Lego Auspicious Dragon 80112 [Set Review] - Building The Lego Chinese New Year Set

The Lego Auspicious Dragon 80112 set is a captivating blend of creativity and cultural significance. As we usher in the Lunar New Year, this majestic dragon takes center stage, symbolizing luck, strength, and prosperity.

Whether you’re a Lego enthusiast, a fan of mythical creatures, or seeking a memorable gift, this set promises an exhilarating build and a vibrant display piece.

Let’s dive into the details and unravel the magic of the auspicious dragon!

Set Details

The scale, from head to tail, feature printed designs, making it a true-to-life representation of its Chinese dragon mythical inspiration. The color scheme pops with vibrancy, each hue holding symbolism and cultural significance.

While the Lego dragon design and aesthetics might not breathe fire, the dragon does is a pose-able. Tilt its head proudly, open its mighty maw, and adjust its claws to create a dynamic display. Whether you perch it on the included rock formation or let it conquer a shelf of its own, this dragon is guaranteed to grab attention.

This Lego Dragon Set 80112 grabs your attention with the nameplate, adding the perfect finishing touch. It not only personalizes your display but also sparks conversation, thanks to the beautiful illustration and description of the Auspicious Dragon's meaning. So, get ready to be swept away by its legend!

Building Experience

Unlock your inner dragon tamer with the Lego Auspicious Dragon 80112 as this set boasts 1171 pieces, making it a delightful challenge for builders of all ages. The easy difficulty level ensures a smooth assembly process, perfect for budding architects aged 10 and up.

Once complete, this mythical creature stands 10 inches (26 cm) high, stretches 13.5 inches (35 cm) long, and spans 5.5 inches (14 cm) wide. Its authenticity shines through specially printed elements for the eyes and scales. The buildable toy dragon perches atop a brick-built rock in the sea, cradling a traditional blue crystal element. Attach the nameplate, and voilà—a dramatic display fit for any dragon enthusiast.

When you open the box of the Auspicious Dragon 80112 felt like stepping into a mythical realm. The instructions, thankfully, were as clear as a dragon's roar, making the build smooth sailing. Each step unfolded like a magical origami, transforming piles of bricks into magnificent scales and wings.

Stacking bricks to create the body is satisfyingly traditional, while the curved tail introduced a fun challenge. This majestic beast took flight in around 6-10 hours, offering the perfect blend of focused building and relaxed enjoyment. It wasn't a sprint, but a leisurely stroll through a brick-built dreamscape.

So, if you're looking for a build that's equal parts clear, captivating, and technically intriguing, the Auspicious Dragon awaits. Just be prepared to be swept away on a building adventure fit for a legend!

Lego Auspicious Dragon 80112 Review

The LEGO Dragon Set delivers both playability and functionality. Let's look at some it's features:

Pose and Roar: Imagine epic tales unfolding as you bring the dragon to life with its tilting head and dramatic opening mouth. Recreate legendary battles or invent your own fantastical adventures!

Built to Display: This Chinese dragon set seamlessly integrates with other festival sets like the Lego Lunar New Year 80108, allowing you to expand your mythical menagerie and build an entire world for your dragon to explore.

Feast for the Eyes and Mind: Specially designed printed scales and eyes capture the creature's essence, while the included nameplate and traditional blue crystal element add a touch of authenticity. The interactive building instructions in the LEGO Builder app take learning and enjoyment to a whole new level.

The Perfect Gift: Whether you're looking for a unique Spring Festival present or a captivating project for yourself, the Auspicious Dragon ticks all the boxes. With its impressive size (10 inches tall) and intricate details, it's sure to become a showstopper centerpiece in any room.

So, unleash your inner dragon tamer and dive into the world of the LEGO Auspicious Dragon. With its blend of playability, cultural significance, and stunning design, this set is guaranteed to spark your imagination and leave you roaring with delight!

How Much is Lego Auspicious Dragon? Is it worth it?

Priced at $89, the Lego Auspicious Dragon 80112 is a value for money lego sets and its available on the Lego Official website. Now, you might be wondering if it's worth it. Here are some factors you can consider.

Piece count and playtime: At over 1,170 pieces, this dragon build is immersive, taking most builders a good few hours to complete. So, if you're looking for a project that'll keep you entertained, it definitely delivers value in terms of build time.

Unique and collectible: Now, this is where things get interesting. The Auspicious Dragon isn't your average fire-breathing beastie. Its design draws inspiration from Chinese mythology, making it a unique and eye-catching display piece. Plus, limited edition elements and cultural significance bump up its collectibility factor.

LEGO is all about the joy of building and the final product. The Auspicious Dragon definitely delivers on that front. The intricate details, poseable features, and overall majestic presence make it a showstopper. So, if you prioritize a build that sparks joy and ends up looking stunning, this dragon might just be your treasure.

Wrap Up

The Auspicious Dragon offers a compelling package. If you're looking for a unique build experience, a conversation-starting display piece, and a LEGO set steeped in cultural significance, then it might be worth its weight in gold. Just remember, its price tag reflects its features, so weigh your budget and LEGO desires carefully before taking flight with this mythical creature.

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