Lego Festival Calendar 40678 [Set Review] - Celebrate The Festivities

Lunar New Year celebrations hold a special place in many people's hearts, as its usually filled with memories of family gatherings and traditions through generations.

With the coming Chinese New Year, what better way to celebrate the event than yo look into the LEGO Festival Calendar 40678.

We'll delve deeper into the wonders of the LEGO Festival Calendar and explore how it can bring the spirit of celebration right into your living room.

Set Details

Get ready to celebrate cultural traditions in style with the LEGO Festival Calendar 40678! This vibrant yellow-orange box holds more than just your average calendar; making festive building fun for kids aged 10 and up. This set even goes hand in hand with the Lego Auspicious Dragon 80112.

Spin the calendar to choose your adventure: build a delightful scene for Lunar New Year, complete with two minifigures and festive lantern accessories. Or, unleash the excitement of the Dragon Boat Festival with a stunning dragon head and tail, complete with water elements and symbolic details like firecrackers, red envelopes, and a lucky sign.

With 345 easy-to-use pieces, both building options offer a smooth and enjoyable experience, making this set perfect for young builders looking to explore cultural celebrations through the joy of LEGO bricks.

LEGO Festival Calendar 40678 Review


The LEGO Festival Calendar is a unique set that lets you build and display two iconic celebrations: Lunar New Year and Dragon Boat Festival!

Double the Build

This versatile calendar isn't just a pretty display; it's a brick-built portal to exciting traditions. Choose to build the vibrant scene of Lunar New Year, complete with 2 minifigures celebrating with lanterns, firecrackers, and lucky red envelopes. Or, switch things up and assemble the majestic Dragon Boat Festival scene, featuring a detailed dragon head, long body and tail. No matter your choice, the calendar rotates smoothly, allowing you to showcase the month and day in either format.

Cultural Details

The LEGO Festival Calendar goes beyond just bricks and colors. It's brimming with authentic cultural details that bring the celebrations to life. From the intricate patterns on the lanterns to the symbolic red envelopes, each element is carefully designed to spark curiosity and learning. Plus, the minifigures are dressed in traditional attire, adding another layer of authenticity to your display.

Compact Size

Measuring just over 5 inches high, 6 inches wide, and 4 inches deep in Lunar New Year mode, the LEGO Festival Calendar won't take up too much space. But don't underestimate its impact! This charming set makes a delightful conversation starter and a unique way to share cultural traditions with friends and family.


At around $29, this festive calendar might surprise a lot of people. Its 345 pieces might not sound challenging, but it's sure a creative gift that sparks joy and celebrates cultural traditions.

Building the Lego Festival Calendar

This set comes in at only 345 pieces, but with several playful build and display potential. You'll find this build quick, intuitive, and satisfying.

Build the lively Lunar New Year with 2 minifigures celebrating amidst lanterns, firecrackers, and lucky red envelopes. Alternatively, assemble the grand Dragon Boat Festival scene, complete with a detailed dragon head, long body, and tail. The rotating calendar lets you display the month and day in your preferred format.


The Lego Festival Calendar 40678 boasts a customizable year display. Swap those digits, and instantly update to coming festivity! No more feeling limited by a single year. This calendar transforms into a timeless treasure trove of cultural celebrations every year.


This festive set seamlessly blends into your home decor, adding a touch of whimsy and cultural flair to any shelf or corner. Its compact size makes it versatile, fitting snugly on an office desk, mantelpiece, or even nestled amongst your favorite books. So, go ahead, embrace the spirit of celebration with every delightful brick with the Lego Festival Calendar 40678!



Forget massive brick builds for a second – Lego Festival Calendar is here to inject some delightful break just in time for Chinese New Year festivities.

If you're seeking a touch of festivity and Lego fun, look no further! The LEGO Festival Calendar 40678 is waiting to bring the joy of festive traditions to your home!

Light Kit For Lego Festival Calendar

Speaking of adding an extra touch of magic, have you ever considered illuminating your LEGO creations with a light kit?

Imagine your Festival Calendar bathed in warm, festive hues, the dragon boat scales shimmering. You may also integrate with the Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 scene glowing with vibrant life!

Light kits can transform any LEGO set into a remarkable centerpiece, adding depth, dimension, and a whole new layer of awe. Plus, it's surprisingly easy to install, letting you witness your creation come alive in a whole new way.

You might just be surprised at how a few strategically placed LEDs can elevate Lego Festival Calendar 40678 to dazzling new look.

Ready to take your Festival Calendar to the next level?


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