Lego Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 [Set Review] - Ready for Brand New Start

Get ready to celebrate Lunar New Year in Lego style! This festive Lego Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 brings the joyous traditions to life with over 1,066 colorful bricks.

Designed for builders aged 8 and up, it features 6 detailed scenes depicting classic activities like decorating, gift-giving, and enjoying a reunion dinner. Plus, there are 12 minifigures ready to join the fun, including even the God of Wealth himself!

So, is this Lego set a firecracker or a dud? Let's just say it has all the makings for a truly brick-tastic celebration! Stay tuned for a closer look at what makes this set so special.

Set Details

At over 1,000 pieces, the Lego set 80108 delivers a hefty helping of Lego goodness. You'll be constructing six vibrant scenes depicting iconic Lunar New Year traditions, from bustling food markets to joyful family gatherings. That translates to plenty of building time and replayability, especially for creative minds who love to tell stories with their bricks.

The Lego Lunar New Year set doesn't just come as a static display piece, as each scene is modular, allowing you to mix and match to create your own unique Lunar New Year celebration. Plus, with 12 minifigures representing different generations, the role-playing opportunities are endless. Imagine tiny chefs whipping up dumplings, kids exchanging lucky red envelopes, or the God of Wealth bringing prosperity to your Lego town.

Beyond the bricks and figures, the set is packed with cultural details from traditional decorations to authentic dishes. It's truly a delightful way to learn about and celebrate Lunar New Year customs. Whether you're a Lego enthusiast or simply looking for a unique way to embrace the holiday spirit, this set offers a fun and enriching experience.

Build Process

LEGO has provided a way to a vibrant celebration with the Lunar New Year Traditions set 80108. This set is like a choose-your-own-adventure for LEGO fans. With separate instructions for each of the 6 festive scenes, it's perfect for both solo builders and family bonding extravaganzas.

Is it difficult to build? It's aimed at ages 8+, but even younger builders can join in the fun with a helping hand. The instructions are clear and concise, guiding you step-by-step through each miniature masterpiece.

While the build itself is enjoyable, there are some hidden gems for build technique enthusiasts. The stacked food stalls showcase some clever layering, and the intricate details on the lucky decorations. Plus, the modular design lets you connect the scenes in different ways, adding a playful touch to your display.

The vibrant colors and intricate details bring the Lunar New Year traditions to life, from bustling market stalls to families exchanging red envelopes. It's not just aesthetically pleasing, though as the build for each scene sparks the imagination, inviting you to recreate festive customs and stories through play.

Lego Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 Review

The LEGO® Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 set captures the spirit of the Chinese New Year as you can build six captivating scenes, each brimming with authentic details and playful possibilities.

Spring cleaning - Join the family in their pre-holiday spring cleaning, their laughter echoing through the rooms as they declutter and prepare for good fortune. Imagine the satisfaction of wielding tiny brooms and dusters, meticulously arranging furniture, and creating a sparkling space for prosperity to flow in.

Bustling market - Navigate the colorful stalls overflowing with delectable treats. Help the minifigures select plump oranges symbolizing abundance, juicy dumplings for family gatherings, and perhaps even a lucky fish for a prosperous year. Feel the energy of haggling, the excitement of discovery, and the joy of preparing a feast. Complement the set with the mythical Auspicious Dragon.

Good luck decorations - Gather around the crafting table and let imaginations soar. Design vibrant paper lanterns, each a miniature masterpiece, symbolizing hope and illumination. String them together to create a dazzling display, their warm glow filling the room with festive cheer. Don't forget the lucky couplets, their auspicious messages promising health and happiness in the coming year.

