game's enduring popularity and the LEGO Group's history of innovation suggest that it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Fans of the game can only hope that the LEGO Group will consider giving LEGO Dimensions a second chance to bring together a world of imagination and endless possibilities.

The Future of LEGO Dimensions 

In the ever-evolving realm of gaming, speculation buzzes around the potential resurrection of the beloved LEGO Dimensions. The question on every fan's mind is not just if it will return, but how it might reassemble itself into something fresh and captivating.

How would a new LEGO Dimensions game be different?

The reboot of LEGO Dimensions holds the promise of revolutionary enhancements. Imagine a dynamic fusion of augmented reality and virtual reality, blurring the boundaries between the LEGO universe and our reality. This could open up a realm where players interact with physical LEGO sets that seamlessly blend into the digital landscape. With advancements in technology, the potential for a more immersive and interactive LEGO Dimensions experience is tantalizing.

New franchises to be featured in a new LEGO Dimensions game

As the LEGO Dimensions universe expands, so too could the roster of featured franchises. From "Back to the Future" to "Doctor Who," navigating through the wizarding world of "Harry Potter." The possibilities are as limitless as the LEGO bricks themselves. You'll see collaborations of emerging pop culture phenomena like "Fortnite". There could be unexpected crossovers, keeping fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

Metaverse Potential

The advent of metaverses presents an exciting opportunity for LEGO Dimensions to evolve into an immersive virtual world where players can not only explore existing franchises but also create their own unique experiences using LEGO bricks and characters. This could open up a whole new dimension of gameplay, allowing for boundless creativity and collaboration among players.

AI-Powered Gameplay

Artificial intelligence (AI) could play a pivotal role in enhancing the gameplay experience of a new LEGO Dimensions game. AI could be used to create adaptive gameplay that adjusts to player behavior, providing more challenging experiences for experienced players and easier ones for newcomers. Additionally, AI-powered tools could be integrated into the game, allowing players to design and build their own levels and characters.

Educational Applications

LEGO Dimensions has the potential to be a valuable educational tool, teaching children about different cultures, history, and science. By exploring the worlds and characters from various franchises, children can gain exposure to different perspectives and learn about real-world topics in a fun and engaging way.


The revival of LEGO Dimensions could bring back one of the most innovative and beloved gaming experiences of recent years. While there are challenges to overcome, such as compatibility concerns and licensing logistics, the potential benefits of a new LEGO Dimensions game are immense.

With careful planning and creative thinking, LEGO Dimensions could return as a groundbreaking force in the gaming industry, offering players a universe of limitless possibilities.

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