Family reunions - Exchange warm greetings and heartfelt wishes as you gather around beautifully laid tables. Witness the joy of receiving crisp red "Hongbao" envelopes, their plumpness symbolizing good fortune and blessings for the younger generation. The air hums with laughter, stories, and the delicious aroma of traditional dishes, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Other festivities - Explore the other vibrant scenes included in the set: witness the awe-inspiring lion dance, a symbol of strength and warding off evil spirits; marvel at the intricate beauty of a traditional courtyard adorned with festive decorations; and join the excitement of a firecracker display, its vibrant pops chasing away negativity and welcoming good luck.

With its modular design, LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 is an invitation to create your own unique Lunar New Year display. You can arrange the scenes to tell your own story, relive cherished memories, or simply bask in the festive atmosphere. So, gather your loved ones, unleash your creativity, and embark on a joyous journey into the heart of Lunar New Year traditions with this delightful LEGO® set!

Minifigures of LEGO Lunar New Year Set

The set boasts a diverse cast of minifigures, each meticulously detailed and culturally representative. From elders in traditional attire to children holding lanterns, each minifigure adds authenticity and personality to the scenes. It's a delightful microcosm of the holiday's inclusivity and vibrant community spirit.

Step into the vibrant world of Lunar New Year with a bustling cast of characters brought to life by the 12 minifigures in LEGO set 80108! Each one plays a part in recreating the festive traditions and bringing joy to your build.

Leading the festivities is the God of Wealth - radiating prosperity with his golden outfit and mischievous grin. He's sure to attract good fortune to your LEGO celebration.

The heart of the market, stallholder - offering delicious treats. Imagine the aroma of sweet dumplings wafting from their stall, enticing minifigure customers with empty (but eager!) hands.

Love is in the air with the young couple - their smiles mirroring the happiness of the season. Perhaps they're exchanging lucky red envelopes or enjoying a traditional lion dance performance together.

A curious man - his eyes wide with wonder as he takes in the sights and sounds of the celebration. Maybe he's spotted a hidden dragon dance costume or is about to be showered with lucky coins.

A young girl, full of energy - she embodies the spirit of new beginnings, she might be carrying a lantern, symbolizing hope and good luck, or perhaps she's ready to join in a lively game with friends.

The heart of any Lunar New Year celebration is family - Witness the joy and togetherness of a multi-generational family: the wise grandparents, the loving parents, and the playful siblings. They share stories, laughter, and delicious meals, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With the 12 minifigures, you're building a community, where each one adds a unique touch to the scene, inviting you to create your own stories and traditions within the LEGO world. So, gather your family, grab your bricks, and get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year with these cast of characters!

Price and Value

The Lego Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 set bursts onto the scene with a price tag of around $64. Is LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 worth it?

Absolutely! It's a joyful build, packed with cultural exploration and playful possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned LEGO pro or a family looking for a unique bonding experience.

Wrap Up

Taking into account the volume of bricks, the modular playability, and the cultural immersion, the Lego Lunar New Year Traditions might just be your lucky charm. Just remember, like any good fortune cookie, the true value lies in how much joy you build into it.

The LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions 80108 set is truly an educational experience, as children can build and play, while discovering the rich customs, traditions, and symbolism associated with the holiday. It's a fun and engaging way to learn about different cultures and celebrate the spirit of community, family, and new beginnings.

Light Kit For LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions 80108

Speaking of adding a magical touch, have you seen the incredible Light Kits available for LEGO sets? They're like tiny fairy lights for your bricks, transforming your festive creations into illuminated masterpieces. Remember the adorable LEGO Festival Calendar 40678? Imagine those little scenes glowing at night, casting warm light on your desk or shelf.

Imagine the twinkling lanterns on the Chinese New Year's Eve, the vibrant glow of the dragon dance, or the cozy firelight warming the Winter Solstice scene. With a Light Kit, your festive LEGO creations become vibrant centerpieces, adding an extra layer of wonder to your Lunar New Year celebrations.

Light Kits are a fantastic way to enhance your builds and create a truly magical atmosphere. So, after you've built your LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions set (80108) and explored all the fun traditions, consider adding a touch of light to make your models shine even brighter!


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